Israel bent on continuing war provocations


Richard Moore

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Israeli officer: No solution for Nasrallah, he must die

In New York Times interview, senior IDF officer says, 'there is only one 
solution for Nasrallah. This man must die.' Officer talks about war's 
achievements, says 'Lebanese government took control of southern Lebanon. Now we
can deal with them as a country and a government. This is the huge change this 
operation created'

In an interview with the New York Times, a senior Israeli soldier said that 
though there is a ceasefire between Israel and Hizbullah , Israel intends to 
ensure that Hizbullah is not rearmed by Syria and to continue in her efforts to 
assassinate Hizbullah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah .

In Friday's interview, the soldier agreed to speak only on condition of 
anonymity. The international agreements on paper to remove Hizbullah from 
southern Lebanon and to strengthen the sovereign Lebanese army are weak and have
already been proven to be empty.

He explicitly emphasized that Israel is committed to blocking any and all 
attempts at rearming Hizbullah. This came a day before the Israeli commando 
operation next to the town of Baalbek in southern Lebanon.

In addition, he noted that the US and Israel are united in their stance against 
Nasrallah, saying that his fate is definitive: "There is only one solution for 
him. This man must die."

Furthermore, he noted that both the United States and Israel view the Hizbullah 
as "Iran's western front." Israel, he said, will benefit from a strengthened 
sovereign Lebanon, a fact that is most readily expressed by the deployment of 
the Lebanese army up to Lebanon's southern border with Israel.

'Next round is coming'

Israel will also benefit from increased international support being shown after 
the threat of Hizbullah has been revealed to the international community. He 
said, ³The world understands that we are helping to stop the influence of Iran,²
at least in the longer term.

³I don¹t care about the capability of the Lebanese Army,² he said. ³What is more
important, and here I¹m not speaking for the Israeli government, is the 
understanding that the Lebanese government took control of southern Lebanon. Now
we can deal with them as a country and a government, and speak and compromise. 
This is the huge change this operation created.²

³But in the long run, if we see Hizbullah rearming itself and running southern 
Lebanon, I believe the next round is coming.²

After all, ³this is the Middle East,² the officer said. ³One war ends, and the 
next one is already at the door.²

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