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Feds: 3 dead as U.S., French agents seized British evidence in 
covered up Capitol Hill gunfight

Date: Wednesday, May 31

Feds: 3 dead as U.S., French agents seized British evidence in 
covered up Capitol Hill gunfight

Police, media silence sought as Bush officials turned Rayburn parking 
garage into temporary auto-body shop

by Tom Flocco

Washington-May 31, administration officials 
operated Memorial Day weekend damage control to cover up the deaths 
of three foreign intelligence operatives-two British and one 
French-involved in a Friday morning shootout in the House of 
Representatives parking garage.

The altercation turned into an exchange of automatic weapons fire 
over a pouch containing evidence files documenting an operation to 
bomb the rail system along the Northeast corridor on Thursday-with 
the full knowledge of George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony 
Blair who was in Washington while the operation was being hatched.

Teams of U.S.-French alliance (AFA) operatives-including CIA, NSA and 
FBI agents committed to holding the Bush administration accountable 
for criminal activities-had been electronically monitoring a British 
agent who they determined to be the leader of a black ops bombing 
plot planned for the purpose of disrupting northeast rail traffic via 
a fake terrorist attack.

Federal agents revealed that a taxi cab left the Rayburn building 
parking garage with three body bags just after the shootout which was 
covered up by Capitol Hill police on instructions from Bush officials 
who were in contact with television executives and House/Senate 

The agents had followed the British operative into the Rayburn 
parking garage where the shootout occurred according to longtime 
federal whistleblower Stewart Webb and intelligence authority Thomas 
Heneghan both of whom confirmed the whole incident via several of 
Webb's 22-years worth of inside federal sources with further 
corroboration by several more U.S and French intelligence agents to 
whom Heneghan spoke.

Evidence files proving the bombing operation were seized after an 
Israeli intelligence agent had reportedly tipped off the Brit who was 
being pursued by AFA agents which resulted in several House and staff 
members experiencing shot-out automobile windshields and doors 
sprayed with bullet holes in the ensuing weapons exchange, the two 

Heneghan told us this evening that hundreds of shots were fired from 
the automatic weapons during the gunfight causing reasonably 
extensive damage, and that one female House staffer fainted in the 
hall after encountering one of the agents being sought by Capitol 
police during the Rayburn lockdown.

Formal protests and reports were exchanged by the British and French 
governments while Mr. Bush was provided with the full reports of the 
incident now classified under arcane U.S. intelligence regulations to 
further sequester the evidence from the American people.

Washington news outlets are reportedly being discouraged from filing 
Freedom of Information Act lawsuits to acquire the evidence and 

Webb was speaking to an intelligence source within a half hour after 
the shootout on Friday morning just as we called to find out if he 
had heard that the Rayburn parking garage and Capitol complex were 
being temporarily sealed off to keep tourists, House members and 
staffers away from the scene and evidence of damaged vehicles, 
concrete walls and pillars.

Capitol police told the media that the gunfight sounds were caused by 
apparent construction equipment which may have sounded like shots 
being fired in the parking garage, but no reports indicate the nature 
of the construction scheduled for that day at the Rayburn building 
and for what purpose, but also why the police launched a four-hour 
Rayburn lockdown and floor-by-floor search of the largest office 
structure on Capitol Hill.

According to U.S. intelligence agents close to the incident, the 
media fell for the Bush-ordered Capitol police damage control "lock, 
stock and barrel."

Federal agents had planned to arrest Tony Blair

We were told that French and U.S. agents are familiar enough with the 
Rayburn building that they were able to leave inconspicuously and 
without notice after seizing the evidence; however, the Israeli agent 
who tipped off the British agent with the evidence was the subject 
being sought during the Rayburn lockdown, but someone in the building 
helped him escape.

AFA operatives had planned to arrest Prime Minister Blair to appear 
before the Patrick Fitzgerald grand jury to explain doctored 
British-Iraq War weapons of mass destruction evidence according to 
the intelligence sources.

Federal agents said Blair was spirited to Andrews Air Force base 
after the shootout, reportedly "white as a sheet," while screaming 
"they can't do this" as he entered the jet under military escort back 
to the United Kingdom.

George W. Bush was worried enough about intelligence reports of 
Blair's impending arrest that air force pilots and aides were not 
told the identity of the passenger to be flown to the U.K. in order 
to foil any last minute attempt to arrest the Prime Minister for war 
crimes under the North Atlantic treaty, they said.

Rayburn building auto-body repair shop

"After agreeing to keep their mouths shut and being offered ten times 
their normal pay as a prerequisite for the mission,several auto 
repairmen were flown from Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday evening 
via private jet, blindfolded, then taken to the Rayburn parking 
garage to repair vehicles involved in the British-French gunfight," 
said Webb who spoke to intelligence sources declining to be named.

  "The license plates were removed and the auto-body workers were told 
it was a secret operation and they were in Quebec, Canada," he said.

It is not known whether federal agents attempted to compromise 
workers on the evening before the Saturday garage cleanup via secret 
photographs with prostitutes to further insure their silence in a 
manner similar to U.S. congressmen and senators, said Webb.

Given the damage to personal vehicles, it may be problematic forcing 
Democrat and Republican staffers-for personal if not historical 
reasons-not to tell family and friends about how their cars were 
repaired over the weekend after a Capitol Hill gunfight which never 
occurs in a congressional office building.

The French government was told by the Bush administration that they 
would have to pay the bill for the shootout damage; however, they 
reportedly refused to do so and sent it back advising that the 
administration would have to pay the bill, leaving historical 
questions as to whether American taxpayers had to foot the bill for 
the first multi-foreign government shootout at the Capitol since 
perhaps the War of 1812.

Questions surrounding knowledge of the real events of the incident by 
Capitol police, White House correspondents and Capitol Hill reporters 
also comes into play, given evidence of damaged and repaired 
vehicles, parking garage concrete walls and pillars, body putty and 
fresh paint odors, the lockdown of the parking garage and 
availability of vehicles at the scene to their owners either right 
away or later in the weekend.

More importantly-and historically, the event confirms evidence of an 
ongoing under-the-radar-screen war on U.S. soil between presidential, 
British and Israeli agents clashing with French and American agents 
holding Mr. Bush accountable for criminal actions obstructed by House 
and Senate members compromised by "freezer cash" bribes, stolen HUD 
property payoffs, prostitutes and other "control file" threats from 
White House crime families.

Public revelations that the state of the Bush administration is such 
that banana republic style gunfights involving foreign government 
operatives in Capitol legislative buildings would graphically prove 
Mr. Bush's loss of control and ability to govern-hence a massive 
police, media and official cover-up was of necessity essential to 
maintain his presidency.

Some might consider the Rayburn gunfight a modern day time capsule 
replay of 1776 and the War of 1812-same players with the addition of 

Quebec-May 26, alliance shuts down 
power to prevent NE train derailment-In an ongoing series of 
unpublicized confrontations between intelligence factions within the 
U.S. government, power grids in Quebec were shut down by agents 
within the U.S. and French governments to prevent what was reported 
to be an attempt to stage train derailments along the Northeast 
corridor between New York and Washington, DC to blame on "al Qaeda 
terrorists," according to agents who spoke with national security 
expert Thomas Heneghan. The power grid shutdown coming out of the 
French-Canadian province was said to have prevented American trains 
from crashing into one another or into major rail stations. This 
specific information came directly from the team of U.S. and French 
operatives who spoke with Heneghan on Thursday. The U.S. media will 
not report that the outage occurred via Quebec and that several 
operatives of Indian descent were taken into custody for questioning 
as possible culprits by U.S. marshals in Connecticut. This is not the 
first time the French have come to the aid of Americans who remember 
General Lafayette at Valley Forge in 1776, French troops who helped 
stop the British from burning down the U.S. Capitol Building in the 
War of 1812-after which U.S. forces sacrificed thousands on the 
Normandy beaches to liberate France in World War II. It's no accident 
that the French are protecting the safety of U.S. citizens instead of 
America's Bush-bribed and blackmailed, prostitute

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