HAARP: smoking gun re/ Haiti ?


Richard Moore

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Date: 24 January 2010 19:51:18 GMT
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Subject: HAARP

Here is a link to one of the HAARP charts available on the HAARP website.
This link brings you to Jan. 10. There is no activity like this in the entire month before the Haiti earthquake. Click ‘previous day’ to see for yourself. You have to go back to Dec. 3 2009 to see anything even close. Activity starts suddenly at 16:00 UTC on Jan. 10, goes for the entire day on Jan. 11 (except an unexplained blank spot on the chart) and ends 8 hours before the earthquake which occurred at 21:53 UTC on Jan 12. Click ‘next day’ to see for yourself. There’s even audio clips.
I have no idea how the Induction Magnetometer relates to HAARP output, whether this has anything to do with HAARP ionosphere heating, directed energy, etc.
Also note that the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) was running a huge drill about Haiti experiencing a devastating hurricane and needing the exact same kind of support it is now receiving. The drill ‘went live’ as if by coincidence.
~Joy B.