Global police state : Irish citizen arrested in UK


Richard Moore



Friday, November  4. 2005 

Seán Garland 

The arrest of Seán Garland, President of the Workers Party
of Ireland, by Brit "police" at the request of the United
States of War Criminals has provoked an international
outcry. Critics say that the arrest of Garland, an Irish
citizen, is an attack on Ireland's sovereignty. Count me
among them!

Seán was heading for a WPI conference in Belfast, Northern
Ireland, when he was arrested by "security forces" Oct. 7.
The U.S of War Criminals., are seeking Mr Garland's
extradition on FAKE charges of trafficking counterfeit
U.S. currency, conspired with Britain because it did not
believe that Ireland would extradite Mr Garland.

This amounts to kidnapping, and is a violation of Mr
Garland's rights as an Irish citizen and a violation of
Ireland's right to self-determination.

A letter signed by leaders of Ireland's largest unions
asked, "If these were serious charges, why did the United
States government wait until Seán Garland was outside the
jurisdiction of the Irish Republic before this warrant was
served on him?"

Noting Garland's opposition to the illegal U.S. invasion
of Iraq, it said the charges were politically motivated.

Seán has received quite a bit of attention abroad, while
the Irish Mainstream Media, notably RTE, have been
negligent in the extreme, in their non-coverage of this
issue. Here, workers in Greece are protesting his illegal
detention. Letters of support are arriving from around the

"Over the 70s and 80s he was very active in developing and
expanding the partys international contacts and activity.
He played a major role in organising and supporting
solidarity campaigns across a wide area of the world, S.E.
Asia. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Africa. Angola, Mozambique,
South Africa, South West Africa, Latin America Chile,
Cuba, Guaetamala, and the Democratic Peoples Republic of
Korea, plus Cyprus, Greece against the military
dictatorship and Palestine to name some of the many places
in the world where United States foreign policy has
inflicted great suffering, repression and untold deaths on
people. He also took part in the development of fraternal
relations with many parties in the former Socialist
countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

For decades he has been a vocal and active critic of
United States foreign policy. Never an enemy of the
American people he is a consistent opponent of the Right
Wing Reactionary policies which have been pursued by US
administrations overmany decades.

This comment, quoted in the Observer Newspaper Sunday 9th
October2005, from J.K. Galbraith an outstanding American
Economist, Statesman, Keynesian style economist and
adviser to US Presidents from Roosevelt to Kennedy aptly
describes the political situation in the United States..

"Our military operations including naturally Iraq are
under Corporate direction through Rumsfeld and a compliant
military machine staff. In the absence of corporate
initiative andpower we would not be in Iraq and, a more
poignant matter, we would not have George Bush ". 


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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