Iran to sell oil in rubles?


Richard Moore

Iran's envoy: Iran and Russia can rid world of dollar's slavery
Moscow, Feb 15, IRNA


Iran's Ambassador to Moscow said here Friday Iran and Russia, as major energy 
suppliers, can rid the world of US dollar's slavery by promoting oil and gas 
deals using different currencies.

Gholam-Reza Ansari further emphasized in an interview with 'Echo Moscow Radio', 
"We have been trying to launch an Oil Stock Market in Iran and also trying to 
find substitute currencies for Iran's oil sales, that can be Russia's ruble."

He appreciated Russian Prime Minister's First Deputy Dimitri Medoviv's Friday 
remarks on Russia's intention to sell its oil using rubles, saying, "That was a 
brave move."

The Iranian Ambassador focusing on world's large gas producers, said, "We need 
to establish an organization as soon as possible to regulate the market and 
monitor the proper usage of this product." Elsewhere in his interview, Ansari 
rejected Western countries' position against Iran's achievements in peaceful 
nuclear technology and aerospace engineering, arguing, "By sending a satellite 
to earth orbit Iran intends to decrease the hazards of natural disasters, such 
as floods and earthquakes."

He added, "Such moves are totally within the framework of international laws and
conventions, pursuing absolutely no military objectives."

Ansari added, "On the other hand, as a free and independent nation, we cannot 
ask for the permission of the United States and the west for taking any step to 
safeguard our nation's interests, just as Russia does not do so for its 
scientific and other national activities."

Iran's Ambassador to Russia in his radio interview also elaborated on Iranian 
nation's achievements during the 29 years since the glorious victory of the 
Islamic Revolution of Iran.

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