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The Future of America Has Been Stolen
By Jeff Diehl
May 24th, 2007

Investigative reporter Greg Palast says 4.5 million votes will be shoplifted in 
2008, thanks largely to the ³Rove-bots² that have been placed in the Justice 
Department following the U.S. Attorney firings. Being the guy who uncovered the 
voter ³purge lists² of 2000 that disenfranchised black voters, he¹s worth 
listening to, even if the mainstream press chooses not to.

This time around, he claims to have 500 emails that the House subpoenaed and 
Karl Rove claims were deleted forever. They prove definitively, says Palast, 
that the Justice Department is infested with operatives taking orders from Rove 
to steal upcoming elections for Republicans and permanently alter the 

The ³clownocracy² of Bush and Rove is criminal and even evil in its attempts to 
steal past and future elections, according to Palast, and can only be stopped if
³DemocratsŠfind their souls and find their balls.²

In an updated new version of his best-selling book, Armed Madhouse, Palast lays 
out the case for the future theft of the presidency, along with lots of other 
Executive malfeasance. I chatted with him about the role of the Justice 
Department in this scheme, and what it means for the viability of our 

PUBLISHER¹S UPDATE: Here are some of the 500 emails. ­JD

JEFF DIEHL: First off, the ³lost² emails. I guess you¹re confident those 500 
emails aren¹t themselves a hoax? Considering the source? [John Wooden, the man 
behind the spoof site,, forwarded them on to Palast after someone
accidentally sent them to Wooden¹s domain.]

GREG PALAST: Oddly, the GOP verified their authenticity to BBC. I almost fell 
over dead when they did that.

JD: How did they do that exactly?
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GP: We asked them on camera. They did not deny they were the party¹s internal 
emails ‹ just disagreed what the ³caging² lists were. Saying, for example, they 
were ³donor² lists. Men in homeless shelters?

Remember, there¹s no First Amendment in England. I¹m wrong, I¹m sued, I¹m broke,
I¹m toast.

JD: Let¹s move on to former Justice Department counsel (and Regent University 
graduate) Monica Goodling¹s recent testimony in front of the House Judiciary 
Committee, since it¹s so freshŠ

GP: The blondeling underling of the Police State. The lady was trying to tell us
something important, but the dim bulbs of the U.S. press and the committee dolts
wouldn¹t listen. She began by accusing her bosses of perjury. The issue was her 
allegation that they knew all about ³caging.² And no one asked her one damn 
question about it. Like what is ³caging² and why would they commit perjury to 
cover it up?

JD: Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) asked, and Goodling said, ³It has to do with 
direct mail.²

GP: And that was it. D¹oh! It¹s not about ³direct mail.² Direct mail has to do 
with Victoria¹s Secret and stuff like that. This was all about stealing the 2004
‹ and 2008 ‹ elections. That¹s why she wanted immunity. She was afraid it would 
all unravel, the caging gameŠbut she had nothing to fear.

JD: Well, it is a direct mail term, but it¹s also a voter supression term. Do no
senators know that, not even Committee Chair John Conyers?

GP: Conyers knows ‹ and he knows me. He¹s keeping his powder dry. The others are

Caging works like this. Hundreds of thousands of Black and Hispanic voters were 
sent letters ‹ do not forward. Letters returned as undeliverable (²caged²) were 
used as evidence the voter didn¹t live at their registered address. The GOP 
goons challenged these voters¹ right to cast ballots ‹ and their votes were 

But whose letters were caged? Here¹s where the game turns to deep evil. They 
targeted Black students on vacation, homeless men ‹ and you¹ll love this ‹ Black
soldiers sent overseas. They weren¹t living at their home voting address because
they were shivering under a Humvee in Falluja.

JD: As you put it in regard to election rigging, 2000 was about ³purge lists,² 
2004 was about ³caging,² and 2008 will be about ³verification.² Can you briefly 
explain the difference between these?

GP: Sure. In 2000, I cracked the computer disks (CD-ROMs then) from Katherine 
Harris¹ office showing 56,000 names of voters ³purged² from voter rolls as 
felons who aren¹t allowed to vote. In fact, every one ‹ every one ‹ was an 
innocent voter, though most were guilty of VWB ‹ Voting While Black. That was 
the 2000 ³purge.²

In 2004, it was nearly identical. Except, instead of calling voters ³felons,² 
they called them ³suspect² voters, fraudulently using a false voting address. 
The effect was the same: the voter would lose their registration; or their vote 
on election day when they showed to vote; or, in the case of soldiers, their 
absentee ballot would be challenged and tossed.

JD: You claim the reason for Democrat inaction in election scandals is because 
of racism, that the white caucus is bigger than the black caucus. But don¹t 
Democrats gain by making sure black people are enfranchised?

GP: Which Democrats? The huge purge and block of voters in Georgia [were done 
by] reptiles like Zell Miller in control of the Georgia Democratic Party. 
There¹s an awful lot of Democrats who would not win primaries if dark-skinned 
citizens could just vote any time they pleased.

JD: My mind goes back to Conyers. What did you mean earlier by ³keeping his 
powder dry?²

GP: We talk. ŒNuff said.

JD: Fair enough. So you¹re working also with former U.S. Attorney for New 
Mexico, David Iglesias, yes?

GP: Claro que si.

JD: I was watching Chris Matthews¹ TV show ‹ ³Softball,² as you¹ve called it ‹ 
and he asked Iglesias what his long term plans were ‹ if he was writing a book. 
Iglesias indicated that he was, and also, that he wanted a TV show similar to 
Matthews¹ at some point, and seemed to be totally serious. Given that Iglesias 
has been willing to go ³along with the game² in the past, are you concerned that
his recent turn might be motivated by opportunism?

GP: I don¹t care if he¹s motivated by a love of Barbie dolls. He¹s been pushed 
by the Rove-bots to expose the game. I¹ll take it anyway I can get it ‹ the 
facts, ma¹am.

JD: Do you have a wide-angle view of the current Administration¹s strategy with 
the Justice Department, and if so, give us the summary. Is it about election 
theft, or is it mostly about stocking the lake for future conservative judge 

GP: Yes. First, it¹s elections. They don¹t want the voters making any foolish 
choices. Specifically, while the attention¹s been focused 100% on the firings, 
no one is talking about the hirings. That¹s what Goodling was trying to get 

The key: at the ³Pearl Harbor Day Massacre,² they replaced the prosecutors with 
Rove-bots, a sleeper cell of anti-Constitutional saboteurs who will explode in 
2008, led by the new prosecutor for Arkansas, Tim Griffin.

JD: Talk a little bit about the relevance of Tim Griffin ‹ the perp who became 
prosecutor ‹ and Arkansas in 2008.

GP: It was Griffin who directed the ³caging² ops for the GOP. Caging, by the 
way, is illegal. Law Professor Bobby Kennedy pointed out it violates the Voting 
Rights Act of 1965 ‹ and I¹d add, as a former racketeering investigator, mail 
fraud statutes. So Griffin¹s a felon ‹ now U.S. Attorney.

JD: Is Kennedy still actively publicizing this?

GP: Yes. The incriminating email is reproduced right in Armed Madhouse. That¹s 
why Griffin and Goodling were high-fiving over the fact that no one¹s picked up 
the investigations of that ³British reporter² Palast.

The key thing is, Griffin is not just ³involved,² he is directing the scheme. 
His denial was confidential ‹ had to be subpoenaed. Remember, as Goodling 
testified, the line of the Bushies is that Griffin had nothing to do with 

JD: So is Congress eventually going to get to all this? Is that the end game 
with the Justice Department investigation?

GP: No, Congress won¹t do squat. Did anyone do anything about the felon purge? 
It went backwards: Bush signed the Help America Vote Act. God forbid.

Explore more of Greg Palast¹s reporting on his website.

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