Iran: Israel steps up blitzkrieg preparations


Richard Moore

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Israel appoints coordinator of possible war with Iran: newspaper
Aug 25, 2006, 12:43 GMT

Tel Aviv - Israeli Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz has appointed a top Israeli 
officer to be in charge of preparing a possible war with Iran, the Ha'aretz 
daily reported Friday, quoting a security official.

Air Force Commander Eliezer Shkedy is to manage Israel's armed forces if war 
breaks out and is responsible for preparing battle plans, the daily said.

The paper pointed out that the appointment was made before this summer's crisis 
with Lebanon, which has led many Israelis to accuse their political and military
leadership of having failed to prepare adequately for the possibility of another
war in Lebanon.

The security official told Ha'aretz that the appointment was an implementation 
of lessons from the 1991 Gulf War, during which the Israeli army did not have a 
'campaign manager' for Iraq.

Instead, the Israel Air Force, the ground forces and the intelligence agencies 
each operated within their own areas of responsibility without having a single 
coordinator linking them.

According to Ha'aretz, Major General Shkedy is to be in charge of all conflicts 
with 'countries not bordering Israel,' which effectively means both Iraq and 

An army spokeswoman would not confirm or deny the report, saying the army does 
not disclose information on its operational tactics.

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