Guardian: I worry that I’m turning into a conspiracy theorist


Richard Moore


The war on paperclips

I worry that I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist
AL Kennedy
Wednesday May 11, 2005


OK, I'm paranoid and depressed. My new government of
troglodytes, murderers and spivs barely elongates the
customary scream I give upon waking. What troubles me more is
our rulers' inevitable recommencement of the war on terror

To begin at what we're told is the beginning, we have 9/11 -
the one in the US, not the earlier one in Chile when covert US
government intervention killed thousands of innocents and
handed the country to a commerce-friendly, torture-loving,
far-right junta. Now if 9/11/2001 is so important, why is it
so hard to find out what happened?

The FBI, as we know, blocked all manner of investigations into
the plot in the run up to its execution, whether these
involved highly specific warnings from its own agents or from
government sources in Afghanistan, Argentina, Britain, the
Cayman Islands, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jordan,
Morocco and Russia.

Meanwhile, I worry why the nearest military aircraft weren't
scrambled to intercept any of the hijacked flights when this
is standard procedure and why, when more distant jets were
finally aloft, they flew at less than half speed, thus failing
to prevent the impacts at the twin towers and then, it would
seem, managing to shoot down Flight 93 when its passengers may
already have overcome its hijackers.

It would, of course, be easier to know what happened to Flight
93 if there weren't - according to educated estimates - three
minutes of the cockpit recording missing. It would, equally,
be handy to have access to the black boxes from the other
crashes. Firefighters at Ground Zero have repeatedly stated
that three of the four possible black boxes there were found
and taken away by government agents.

And these worries are maybe less important than the ones about
clear links between the Pakistani ISI, the CIA and the men
named as the 9/11 hijackers. Or the mysterious inability of
anyone to capture Osama bin Laden, who fled from Tora Bora,
possibly being evacuated by helicopter, and then escaped to
Pakistan unhindered.

So while Chinese paperclips are now made out of vital 9/11
evidence and almost every implicated party goes free, we and
our controlling US interests continue fearlessly to terrorise
countries unconnected with the attacks, to place permanent
military bases near oil reserves and pipeline routes, to
harass and murder Muslims anywhere we can, and to foment
terrorist resistance at every opportunity. The UK unmasks
non-existent ricin plots and threatens us with ID cards, but
we can't supply our troops in Iraq with working radios or a
legal causus belli.

But you'd never want to think that on 9/11/2001 covert US
government intervention killed thousands of innocents and
handed the country, if not the world, to a commerce-friendly,
torture-loving, far-right junta. That would make you a
paranoid, depressed conspiracy theorist. And, take it from me,
that just wouldn't be comfortable.


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Wexford, Ireland

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      suspension of the Weimar constitution followed the
      Reichstag fire."  
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