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Richard Moore


I'd like to share with you some correspondence from a long-term 
subscriber, Diana Skipworth.

It's encouraging to see our friends getting their views into 
mainstream newspapers! :-)

best wishes to all,

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 11:08:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Diana Skipworth <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Fwd: 2008 Race Breakthrough
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>

Dear Richard,

Out of frustration I am forwarding a letter to the editor that I am 
almost certain will not be printed.  It is in reply to a reporter's 
column from Feb 12 or 13th about Obama making history if first Black 
elected U.S. President.

What bothers me the most, I guess, is that the Managing Editor emails 
me and requests I submit a letter (I wrote complaining about their 
printing no letters on most days.)

So I look for a topic and write in, and now they are telling me that 
they have no letter from me to print.  So I guess I am a bit 
perturbed.  But I thought by sending it to you, at least someone 
would see it.




To the Editor:

I read with interest Kate Thayer's observation of it being an 
exciting time in American politics.  Especially exciting for 
democrats in Illinois to rally for one of their own.  Senator Barack 
Obama is seen as possibly the first black president, even though his 
mother was Caucasian.  Wouldn't it be better to say Obama is 

Because candidates appear more "presidential" in front of the U.S. 
Capital Building, and this being February as well as "Black History 
Month," I thought I would share with you what I have learned about 
the Capitol Building, itself.

To most people, the U.S. Capitol is a symbol of liberty, democracy, 
and the promise of opportunity for which the United States of America 
is famous.  However, faced with the enormity of building the Capitol, 
as well as the President's House, from 1790 to 1863, more than half 
of the workers were slaves.

Perhaps the greatest irony is that our famed Statue of Freedom was 
cast by a slave, at a local foundry in Bladensburg, Maryland.  His 
name was Philip Reid, who earned his emancipation through his work, 
but it was his master who was compensated for the loss of his 

An enormous crowd cheered as the head and shoulders of the Statue of 
Freedom were finally set atop the Capitol, on December 2, 1863.  The 
story of those who helped build the home of Congress was kept mostly 
quiet and continues to remain a little-known fact today.

As Ms. Thayer points out, Obama didn't get where he is because of 
family ties or political connections.  Rather, I would say he is an 
inspiration, coming from a heritage whose contributions have often 
been assumed by others or completely ignored.


Diana Skipworth
228 Richards Street
Geneva, IL  (630) 208-0192

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 07:16:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Diana Skipworth <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Fwd: 2008 Race Breakthrough
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>

Dear Richard,

After some telephone and email arm-wrestling, my letter will be 
printed by the Daily Herald on 2/28!  Also writing to share what many 
activists in my area are doing and hope you are not bored:

There was a demonstration in front of Hastert's Batavia, IL office on 
2/22/07 to present letters (against additional 21,000 troops to 
Iraq).  It was noon, so not many people attended, maybe 20 in all, if 
you don't count all the Batavia Policemen.

We had some bad winter storms in the area, so I didn't go to the 
local library to read about the coverage, if any.  One paper, the 
Beacon-News had us on page 3 with a picture, ending the story with my 

"The trillion-dollar question is why are we in Iraq?  Why are we in 
the Middle East?" Geneva resident and member Diana 
Skipworth said.  "Our bases are all along the oil pipeline."

(I am growing quite fond of the Beacon, and maybe I will subscribe...)

Then having my morning coffee while watching TV today, the Fox News 
channel said there was a blast yesterday, on the very day U.S. V.P. 
Dick Cheney was in Afghanistan...  Of course they insist the blast 
may have had nothing to do with His being there.  I suppose this is 
Orwellian-speak; for in America, this has become the preferred 
language spoken by the corporate media...  (I get cranky hearing 
Cheney's name in the morning, so I wrote:)

Dear Fox News,

It is assumed in my community that Fox News has been the "lap dog" of 
the Bush Administration.  To this end, denying this blast was meant 
for U.S.V.P. Cheney seems more of the same.

Dick Cheney is one of the most powerful people in the History of the 
World.  An example of His power would be: after six 
years, His, "Energy Task Force" still remains a secret.  Nobody in 
the World knows for sure who attended this highly-guarded meeting. 
Many thinking persons believe a P.N.A.C. strategy was discussed. 
Even President Clinton was unable to keep "things" secret like Dick 

Dick Cheney is V.P. because he was asked by George Bush's people to 
help W find a suitable candidate for V.P.   Then Cheney looked as far 
as his mirror.

Following the Libby trial, you certainly know about the "cloud" Peter 
Fitzgerald speaks.  I would think the entire world of thinking 
individuals understand what the cloud is about: Treason.  Outing a 
CIA operative, putting many people's lives in jeapordy is treason. 
So they can have their war, and execute PNAC strategy.  Achieve thier 
goal of U.S. control over the M.E. (It is no secret, as PNAC has 
their own web site.)

Maybe years from now, after I am long gone, the dots will be 
connected between the profiteers in the M.E. and the meeting Cheney 
had six years ago.  It is all about $$$, power and oil.

I dislike Dick Cheney and the war-profiteers who have ruined the 
security, reputation and treasury of the United States of America.  I 
hope to see His power wane to extent his secrets are shouted from the 
rooftops; Cheney tried by the International Court for His war crimes, 
as well as the U.S. Court for his treasonous activities.

Diana Skipworth
Geneva, IL

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