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Global warming is on the minds of people all over the planet. They are talking 
about how strange their weather is these days. Severe fluctuations are causing 
new weather patterns alien to communities worldwide. Obviously, the growth in 
greenhouse gases is a primary reason for global warming.

Our lifestyle, especially in the U.S. with less than 5% of the world¹s 
population, is a major contributor as we produce 25% of global carbon emissions.

But few ever ask what role the U.S. military plays in contributing to global 
warming. And as people like Al Gore and other environmentalists look for 
solutions, rarely is the Pentagon mentioned as a polluter and a place that we 
can look to for change if life is to survive on our mother Earth.

The Pentagon has been studying, and testing, the idea of using weather 
modification as a battlefield weapon for many years. Can we begin to talk about 
what impact weather modification experimentation could be having on our planet 

In a recent article called What¹s Possible in the Military Sector? Greater Than 
100% Reduction in Greenhouse Gases, Green Party activist Don Fitz says ³The 
military is the only sector of the economy where emissions of greenhouse gases 
can be reduced by greater than 100%Š..Regular economic activity of the military 
is not exactly small. According to the February 2007 Energy Bulletin, the 
Pentagon is the single largest consumer of oil in the world. Only 35 countries 
consume more oil.²

Fitz continues, ³This domination of industrial activity by the military is often
referred to as the Œpermanent war economy.¹ There is an even more insidious 
meaning to the phrase. That is the need of the military to have ever-shorter 
periods of time between wars. The only way to have a true test of a weapon is to
use it against peopleŠ..Military spending is like a cancer which has 
metastasized throughout the body politic, with every congressional district 
demanding its place at the trough.²

Many environmental groups are working on solutions to global warming. One for 
example is the Apollo Alliance, which is calling for the creation of a new 
economy ­ a new industrial policy that moves toward building alternative 
sustainable technologies. Uniting labor and environmental groups, who usually 
are on opposite sides of the fence, the Apollo Alliance is showing that a new 
environmental policy can also create good jobs which is something the labor 
movement and low-income communities can get excited about.

But there is just one huge concern. Where will be funds come from to invest in 
this new industrial policy?

When the military industrial complex is soaking up over 50% of every American 
tax dollar, where will the funds come from to create the investment for this new
industrial infrastructure? Space technology development will only exacerbate 
this trend as the Pentagon brags that Star Wars will be the largest industrial 
project in the history of the planet Earth.

Major private corporate industrial investment is leaving the country like rats 
off a sinking ship. Corporate disinvestment in U.S. industry is the reality 

Most politicians understand this new reality very well. They know that weapons 
production is currently the number one industrial export product of the U.S. 
They know that major industrial job creation is largely coming from the 
Pentagon. Thus most politicians, from both parties, want to continue to support 
the military industrial complex gravy train for their communities.

Across the nation colleges and universities are turning to the Pentagon for 
greater research funding as Congress and successive administrations have cut 
back on scientific research and development investment. As this trend worsens we
find growing evidence that engineering, computer science, astronomy, 
mathematics, and other departments are becoming ³militarized² in order to 
maintain funding levels. Student protests against campus weapons research have 
been growing in recent years at places like the University of Hawaii, University
of New Mexico, University of Oregon, and UC Berkeley.

It is abundantly clear that no real alternative sustainable technology 
investment will be possible on the scale needed to avert catastrophic global 
warming without conversion of the military industrial complex. It is imperative 
that the peace movement, environmental movement, social justice movement, and 
labor movements create a unifying vision and political demand calling on 
Congress to use our hard-earned tax dollars for conversion of the military 
industrial complex.

We must do as the old saying goes ­ follow the money. And increasingly the money
in the U.S. today is in weapons production. By converting the military we can 
make large strides to dealing with greenhouse gases, create new sustainable 
industries and stop our free fall into endless war.

posted by Bruce Gagnon | 10:23 AM

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