Iran to Announce “Giant Achievements”


Richard Moore

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Posted/Updated: 2007-02-08 15:42:34
Iran to Announce ³Giant Achievements²

Iran¹s Fars News Agency reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will
unveil to the world ³giant achievements² on February 11, which marks the 
anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Many believe the 
announcement will be related to Iran¹s nuclear program‹possibly an increase in 
the number of centrifuges from the current 328 to 3,000.

In advance of the February 11 announcement, Iranian scientists proclaimed that 
they have ³introduced an AIDS cure.² Fars reported, ³After seven long years of 
arduous work, Iranian scientists here on Saturday introduced a herbal medicine 
which cures Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).² Iran¹s Minister of 
Health Kamran Bagheri Lankarani claimed, ³The drug named ŒIMOD¹ is completely 
effective and safe with no proven side effects.²

Mr. Ahmadinejad stated that his country is ever vigilant and will once again 
disappoint its ³ill-wishers,² adding, ³The bullying forces are aware of Iran¹s 
development and the growing trend of its relations with other countries. Their 
new plan is also doomed to failure. Therefore, the enemies of the Iranian nation
will get nowhere.

³They have mobilized their entire propaganda facilities to prevent our nation¹s 
progress, but they have failed in all stages. Today, they suppose that they can 
disrupt the unity of the Iranian nation, but they will never manage to sow seeds
of discord among Iranian people.²

Mr. Ahmadinejad urged his people to participate in transforming Iran into a 
developed country.

³They are against Iran¹s advancement and that of independent nations. However, 
they should know that the era of their hegemony is over and that Iranians will 
overcome all obstacles facing them to access the peak of technology.

³During the current week, great achievements will be introduced to the Iranian 
nation. This will prove to the nation¹s enemies that if a nation is determined 
to have faith in God Almighty and rely on itself, the Lord will help it and they
will manage to gain constant victories,² he said.

Will Iran continue on its current path of defying the international community? 
If so, what does that mean for the world? Will the United States or Israel be 
³forced² to take military action?

The REAL TRUTH article ³A Nuclear Middle East?² discusses this possibility:

³Israel has not ruled out preemptive military action against Iran similar to its
1981 air strike against an atomic reactor in Iraq, although many analysts 
believe Iran¹s nuclear facilities are too fortified and scattered for Israel to 
take on alone.

³Some observers view President George W. Bush¹s decision to dispatch another 
aircraft carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf, create a Œtroop surge¹ of 
20,000 more soldiers in Iraq, along with deploying more Patriot missiles to U.S.
military bases in the region, as keeping his options open in the event of a 
military attack on Iran.

³On January 26, President Bush denied his administration was preparing military 
action against Iran, but he did confirm he authorized U.S. troops to hunt down 
or take out Iranian operatives in Iraq. Some view this order as a prelude to 
tougher action. Two weeks earlier, he pledged to Œinterrupt the flow of support 
[for extremists in Iraq] from Iran and SyriaŠWe will seek out and destroy the 
networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq.¹²


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