Hawaii National Guard: to poison everyone with vaccines


Richard Moore

The original article from the Honolulu Advertiser is archived here:
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“Eventually,” Governor Lingle said, “the Department of Health and the Hawai’i National Guard would be administering swine flu vaccine to the general public statewide.
“It’s not just going to be children, or course,” she said.
“It will be everybody.”  
Oct 14, 2009 Honolulu Advertiser
This article is now only available as a paid for archive.  I have linked to google search to show this quote was well known. 
This little website includes many links.  I suggest you read through it first before checking out links, and if you get tired, scroll down to the Nun Story.  If you are from medical background, scroll down to long list of references on  Dr. Blaylock medical article, and before you leave site, just look at the photos near bottom of injectable tracking chips. This site includes links to pandemic fraud in UK, France, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Russia, Israel, Norway, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Croatia.   All 193 member nations of World Health Organization are in same boat.
242 deaths in Mexico by August and USA orders 90,000 vaccine centers. Hello?  According to Center for Disease Control CDC in Atlanta,  seasonal flu kills 36,000 (100/people/day) in USA every year.  If Swine flu was as dangerous as seasonal flu, Mexico should have lost many thousands of people in six months, but it didn’t.  In fact H1N1 has been one of the most mild flus we have ever seen. Meanwhile, the 100/people a day that die in USA from seasonal flu are never even mentioned in media, while any and all H1N1 cases are sensationalized.  Take the shot, get the shot, take the shot!  Fear, fear, fear!
We are seeing a similar coordinated misinformation campaign in other countries:  “The absence of any deaths attributed to the seasonal flu in Scotland and the simultaneous jump in deaths attributed to the swine flu will spark fears that the Scottsih government is deliberately manipulating data to exaggerate the dangers of the swine flu, by reclassifying all seasonal flu deaths as swine flu deaths, in order to be able to better justify a mass swine flu vaccination campaign.”  Dec 1, 2009 The Scotsmen
Because CDC suspiciously stopped counting H1N1 cases in July, and on Nov 10, said that anything that ‘appears’ to be flu and leads to any kind of death must be H1N1, we now have a situation, as in Scotland, where any mutant virus, such as has occured in Ukraine, or any death from almost any disease, can be sensationalized to panic your family into taking untested H1N1 vaccines. 
This  alleged ‘new’ mild flu, is being used as an excuse for international, federal, and state emergency declarations.  The entire schedule was set up in advance here and abroad, so that Hawaii Gov Lingle knew what was coming before Obama declared National Emergency.  The result of ‘Emergency” designations, is  that emergency police powers are set in motion.  Some of these powers are unconstitutional, but have never been tested.
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