How Banks & The Fed Are Bankrupting The Planet


Richard Moore

How Banks & The Fed Reserve Are Bankrupting The Planet

The Panic Starts
By Jim Sinclair

There is no doubt the Fed and the PPT [Plunge Protection Team] are meeting right
now. A drop of over 300 points on the Dow after the Chairman of the Federal 
Reserve speaks publicly presages a 1000 point break in the Dow Jones Industrial 
Average coming quite quickly, if not tomorrow.

Unless the equity markets can be calmed, a panic is about to happen, making the 
statement "This is it" a horrible reality.

If the equity markets cannot be calmed then:

Recognize this is the Formula happening like everything else much sooner and 
much bigger in its implications than anticipated. Gold will rise to $1650 as an 
almost immediate effect of what will be done to attempt to fend off a total 
panic starting to take place in general equities, therein threatening to be 
followed by all credit markets of all kinds. The funds and hotshot short term 
traders in gold shares will be killed by the upward explosion of the gold price 
about to occur.

The PPT and the Fed will step out of gold's way because gold is one of the tools
used in 1930 by Roosevelt and in 2000 by Bush. It will be used again now on the 
upside. Gold is the only insurance there is against what all this means because 
a panic in equities will blow the financial system, already coming apart, to 
smithereens. All country funds would shut down on any further investments in "at
the wall" financial institutions. The rollover in credit and default derivatives
would exceed the entire foreign debt of the USA. The rest of the $450 trillion 
dollar mountain of derivatives would start a disintegration like nothing you 
have every seen in your lifetime.

Consumer demand would slam shut. The auto industry might as well go into 
liquidation this coming Monday, avoiding the June 2008 rush. The US dollar would
burn a hole in the floor going directly to .5200 or lower. As the dollar 
disintegrates gold would rocket to and through $1650 in days. The markets for 
general equities would all have to institute total trading halts every 100 
points on the downside for 30 minutes each. All commercial call loans would be 
called. All debtors one day late on any payment, lacking grace period, would be 
liquidated. All debtors over one day of the grace period would be liquidated. It
is clearly visible to anyone with eyes or a mind to think that the PPT has lost 
all semblance of control in the equity markets and will soon in all remaining 
markets. The commercial paper credit market which is almost dead will die 
totally. Should no emergency action take place soon, you will see an old 
fashioned panic of the 1929 variety. Just as emotional fools sell gold and gold 
shares, be assured that more emotional general equity fools will unload and 
bring the averages down more than ever in history in one day.

Recognize this is the Formula happening like everything else much sooner and 
much bigger in its implications than anticipated. Emergency action will be all 
splash and theatrics but truthfully the cat is out of the bag. It buys some time
but corrects nothing. It makes the Formula 100% correct. There now must be 
EMERGENCY ACTION because the Chairman of the Fed has BOMBED OUT PUBLICLY and a 
PANIC is about to occur. Expect EMERGENCY ACTION in days, not weeks.

If you have not protected yourself, you may only have days to do so now.>


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