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This is a fantastic piece which puts things into perspective.



March 18, 2010 by Gordon Duff · Leave a Comment 
By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
Jews in America are being played, some at least.  Frankly, I don’t know one Jew that buys in on any of the extremist idiocy that has driven Israel to acting so terribly.  Maybe only half my friends and co-workers are Jews.  I am in that kind of world.  Jews, people with Jewish families, make up, not only friends but half my own family.  Fights go on continually about holidays and mostly food.  There simply aren’t any discussions about Israel.  What has happened there and what has happened here, in the US, were never meant to happen.  None of us, for years, had an accurate history.  Now we can believe almost nothing at all. 
We weren’t around in 1947, not most of us anyway.  We were never told how things went and what was done against the Palestinians, not an honest version.  It was easy to see how the Muslim/Arabs had created governments that would eventually turn the entire region over to the Communists, out of their greed and stupidity.  Frankly, about a third of the Jews that went to Palestine initially were Communists also.  This was a time of political upheaval around the world with everyone fighting for a place at the table.  It left us with a world we are still paying for now.  Mistakes were made but adding to them is inexcusable.  We should all have learned that buy now.
The history of that time, mostly from the movie Exodus, is a total lie.  I get mine straight from Irgun guys.  They tell a very different story, a true story.  Unless you talk to one of them, one who will be honest with you, consider everything you know to be propaganda.  The truth isn’t simple.  The good aren’t always good and the bad are seldom that different from the good.  Facing this truth is inconvenient for a generation raised on propaganda and myth.  There is dishonor in choosing to believe lies.
The offical version of the 1947-48 war is a farce.  You can also say the same about the 6 Day war and the Suez Crisis.  This is the root of all terrorism and world conflict.  Problem is, Israel is now a massive arms producer and exporter.  I was just in Pakistan.  You don’t think I was approached by Israel to sell them weapons while I was there?  Business has its own ethics, none at all.  Israeli equipment is all over the Middle East, from Iran to Jordan to Iraq to Egypt.  We buy it, they buy it.  This idiocy about Israel and security is simply that.  Israel has very cordial relations with Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the Gulf States. It has some issues with Syria, a country whose military is decades behind Israel.
Israel has “not so public” relationships with the Saudis, Yemen and Iran.  Frankly, there are no longer any significant enemies for Israel to arm against.  They don’t exist.  Israel now has such advanced weapons that the crazy elements in Israel are now threatening western Europe with nuclear attack.  No, it has gone that far, all extremism is the same, Zionist, Islamic or Christian.  Dumb is dumb. Check this out:
Noted Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target.
This came in a press interview broadcast by the seventh Hebrew radio and was translated on Wednesday into Arabic by the press information analysis and study center.
“We have hundreds of nuclear warheads and missiles that can reach different targets in the heart of the European continent, including beyond the borders of Rome, the Italian capital,”  Creveld said, adding that most of the European capitals would become preferred targets for the Israeli air force.
The Israeli historian reiterated Israel’s ability to destroy the whole world whenever it felt its existence would be doomed to extinction.
Creveld isn’t a dumb guy, far from it, but he is obviously playing games with people.  How many people in Israel are saying things like this?  Too many, way too many, talking not only about attacking Europe but about building hundreds of nuclear rockets with India and attacking the United States.  Israel’s nuclear missiles already can reach most of the United States with hundreds of warheads.  With those being built by India, 10 nukes per missile, range 18,500 kilometers, with many to be kept in Israeli silos, the entire United States is easily in range.
If Israel’s best know historian, Creveld is correct, then this capability being developed is to be used against the United States.  This is total insanity but everything here is public record, listed, not only with Global Security but Jane’s also.  You couldn’t even think about getting missiles of this range to hit Iran.  They couldn’t be launched for such a short range.
The only enemy Israel is talking about now is Iran.  Friends who know nuclear weapons tell me there is no reasonable proof Iran is developing weapons at all and that the news stories we see are “plants,” misrepresentations of fact just like all the Bush era terror alerts and the phony bin Laden tapes.  Those of us who remember Iran/Contra learned that there is a secret relationship between Israel and Iran where alot of money is made and business done while threats go back and forth.
Both countries are poor liars.  Iran makes noise to pretend to be “Islamic” and Israel makes noise to get more money from the US and take the focus off their ethnic cleansing.  No American, especially no American Jew should get involved.  This is a game for suckers.
Jews were blocked from full participation in American society until 30 years ago.  They may have had money and massive power, especially through control of key industries and shared control of organized crime with their Italian partners but real Jews, everyday people, were not treated well.  Real Jews are doctors, lawyers, teachers and even still drive cabs.  The gang that talks about Israel or tries to run the US governement aren’t real Jews.  They are something different, but what?
First of all, nobody know the truth.  What do you do when someone comes to you and tells you Israel is going to be destroyed, the Jewish homeland?  You give money and try to help.  How do you know that the people coming to you are liars and cheats?  When you hear, all day, every day, about how violent the Palestinians are and how they tried to wipe out the Jewish settlers, you can’t help but hate them.  Problem is, what you are told isn’t true.  Really, nothing is true.  Things are complicated and it takes intelligence and humanity to solve problems. 
There is more money in ethnic cleansing and lying about it, keeping up world tensions, causing wars and selling both sides weapons.  Israel is not the first country to do this, it is just better at it than most.
I just got back from 10 days in Af/Pak.  I met alot of wonderful people.  Not one of them said they hated Jews.  I didn’t meet a single person who wouldn’t invite a Jew into his home.  I also talked to many officials, not at a minor level, who I know talk to their Israeli counterparts and have good relationships but don’t talk of it openly.  Yes, it is true, many people in Afghanistan and Pakistan openly hate Jews and hold extreme views.
This has to be stopped through education, through understanding and through developing real societies that work to end all extremism.  However, Israel and the United States have become as extremist as some of the areas of the Islamic world.  Extremism is the problem, not people, not even religion.  The biggest cause of extremism is lack of education.  A huge problem is that the highly educated countries, both Israel and the United States are now fostering a “Taliban type” extremism through, not lack of education but misinformation and propaganda.  When tribal regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, economically minimized and with little or public education and health turn to religious extremists, we see a problem we can solve with social programs.  When advanced cultures sink into extremism, we can only be reminded of the disasters of the last century, war, holocaust and the massive suffering brought on when a marriage of power, technology and insane nationalism nearly destroyed the entire world.  This is the same mistake we need to fear now.
Taking a careful look at the propaganda is a start.  Honest discussions about a solution in Israel that involves human values, not ethnic cleansing needs to be addressed.  Dishonesty about the real history of the region and how so many lies have been told about the roots of terrorism, roots all are responsible for, need to be addressed.  This is a human problem, not one for bumper sticker intellectualizing, the level of intellectual interchange we are currently enjoying.  It should be insulting to any righteous Jew. 
Being tough is one thing.  Being human is another.  The inability to know when to be either because belief systems are built on lies and propaganda destroys, not just credibility, but the moral basis of our lives.  Strong people make moral decisions based on truth.  For decades, we have all learned to feed on lies.  It has made us children, malicious children, no better than those we oppose.


March 16, 2010 by Gordon Duff · 64 Comments 
By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Clinton and Joint Chief’s Chairman Mike Mullen have all recently visited Israel on two issues, reliable information that Israel was planning an attack on Iran, a plan designed to push America into a war our leaders believe is both wrong and likely to risk a global nuclear confrontation with Russia and the building of a massive housing project on the Arab side of Jerusalem in violation of numerous agreements, a project that is likely to cause a spike in world terrorism and send thousands of new fighters to Afghanistan to face American forces there.
This is the worst point in the history of the relationship between the U.S. and Israel since the founding of that nation in 1948 but these are not the only reasons, not these and the arrogant and intractable attitude of Israel’s leaders nor being caught in lie after lie, lies told to their financial backer and closest ally, the United States.  Here is some background on CENTOM Commander, General Petraeus’ shocking briefing:
On Jan. 16, two days after a killer earthquake hit Haiti, a team of senior military officers from the U.S. Central Command (responsible for overseeing American security interests in the Middle East), arrived at the Pentagon to brief Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The team had been dispatched by CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus to underline his growing worries at the lack of progress in resolving the issue. The 33-slide, 45-minute PowerPoint briefing stunned Mullen. The briefers reported that there was a growing perception among Arab leaders that the U.S. was incapable of standing up to Israel, that CENTCOM’s mostly Arab constituency was losing faith in American promises, that Israeli intransigence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was jeopardizing U.S. standing in the region…
 “Everywhere they went, the message was pretty humbling,” a Pentagon officer familiar with the briefing says. “America was not only viewed as weak, but its military posture in the region was eroding.” But Petraeus wasn’t finished: two days after the Mullen briefing, Petraeus sent a paper to the White House requesting that the West Bank and Gaza (which, with Israel, is a part of the European Command — or EUCOM), be made a part of his area of operations.  The Mullen briefing and Petraeus’s request hit the White House like a bombshell… pressing Israel once again on the settlements issue, sending Mitchell on a visit to a number of Arab capitals and dispatching Mullen for a carefully arranged meeting with the chief of the Israeli General Staff, Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi. … Certainly, it was thought, Israel would get the message.
Israel didn’t. When Vice President Joe Biden was embarrassed by an Israeli announcement that the Netanyahu government was building 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, the administration reacted. But no one was more outraged than Biden who, according to the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, engaged in a private, and angry, exchange with the Israeli Prime Minister:
 “This is starting to get dangerous for us,” Biden reportedly told Netanyahu. “What you’re doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace.” Yedioth Ahronoth went on to report: “The vice president told his Israeli hosts that since many people in the Muslim world perceived a connection between Israel’s actions and US policy, any decision about construction that undermines Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem could have an impact on the personal safety of American troops fighting against Islamic terrorism.” The message couldn’t be plainer: Israel’s intransigence could cost American  lives.
The deterioration started long before this and can be tracked by changing perceptions in the Obama administration whose leaders are heavily “pro-Israel” but lack the extremist convictions of the Zionist/extremist group that surrounded President Bush.  When Obama took office, even Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, one of the most prominent Israeli proponents in the country, had become aware of the extent of Israeli involvement in areas that had taken the “special relationship” into an area of disaster for the United States.  This is what was discovered:
  • The military and intelligence organizations in the United States had been penetrated by Israel, not only through our normal broad partnership but the planting of “moles,” many from the Christian Zionist community who were taking direction from Israel and not the United States.  The result wasn’t just limited to falsification of intelligence, both leading to endless phony terror alerts and non-existent enemies but to skewing operations in a manner to guarantee their failure with significant American cost in both lives and money.
  • The massive spy network uncovered by Sibel Edmonds had been tracked, almost entirely to Israel.  Edmonds had been silenced by National Security Letters issued by John Ashcroft, leading Christian Zionist in the Bush Administration and constant “private” visitor to Israel.  After 6 years of spying at the highest levels of the White House, Department of State, Congress and the Pentagon, the network grew even more, accessing nearly all top US intelligence and selling it on the open market. 
  • Most disastrous of the stolen intelligence was the data on the new JSF, the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.  All data on this new $300 billion dollar project fell into Israeli hands in 2008, information that may have turned the air superiority fighter meant to rule the skies for the next 30 years into a “target sled.”  This is the biggest intelligence attack on the US since the Pollard/Israeli scandal.  Pollard, an American Jew reputedly associated with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, stole America’s battle plans for the defense of NATO, our entire spy/surveillance network plans and full ultra-top secret detailed plans that could have negated America’s nuclear deterrent during the most dangerous times of the Cold War.  Pollard’s information was sold to the Soviets by Israel, information that could have let Russia win World War III.
  • The Israeli attack on Gaza was timed to an American change of administration and done without consultation.  Broad intelligence sources indicate that the attacks were not in relatiation to any terrorist activity but are spoken of “behind closed doors” by top US officials as ethnic cleansing not unlike the issues that brought NATO into conflict with Serbia.  The systematic nature of the attack, destroying water-treatment, schools, hospitals, food storage, power generation and the massive loss of life, especially among children, has soured many in the Obama camp on Israel
  • Israel’s use of the Jewish lobby in the US to hold up President Obama’s domestic agenda and their use of Jewish controlled media to embarrass the President has caused more bitterness.  With Jewish controlled/owned Fox, CNN (Wolf Blitzer, formerly of the Jerusalem Post), ABC, CBS, NBC networks and other major news sources all working in concert against, particularly President Obama’s health care initiative, Israel is seen as “flexing its muscle” even more.  The believed rationale is the removal of all non-Jews from Israel, dead or alive, with a powerless US government paying the bills and fighting the massive terrorist backlash for generations.
  • The Israeli agenda of working with India to destabilize Pakistan, organize terror attacks there and, less publicly known, in Afghanistan and Iraq, some against American targets, can no longer be ignored by the current administration, Secretary Gates, General’s Mullen and Petraeus.  Israeli’s “dynamic duo,” Senators McCain and Lieberman, though still holding important committee assignments on the hill, are being held increasingly in disrepute in the United States.  When Israel sends these two on errands, it no longer carries the weight and power of the United States as it had during the Bush administation.
  • Re-examination of a number of terrorist attacks during the Bush administation, particularly in Europe, show a clear “Mossad footprint,” something adding credence to the hypothesis that the “war on terror” and intelligence failures in Iraq had been heavily influenced by Israeli sources, many of the same individuals tied to the Edmonds spy affair, many close to, not only Israel but President Bush and Vice President Cheney.  Recently a secret El Al/Israel flight from JFK in New York has been discovered, a flight authorized by top Bush officials, one previously kept secret and now being tied covering up 9/11 intelligence failures.  The El Al Boeing 747 left only hours after the 9/11 attack, at a time all air traffic in the United States was grounded.
With nearly all Arab/Muslim governments aligned behind the US, including a softening of tensions with Iran, Israel feels it must act quickly.  However, the US no longer has any strategic requirement for a relationship with Israel.  What had been seen as a potential ally, perhaps now wrongly so, in the region is now generally perceived as a “runaway train” that the United States can no longer go to the United Nations time after time to protect from sanctions, 32 times thus far.  Israel clearly feels it has the United States “over a barrel” with control of media, a massive AIPAC lobby working against American policy and huge new financial influence over the upcoming Congressional elections handed over to them by the highly controversial 5/4 Supreme Court “free speech” election funding decision  clearly meant to aid Israel further in her ability to intimidate Congress.
Unofficially, Israel has moved to the top of America’s “terrorist watch list” and is now drifting toward “evildoer” status, not only by the White House but, more broadly, through top defense officials who now perceive Israel as a threat to the United States.


March 14, 2010 by Gordon Duff · 51 Comments 
By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
The “war on terror” has been like no other.  America has kidnapped and tortured dozens, hundreds, even thousands of innocent civilians, bombed poor villages off the map and turned on its own citizens.  We hold mock trials, hire mercenaries and have covered up so many crimes, from rape to murder to massive corruption and even treason that we have become unrecognizable as the country we were even in 2000.  America moved from “faith based initiatives” as a way of expanding public charities to “faith based” foreign policy which has become the greatest tragedy in our history since the Civil War.
How did the “faithful,” our rural and southern Evangelical Christian community, long known to Americans as the most generous and kind of her people allow themselves to be led into the abyss of sin?  The answer is tied to belief, trust and vulnerability in an age where the science of psychology has created a massive industry using the tools of mass communication to vilify, deceive and debauch.  How can a community whose history is steeped in financing missions around the world, China, Africa, South America, building hospitals, schools, orphanages, training generations, building trade unions and developing democratic principles become an instrument of fear and hate?
It didn’t happen by accident, there was a plan, well conceived, well executed and driven by only one thing, something very close to the heart of Christ himself, money.  Christ knew about money and man’s love of it.  He spoke of that love often as Christians and Muslims both know very well, as Christ the savior and son of God to Christians is also one of the most important prophets of Islam.  What were the weaknesses in the Evangelical Christian community that allowed Christian Zionists, a fringe group with the “moral flexibility” to allow a culture of greed, sexual perversion and unrighteousness to lead the “flock” into what will prove inevitably to be a generation not unlike Benjamites, who embraced sin.
America has always had divisions.  The first settlers resented those who came after.  The North exerted financial control over the South leading to war, a war few knew had little to do with the issue of slavery but more economic exploitation to the point of colonialism.  There was strife between urban and rural populations and regular upheavals caused by periodic economic collapses driven by manipulations of hard currency vs paper.  Later, control of the nation’s new rail system subjected rural America, that and predatory banking practices, to an economic assault that brought on generations of poverty.
During the latter part of the 19th and early 20th century, the face of the nation changed drastically with massive immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe.  Jews and Catholics flooded into the United States, with them came political traditions inconsistent with American values.  Jews were often Socialists, vocal and radical proponents of economic equality thru the destruction of the “Robber Baron” system that had taken financial control of America.
Catholics were thought to be allied with a Church in Rome that taught that living in a democracy was a sin and that only nations with Kings were answerable to Rome.  Our history books have erased this and so much else.  That same fear was a major issue as late as 1960, when John F. Kennedy ran for president.  It was spoken of continually and was a critical apect of the campaign.
Two films, long forgotten, frame the concept of the “country hick” charlatan, the sociopathic manipulator, using charisma, charm and wile to enrich himself, even when it means disaster for those around him.  Burt Lancaster as Elmer Gantry and Andy Griffith in A Face in the Crowd are the films.  We have forgotten their lessons.  Every time I see or hear John Hagee, I think of Elmer Gantry.  Rural America is famous for its fear of outsiders, its trust, often blind trust of “its own,” a trust so often used with malevolence.  Hagee is an artist at this as have been so many behind him.  Hagee is different, though, he, unlike his predecessors like Gerald L. K. Smith who warned of Zionism and Israel as the downfall of America, has embraced Zionism and, in the process, grown rich and fat at their coffers.
Since the late 1870s, fear of Zionism, seen as a plot by Jews who controlled, and still do to a large extent, the world’s banking system, to destroy Christianity was a primary component of Evangelical Christianity.  Backed, in the 20th century by Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh and hundreds of other prominent Americans who openly advocated policies warning of the dangers of Zionism, spread even thru the Catholic community thru the broadcasts of Father Charles Coghlin, the “Rush Limbaugh” of his time, Evangelical Christianity held much different views than today.
As late as 1940, 80% of Evangelical Christians and over 50% of Americans, when polled, thought Hitler’s policies toward the Jews were justified.  However, a powerful German propaganda machine presented a much different view of the extent of persecution than we learned of later.  Most Americans, fearful of ” Zionism,” a concept held in wide disrepute as the antithesis of Christianity, supported Germany’s exclusionistic policies as consistent with their faith.
However, during this same period of strong feeling and political activism, much during the economic disaster of the Great Depression, faith healers, revivalists and “snake oil” preachers roamed the land, bilking trusting locals out of their savings, sexually abusing unsuspecting believers and creating a “softened” moral climate that opened the door for later transgressors like Jimmie Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Tom Delay, John Hagee and John Ashcroft.
The marriage of convenience called “neo-conservatism” that melded Zionism to Christian Evangelists and Catholic abortion foes out of a cynical desire for political power would never have been possible without the twisted theology of the “Apocalypse/Rapture cults” and the growth of their heresy.  Building off obscure scriptural references and wildly misconstrued interpretations, mythical religious cults sprung up, heavily backed by supporters of Israel and America’s media giants, now almost all under control of pro-Zionist elements. 
With the initial stated goal as the protection of Israel, the program quickly became more than obvious.  America’s Evangelical Christian community had fallen into a trap and were now supporting war against the world’s Islamic community, openly supported suspension of Constitutional guarantees, backed pre-emptive aggressive war, torture and eventually found themselves supporting a corrupt administration widely discredited for lying to the public and sacrificing hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives for personal gain.
Duped by a combination of a radical and extremist government in Israel seemingly adhering to policies warned of over a century ago, a policy designed to bring about the downfall of the Christian West and short sighted political groups in the US bent on creating a neo-feudal oligarchy and defacto totalitarian state,  Christian Evangelists have been faced with seemingly endless series of betrayals, failures and deceptions.
Today we find ourselves embroiled in a decade long war in Afghanistan and a “victory” in Iraq quickly slipping between our fingers.  Without the willingness on the part of American Christians to both follow a path suggested as one meant to bring on global holocaust, a path based on heretical doctrine, and a desire for a return to a militaristic and expansionistic religious politic as that enacted by the Greco-Roman hierarchical church of the Middle Ages, the “flavor” of today’s “crusader” wars would be different.
Though an examination of the global economic and political ramifications of our current wars leads inexorably to the conclusion they are wars for profit, colonial expansion and control of resources, wars meant to destabilize the world economy and centralize power beyond unseen malevolent forces, we still send our children to fight under a rationale we know in our hearts to be false, killing for corruption, debasement of human values and domination by extremist forces and oligarchies.
When politics, Zionism and the defense and oil interests in the US combined with the unschooled religious community disaster was the only potential result.  With information management from a controlled press at levels never before seen in any modern nation joined with extremist religious doctrine tied to a mythic heresy of rapture and the apocalypse, the door was left open for forces of nearly demonic evil to exploit the flaws in man’s character exposed in this “marriage” of pure evil with fear and weakness.
Was it all planned, the economic collapse, the loss of faith, the feeling of exploitation and distrust?  Was the end goal always the humiliation of America’s Christian Evangelist community and the weakening of Americas moral base?  If so, was this done only for profit or some darker agenda?