Iraqi govt. stops cooperating with UK occupiers


Richard Moore

This was reported on BBC news in the following way, and I paraphrase:

        "Iraq declared today that foreign powers should stop
        interfering in Iraqi affairs." The reporter then shifted to
        talking about Iran, implying that it was Iran, and not
        Britain, that was the target of the Iraqi statement.


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Maliki suspends UK military cooperation
Thu, 08 Mar 2007 10:14:54

The government of Iraq has put on hold all its collaboration with British 
military forces deployed to that country, Al-Iraqiyah news network reported.

Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Safa al-Din Mohammed al-Safi 
said the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had condemned British troops for 
raiding the police information and security building in Basra, ordering all 
cooperation with British forces be suspended until completion of investigations 
into the matter.

"The prime minister has also ordered that legal action be taken against the 
perpetrators of the irresponsible act," he noted.

British servicemen, supported by U.S. forces, stormed the Basra police center in
south of Iraq on Sunday helping 37 detained terrorists run away.

According to Iraqi police reports, the detainees had confessed to involvement in
several terrorist and bomb attacks which claimed the lives of dozens of Iraqi 


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