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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:17:06 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Armed Madhouse

Thursday, April 27, 2006

For the past two years, I've nearly disappeared from BBC Television screens and 
from newspapers so my team could focus on our most important investigation yet. 
I've put it in a book: Armed Madhouse. The book travels from Beijing to New 
Orleans to Caracas to Baghdad to New Mexico ... a five-part investigation of 
global economic piggery so deep, dark and devious you just have to scream or cry
-- or laugh.

Don't be fooled by the fact that 'Armed Madhouse' is entertaining -- this is my 
most serious reporting yet -- connecting oil panic, Hurricane Katrina, Chinese 
currency, Venezuela's petrodollars, disappearing ballots, Thomas Friedman, more 
oil, and the murder of General Motors. These are dispatches from the front lines
of the class war.

Here is our new world of militarized greed, where America's panic over lunatics 
with box-cutters has metastasized into a billion-dollar fear industry; where 
Republicans sucking on Super-sized Slurpies(r) are hunting dark-skinned voters 
to eliminate their rights; where James Baker's fixer in alligator boots sets up 
the grab for Iraq's oil on her way to the rodeo; where miners are suffocated by 
the same investment bankers who are siphoning off auto workers' pensions. I add 
50 illustrations, including those intriguing ones marked 'secret' by the State 
Department and the World Bank, plus a brilliant recipe for shrimp curry -- and 
Dick Cheney.

There are five sections:

THE NETWORK: The World as a Company Town. The weird and frightening facts about 
the tidal flow of international currency -- the real story of China's rise and 
the death of Detroit. Plus a report from the future on the assassination of Hugo
Chavez -- and explain why it had to be done.

THE CON: Kerry Won -- but two million of his votes were never counted. They 
can't take away your Social Security until they take away your vote. In the 2008
race, four million ballots will go missing. Here's how it will be done.

THE FEAR: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf? Turning Ground Zero into a Profit Center. 
Why does Southold, New York, have machine guns on SUVs at the casino ferry? 
Investigations of health insurance and suicide bombings -- in other words, the 
fun chapter.

THE FLOW: Trillion Dollar Babies. If you thought George Bush had a secret plan 
to seize Iraq's oil -- you're wrong. He had TWO plans, and Armed Madhouse has 
both of them.

THE CLASS WAR: I go deeper into George Bush's crude system of educational terror
("No Child's Behind Left"), Ken Lay's REAL crimes for which he won't be tried 
and the story of New Orleans you won't get on Fox Schnews. Here you'll get some 
complex economics and a free ticket to the circus -- and the core issue of the 
book: the war of the movers and shakers against the moved and shaken.

Asia Times says, "Greg Palast, the man widely considered as the top 
investigative journalist in the United States, is persona non grata in his own 
country's media." But it's not ME that's 'non-grata' -- it's the information 
about the Washington regime that is shut out of the mainstream press in the USA.

I'm writing to ask you to order the book right NOW for delivery the week of its 
release, June 6. Here's why. These early sales are crucial to convincing 
mainstream media that America really wants to know what the hell is going on. My
last book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, helped open the forbidden topic of 
vote theft in America. Now, we need break the media's omerta, the silencing of 
talk of class war.

I'm asked again and again, What can we DO? The answer is, we can't do anything 
until we're INFORMED. We can't prevent the theft of the '08 election until you 
know the crazy details of the theft of '04. We can't stop the coming war in 
Venezuela until we learn the weird story of how Big Oil mapped out Iraq's 
petroleum destiny. We can't shield ourselves from economic onslaught until we 
have the hard, if hidden, facts of class conflict from the Sino-dollar panic to 
the privatization of hurricane planning. That's why I wrote this book.

And if you're of a mind to buy it, please do so now via local or 'Net bookstore 
or through our website at:

Like to support our work? We don't charge Democracy Now or the Pacifica Network 
or non-profit websites for our work. So we can only investigate and report if 
you help. Donate $100 to our non-profit foundation and I'll send you a 
personally signed hardbound, illustrated copy of Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of
Osama Wolf?, China Floats Bush Sinks, No Child's Behind Left and Other 
Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War. I take no salary: 100% of the 
funds go to keep our staff alive.

organization can join Project Censored, Code Pink, Activist San Diego, Global 
Exchange, Austin Vote Rescue, Ohio Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections, 
Pacifica Radio affiliates, as a sponsor of the Armed Madhouse tour. Contact: 

And a note to MEDIA PEOPLE reading this missive: If you wish to book an 
interview with me [the schedule's tight, so please book now], or need a review 
copy -- or want to publish an excerpt -- contact interviews(AT)

And soon you can download Jim Hightower, Larry David, Randi Rhodes, Amy Goodman 
and other friends reading from Armed Madhouse at

When the inmates are running the asylum, arm yourself with the facts.

Greg Palast & Team
New York | London

Table of Contents

"Like the Cowardly Dog He Was" 1

Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf? 9
Including Marines in a tube, learning to speak Terrorist, Bush's Khan

job, National Security Document 199-I and Osama's Mission Accomplished. What are
you afraid of? Our Fear Salesman-in-Chief has something for everyone.

Trillion Dollar Babies 51

A five-and-a-half-part tale including Nose-Twist's Hidden Hand, Kissinger's man 
in the dream palace, the No-Brainer vs. The Witches' Brew, the OtherDowning 
Street memo, the Houston Insurgency, Amy's alligator boots, Mr. 5%, a call to 
Riyadh, Wolfowitz Dämmerung and "especially the oil."

The World as a Company Town 143

The holistic system of systems, petro-dollars, electro-dollars, the 
assassi-nation of Hugo Chávez, Euro-nations, Mundell's Toilet and coming down 
from Hubbert's Peak. Mr. Friedman tees off.

Kerry Won. Now Get Over It... 187

. . . because they're putting '08 in their pocket. Republicans just seem to

have that winning spirit. They also have caging lists, felons of the future,

rotting ballots, snuffed canaries, and a lock on the votes of Kissinger-

Americans and the undead.

Hope I Die Before My Next Refill 277

Dispatches from the war of the movers and shakers against the moved and shaken, 
including No Child's Behind Left, the Grinch That Stole Overtime and the Chávez 
of Louisiana. Welcome to 1927.

The House I Live In 329
Insurgency USA-Join Today! 334

Return to Hubbert's Peak: Why Palast Is Wrong 336
Acknowledgments, Sources, and Resources 342
Index 349
Illustration Credits 363
The Armed Madhouse Soundtrack 365


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