Holocaust: Don’t ask, don’t tell


Richard Moore


Holocaust Tyranny Expels Sceptical UK Scientist from Academia

A firsthand report by Michel, Lady Renouf

(director and producer of the free enquiry dvd JAILING OPINIONS)

25th May 2008

Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom, a respected astronomer and author, is the latest scientist to discover the limits of academic freedom in the Western world.

Until recently Dr Kollerstrom was an honorary fellow of University College London. His views as a science historian were sought by scientific journals and media organisations, such as the BBC in its report on new research concerning the planet Neptune. Yet on 22nd April University College (UCL) abruptly terminated his fellowship, without any consultation or right of appeal. Dr Kollerstrom’s offence was to have published sceptical views about forensic aspects of the Holocaust on the CODOH website, based in America.

In the objective opinion of this distinguished academic, the alleged mass murder of Jewish people by gassing during World War 2 was scientifically impossible. At no time had he promoted these views within University College, or done anything to bring the college into disrepute. Rather, it is University College London which now brings itself into disrepute by forbiddding the application of normal source critical analysis to Holocaust history in mockery of its founding principles for freedom of enquiry.

The UCL is not the first to let itself down as London’s cowardly academic establishment. One reports from personal experience of academic anti source critical treatment when a student, from 1999-2001 reading for a post-graduate degree in the Psychology of Religion at the University of London. My college, Heythrop, the Jesuit college specialising in theology and philosophy, smeared my politely factual correction of a tutor during a seminar as unwelcome anti-Semitism. My offence was in clarifying that it had been established by steadfast historical revisionists and now accepted by all sides in a libel action at Londons High Court that Jewish prisoners under the Third Reich were neither reduced into human soap nor were their skins made into lampshades.

Yet instead of myth versus fact meeting with objective, courteous debate as one expects at a Masters level university seminar, no-one present could or would hear of this above the insuing personal insults and uniquely universal Holocaustianity hysteria aroused by the tutors own misguiding lead. Instead, uncritical source reliance prevailed round that university table on faked artifacts and selective reporting by a biassed media – even as one witnessed, as I had, that these pious impostures were now acknowledged in our courtrooms as war propaganda lies. Such pious (ceremonially buried) human soap (as commemorated in Holocaust Museum fraud) was verified as Jewish wartime myth by Mr Justice Gray and eventually by Jewish Holocaust historians on the Defence side during the British historian David Irvings libel action taken against an anti-gentile Jewish racist and being fought in Londons High Court at the time. One need hardly speculate if this anti source critical ethos in seminars at Heythrop College was influenced by the fact that this Jesuit college of apparent Christian treachery had appointed an Hassidic Jewess as sole examiner with a veto on who graduates.

The London based Jewish Chronicle at the time in 2000 quoted on its front page my eye-witness dissatisfaction with the final, non-jury judgement against Irvings civil action. It asked me as a daily court attendee over the two months running civil case taken by Britains foremost non-consensual historical bloodhound who risked and eventually lost his shirt to the fearsome wind forces of World Zionism. I saw for the first time, not knowing of Mr Irving nor familiar with Holocaust Revisionism beforehand, that so many of his source critical leads were considered too sensitive by Judge Gray to be pursued. Yet, surely justice must be served and alleged crimes fully and openly investigated along with all findings freely presented in our courtrooms? To my chronic astonishment at firsthand witness of these extradorinarily unfair trials, a common sense assumption of natural law is denied to each revisionist and defence attorney – and a forthcoming sequel to my dvd JAILING OPINIONS will be an exposee of JAILING THE LAWYERS. I aim for lawyers everywhere to take an interest.

In 2008 the Jewish Chronicle duly boasted of Dr Kollerstrom’s dismissal on the front page of its 25th April edition.

On 7th May Dr Kollerstrom and I first became acquainted when he sought my advice (as a person vilified internationally … yet more and more listened to for championing the normalising of historical revisionists free enquiry) on whether he could expect to travel safely to Germany where he hoped to present his paper The Walls of Auschwitz – a review of the chemical studies to the Berlin Conference on 15th-18th May 2008. This conference (Extermination in Gas Chambers in National Socialist Concentration and Extermination Camps) was designed to refute the revisionists’ case on the alleged mass murder weapon – the WDM gas chamber.

From my observations in many European (and Canadian) courtrooms of revisionists facing persecution for merely expressing their individual source sceptical opinions and scientific findings, I advised that:

a) it was unlikely that the organisers would include a revisionist paper in their unchallengeable conference (as opposed to the entirely open to allcomers Tehran Conference in 2006 on The Holocaust – A Global Review in which I presented a paper on The Psychology of Holocaustianity). And to prove the case, I asked the Berlin Conference organisers whether I could be included as press, but received no response; and that

b) if Dr Kollerstrom were to open his scientific mouth in Germany, or in any of the ten European countries (including Israel) where it is illegal to bring forensic science in to question the Holocaust legend “in full or part”, he would risk certain prosecution and a long term of imprisonment.

About to appear myself on a Press TV live Fine Print panel discussion – (on Israels 60th/Palestines Nakba about which I had made a film from the British veterans eye-opening witness and screened in the House of Lords in 2003 to absurd howls of anti-Semitism from Lord Skidelsky simply because in my narrration I had quoted the revisionist Professor Robert Faurisson) – I suggested to this new channel – which at last offers UK viewers a democratic choice of information sources – that they interview Dr Kollerstrom. It was surely a newsworthy story given that the distinguished academic had been persecuted by the mainstream media, and thus, in my experience of Iranian fair play balance, one could expect this channel would provide him with some redress for the vilification and libel he has recently suffered following publication of his scientific article on a U.S. website. The feisty new channel promptly responded.

On 14th May Press TV duly filmed an interview with the science historian Dr Kollerstrom in which he honoured the pioneering work of USA gas chamber and state human execution machinery expert Fred Leuchter (an innocent professional of admirable fortitude who never cowered or compromised to the amoral Jewish tyrants’ twenty years abuse of him); and Germar Rudolph the PhD chemist who graduated from the prestigeous Max Plank Institute and is currently serving a long sentence in Germany (with dignity as I have personally witnessed with a prison visit to this valiant young prisoner of conscience) for his forensic report: Dissecting the Holocaust.

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