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America’s Global Military Mayhem
Selected Articles

France arms anti-Gaddafi forces

– by Julie Hyland – 2011-07-03
France arming Libyan rebels in violation of UN resolution

– 2011-07-03
War Propaganda: Western Media Promotes NATO Terror Bombing of Libya

– by Stephen Lendman – 2011-07-03
Libya: Unending American Hostility

– by William Blum – 2011-07-03
Canadian military bases on foreign soil

– by Canadian Peace Congress – 2011-07-02
The Powers of Manipulation: Islam as a Geopolitical Tool to Control the Middle East

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-02
Creating Political and Social Chaos. The New Model of “Calvinist Islam”
America: An Empire in Decline

Part 1: Dawn of a New Century
– by Devon DB – 2011-07-02
Washington Plans Further Actions Against Venezuela

– by Eva Golinger – 2011-07-01
US Foreign Policy Invigorated at the Expense of Gaza

– by Ramzy Baroud – 2011-06-30
Towards a World War III Scenario.

New E-Book from Global Research Publishers
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-06-30
A fourth war theater has opened up in North Africa, which raises the issue of escalation over a vast geographical area.
Punishing Pakistan and Challenging China

Pakistan in Pieces, Part 2
– by Andrew Gavin Marshall – 2011-06-30
VIDEO: Eyewitness Libya Tour in Harlem, USA: “Stop Bombing Libya!”

Watch these powerful statements on GRTV
– by Cynthia McKinney, Ramsey Clark, Don DeBar – 2011-06-30
The War Against Libya

– by Cynthia McKinney – 2011-06-30
Afghanistan: Victory in Defeat

– by Eric Walberg – 2011-06-30
US Must End Wars Fought to Hike Corporate Profits

– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-06-30
Vietnam versus Afghanistan: Victory in Defeat

– by Eric Walberg – 2011-06-30
Journalism as a Weapon of War in Libya

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-06-29
“Libya is a Rich Man’s War!”: The Bombers of Libya are our Real Enemies

Listen to this important statement on GlobalResearchTV
– by Brian Becker – 2011-06-29
Five Lessons of the Balkan Conflict

– by Alexei Fenenko – 2011-06-29
‘NATO Drops Uranium Bombs on Libya’

– 2011-06-29
Americans Shift to More Negative View of Libya Military Action

Now more likely to disapprove than approve
– by Jeffrey M. Jones – 2011-06-26
Ethnic Cleansing of Black Libyans

Rebels, with the help of NATO bombs and missiles, drove out Misrata’s Black population
– 2011-06-26
House Rejects Measure to Continue US Role in Libya

– by Donna Cassata – 2011-06-26
U.S. Troops Deploy With Polish Counterparts For Afghan War

– by John Reynolds – 2011-06-26
Libya Seeks Nigeria”s Help to End NATO Bombardments

– by Paul Ohia – 2011-06-26
U.S., German Troops In “Unparalleled” Czech Border Exercise

– 2011-06-26
15 killed in NATO air raid in Brega: Libya TV

– 2011-06-25
Cynthia McKinney Denounces Libya Bombing

– 2011-06-24

Italy Breaks Ranks Over NATO’s Libya Mission

– by Ella Ide – 2011-06-24