Iraqi Death Squads: Just the old 1950s colonial tactic


Richard Moore

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Subject: Iraqi Death Squads: Just the old 1950s colonial tactic "Gangs and 
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 22:24:59 -0000

8th January 2007

The bloody finger of Negroponte has moved and having done it's task moves on...

We are now seeing "the Salvador option" in action.

"The Plan" was never to change the regime, rebuild Iraq and establish a 
democratic government. The plan was to completely destroy Iraq as a viable 
national entity, to establish a permanent presence in numerous military bases 
and to take physical and economic control of the oil resources and revenues. Of 
course "The Plan" is merely a subplan of larger plan to dominate the region and 
the whole planet.

Why, if these wars are to last 60 years as was promised at the outset, do so 
many people imagine that they are going badly, at least as far as those who want
the wars (and benefit from them) are concerned? Protracted wars are a nasty 
business but they are just a business and being a business they have certain 
running costs including financial ruination, revenge attacks, the state of fear,
the police state, the loss of ancient liberties and the continuing political 
crises in the nations which wage aggressive resource wars like these to earn 
their bread. You can add to this the damage to reputation and the loss of the 
goodwill of other nations. All these are the economic cultural, social and moral
price of the business of war as a business or in NeoCon terms "preventative 
aggressive war as a business/economic strategy".

Surely the recent doubts and pretences at reconsideration are merely crocodile 
tears and phoney hand wringing? All this soul searching introspection is just 
for public consumption. The dissimulating media and the liberals are simply 
playing their traditional role of washing the dirty linen but as usual they seem
to have ignored the pile of corpses stacking up in the yard. It is true that 
there is a public relations problem just now but that can be adjusted until we 
are saved from further self-examination by new distractions when in due course 
as a result of our ongoing aggression we are attacked again. This will be taken 
as proof positive that preventative war is indeed necessary and that the war 
party was right all along. Then the opposition will be silenced for a while 
until the next disaster or our latest atrocity comes to light and the whole 
disgusting cycle of posturing and debate will begin again.

The Iraq war is going well for the NeoCons, they have created, strengthened and 
amplified inferior enemies that they can do battle with indefinitely, giving 
themselves continuing and flexible justifications for their militarism. Large 
permanent garrisons are being constructed in the middle east and in central 
Asia. Oil has been pumped out of Iraq unmetered. Corrupt US corporations have 
been paid billions for non-existent reconstruction projects. Mayhem rules and 
money is being made hand over fist. Politics is adjusted to the present 
operations, just as "the intelligence is fixed around the policy". CIA aircraft 
shuttle their often innocent hapless victims from one unregistered dungeon to 
another. The torturers are stressed out, overworked and worn to a frazzle. Wall 
Street is content. No one dare challenge the Dollar quite yet. When they do 
plenty more war can be arranged. For the first time since Hitler blew out his 
brains the racists are happy and growing more confident.

Elsewhere in central Asia, oil and gas pipeline corridors are mapped, 
established and guarded. When the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan 
complained to his bosses that torturing innocent people into admitting 
membership of terrorist organisations was not only evil, tragic and immoral but 
did not even produce accurate intelligence, he was told; "yes we know but it is 
operationally useful". In other words it allows us to keep the game going.

In Iraq the US/UK/Israel have got their special forces, mercenaries and black 
ops people supplying, directing or training the different groups in the various 
Kurdish, Sunni and Shia ethnic enclaves that are now being consolidated. These 
trainees are said to be destined for the army, guard duties or local police but 
others are simply gangs which are prosecuting the "civil war" and the 
ethnic/sectarian strife. Weapons and training are also supplied to ethnic 
militias. Some of them have rampaged like the Waffen SS and are now seemingly 
out of the reach of their coalition sponsors having even attacked their masters.
It puts a new meaning on the term "biting the hand that feeds you", perhaps we 
should call it "feeding the mouth that bites you".

Overall though things are going according to plan. Iraq is being brutalised, 
dismembered, debrained and deindustrialised. This explains why the coalition did
not preserve the ministries and institutions of the Iraqi government and instead
gave power to unsophisticated sectarian fundamentalist religious forces and also
why it reorganised weak localised administrations along ethnic, religious and 
tribal lines.

Of course the real indigenous non-sectarian Iraqi resistance is still the main 
military issue. It is responsible for 90% of the attacks against coalition 
forces but we are only allowed to hear about foreign fighters and the ethnic 
cleansings or sectarian killings. The US can go on taking two or three fatal 
casualties a day indefinitely. This is similar to the murder rate for 
California. Meanwhile Iraq is being sent back, not to the stone age but to the 
age of the dinosaurs.

Iran is next on the list. After that it could be Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or 
whoever puts their head on the chopping block or trys to acquire nuclear arms. 
In the case of Pakistan, if the military government is replaced by an Islamacist
regime, democratically elected or otherwise, it is doubtful that they will be 
allowed keep their nuclear weapons.

The general idea behind the US/UK expedition to Mesopotamia is to do to Arabia 
in particular and Western Asia in general what the Conquistadores and the New 
England settlers did to the native Americans. Basically having first armed them 
and trained them we will now to kill them and get their stuff whilst pretending 
that they are barbarous primitive savages who have brought about their own 
extinction and losses.

The seizure of the American continent by the Europeans was simply the 
expropriation of a vast amount of land, the main basis of all wealth at that 
time. Now the target is the greatest concentration of fossil fuels on the 
planet, which amounts to the largest economic resource in human history.

As circumstances permit, more of the Palestinians will be removed from what is 
left of Palestine or driven out by economic privation. According to the game 
plan of "Full Spectrum Dominance", any nation locally or globally who wants 
follow an independent policy will be engaged with all economic and military 
might including nuclear weapons. When deemed necessary more false flag, 
counter-insurgency or expeditionary operations will be contrived and engineered 
to achieve further instabilities and reasons for war, unless submission and 
acquiescence is agreed.

It is all a bit like giving whiskey and guns to the native Americans. As soon as
they overstep the line by fighting back, the cavalry will come in with the 
gattling guns. Then you can kill some more of them, put the rest in reservations
and steal more land.

The main issue for those who pretend to be struggling with these problem 
situations is to foster the illusion that it is all a dreadful mess, forced on 
us by a chaotic enemy who can't even be relied upon to act in his own interests.
We can then even admit honest mistakes. We can jail a few of our low level war 
criminals to show that we are moral beings after all and then we can say that it
is all about life, blind historical forces, the clashes of religions, cultures 
and civilisations, the human condition and how sometimes life is a tragedy etc. 
But we can get the oil as well and Israel can get bigger and we can kill or 
subjugate more brown or black skinned people and take their stuff, which is what
we like to do. After all we have subsisted on this tactic for the last 500 
years, so why stop now? It works well we know how to do it and how to lie to 
ourselves and we can blame them!

As for "the insurgency" and "the civil war", people who want to know what is 
really going on, not so much in the specifics because that is shrouded in 
secrecy but as regards the policy direction and tactical theory, should read 
their "Kitson" and see how it is meant to be done...

Google, Kitson Mau Mau, or get his books, "Gangs and Counter-gangs" and "Low 
intensity operations: subversion, insurgency, peacekeeping".

See here for a review of "Low intensity operations"

Of course you have to read between the lines, Kitson puts himself across as a 
highly moral British upper class gentleman soldier but we are talking about 
situations like that in Kenya where during the independence struggle 60 European
settlers died compared with many tens of thousands of Africans most of whom were
not even members of the nationalist forces. The British refer to this as the 
"Mau Mau Rebellion" but basically it was a bloody colonial repression that 
delayed decolonisation and Kenyan Independence for at least 10 years.

For an essay on pseudo operations see here:

For more on Mau Mau see here:

For more on Kitson see here:



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