Richard Moore

Jeff Wefferson

NOTE: The scientist in me must insist that, all things considered, the global nuclear scenario in all its manifestations is unequivocally THE most dangerous threat to life as we know her that exists on this planet, qualitatively and quantitatively, by several orders of magnitude greater than even the astronomical threats from, for example, endocrine disrupting chemicals, electromagnetic pollution, or GE/GM organisms.

Contrary to popular belief, Fukushima is NOT ‘under control’; at least three molten reactor cores continue to eat their way down into the ground, nearing the subterranean water-table. Immeasureable quantities of hundreds of long-lived radio-active isotopes continue to be created from uncontrolled fissioning, released and dispersed into the sea and air. And Japanese officials are incinerating thousands of tons of radio-active debris, lofting the ash into the jet-stream.


These could be the precursor events to the massive “hydro-volcanic” explosion predicted to occur when the three molten reactor cores hit the water table. Note also that the live on-site cameras were taken off-line immediately after these quakes.

IMPORTANTBuilding Four, which has been toppling and on the verge of collapse for months now, may have gone down. This would be catastrophic, as the building contains/-ed another spent fuel rod pool containing hundreds of thousands of highly radio-active rods, with extremely high plutonium content. IF this pool has spilled, the amount of radio-nuclides entering the environment would increase astronomically.

IF a ‘hydro-volcanic’ explosion occurs, even more HIGHLY ASTRONOMICAL QUANTITIES OF RADIO-NUCLIDES will be blown sky-high, further into the atmosphere than any of the earlier Fukushima explosions. Radiation levels throughout the northern hemisphere would increase dramatically in a short period of time.

“…burning Fukushima’s radioactive rubble is the worst possible way to deal with the problem. That’s because incinerating it releases much more radioactivity into the air, not only magnifying the contamination all over Japan but also sending it up into the jet stream. Once in the jet stream, the radioactive particles travel across the Northern Hemisphere, coming back down to earth with rain, snow, or other precipitation.”

Textbook signs of acute radiation poisoning are already showing up in Alaska seal populations:

How about the people of Japan and the Fukushima that we aren’t seeing? All this is just the mere BEGINNINGS of what is in store for life as we know her. Bio-spheric radiation levels for longer-lived isotopes in the Pacific ocean should more than likely be measured in new units like the ‘EXA-BECQUEREL’, which is 10 to the 18th power Becquerels, or 10 to the 18th particle-decays.

The fundamental task of ALL organizations reporting on radiation levels is to give the impression that they are measuring the levels and informing us, but the reality is that 1) they ALWAYS under-report the levels by factors of thousands or more, and 2) they ALWAYS conclude that THESE ARE SAFE LEVELS OF RADIATION.

The entire ‘scientific edifice’ of a massive bureaucratic UN organization like the IAEA is built on the delusion and/or hoax that ‘safe levels of ionizing radiation’ exist. I just scanned over several dozen articles from their ‘library’ on radiation contamination in the ocean. Almost without exception, the pattern is identical in every article: yes, they admit that some radiation is in fact there, but no, it’s not at all dangerous or anything to be concerned about. It’s all at SAFE LEVELS.

This is the LIE of the EPOCH…out-weighing the summation of ALL FALSE-FLAG OPERATIONS, CENTRAL BANKING, ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS and TV NEWS put together…just ask any biologist who worked on theManhattan Project…or the “Rachel Carson of radiation”…



NOTE FROM JEFF: Since 1945 homo sapiens, “man, the wise”, has been holding the nuclear ‘gun’ to his own head. But who does he think he’s fooling? When you take someone ‘hostage’, for example, you’re supposed to hold the gun to someone else’s head…not your own! It’s all far more insane than almost any of us dares to consider…and even more insane than the fact that all things nuclear even exist is the fact that almost all of us pretend that they aren’t even real!

Our current scenario has all the makings of a fantastic Greek tragi-comedy; the only problem is that the ‘stage’ on which it is being enacted…maybe not for the first time but perhaps for the last?…just happens to be the only planet in the known universe that harbours life as we currently know her: Mother Earth. And even if we believed we knew or had tangible evidence of other planets with life…would this somehow make what we’re doing ok?

In the early years of the scenario, the only threat of ‘nuclear war’ was from American ‘cow-boy imperialism’; since they were the “good guys”, it was ok for them to be the lone nuclear power. But once the ‘evil empire’ of the USSR had them (which occurred only five years later, and was part of the plan all along…a ‘playing off’ of two opposing super-powers in a shadow-government ‘chess match’ master-minded by former Nazi intelligence director Reinhard Gehlen who laid the foundation for the CIA and the National Security Council in America-to accelerate the engines of the military-industrial complex on behalf of the banking cartel) then the “Cold War” was under way, and the juggernaut of nuclear proliferation reared its mutant head and began to grow tentacles.

“Nuclear war” is nothing new and actually began with the Trinity test in 1945, and has continued unabated ever since. According to Dr. Tedd Weymann, any practice or process that spreads ionising radiation into the biosphere is in fact ‘nuclear war’ and includes the 2000+ atmospheric detonations, hundreds or thousands of under-ground and submarine detonations; the effects and side-effects of the nuclear reactor/weapons industry, with its astronomical quantities of mining tailings and high-level wastes, consisting of close to 2000 synthetic radio-nuclides not occurring in nature, many with half-lives on the order of thousands of years or more, many with ‘daughter-products’ equally dangerous and long-lived, and all of them posing extreme health threats to biological life. These waste products, the most deadly substances known to exist in the known universe, are sitting in rusty drums at the bottom of oceans, buried in holes, wells and trenches around the world, stored at leaky facilities on-site at every reactor that exists (maybe as many 600 in the world). Countless nuclear “accidents” have occurred as well, not all of which we know anything about; we think of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and most recently Fukushima, not to mention those involving submarines, bombs, missiles, and satellites; but many dozens more have happened. Many of these disasters may not have been “accidental” or “natural”, in the same way that the hundreds of thousands of kilograms of DU (‘depleted uranium’, a euphemism for radioactive wastes including high-level actinides manufactured into bullets and artillery shells for use by NATO forces) were not “accidentally” deployed all over the world.

Then there’s the approximately 19,000 ‘actual’ nuclear bombs and war-heads owned by a handful of ‘nuclear states’…weapons that were ‘made to be used’ according to the founders of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

This is the legacy of ‘the peaceful atom.’

We tend to forget…or maybe never realized that…all things nuclear are weapons per se…against biological life. Companies like General Electric, for example (who had co-existing directors in America and Nazi Germany) designed and built nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, and television, the “atomic bomb of the mind.” The connection between these twin technologies has been brilliantly documented by Joyce Nelson in her book The Perfect Machine: TV in the Nuclear Age. From its inception, television was used as a way of indoctrinating the public to accept all things nuclear as safe and clean and to ‘manufacture consent’ for the ‘cold war.’

From the beginning as well, reactors and their spent fuel pools have been regarded as “terrorist targets.” Translation of double-speak: reactors were designed to be blown up in order to disperse radio-nuclides as efficiently as possible. Hence, their strategic locations close to major population centres and/or directly on major fault lines.

ALL of this constitutes “nuclear war”, although we tend to think of it only in terms of pyro-technic displays like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Nuclear war” actually began as soon as we started to dig out radium and uranium from sacred indigenous lands; it is the fulfillment of our collective karma from pretending to ‘live’ in an ‘industrial civilization’ based on raping the Earth to stand where we are now, on the very brink of an ALL-OUT nuclear war and with a less visible nuclear war long under way.

The possibility is extremely real: Iran has been targeted with ‘regime change’ ever since the “Project for a New American Century” came on-line with 9/11 and in particular with ‘technetronic architect’ Zbigniew Brzezinski back in the White House. Zbig is top visionary and “Guild navigator” for the Zionist banking over-lords who are in fact the “reptilian brain” of the New World Order; that Amerika is doing Israeli ‘dirty work’ cannot be denied.

We already know that these possibly-already-somewhat-trans-human ‘people’ are stark-raving mad by anyone’s standards; do ‘they’…a subset of “US”…really believe that ‘they’ aren’t going to be adversely affected by astronomical increases in global bio-spheric radio-nuclides, still-on-going and growing from Fukushima, and possibly to go to the next level if Iran is nuked or even “conventionally” bombed?

Remember, Iran is fully armed with state-of-the-art RUSSIAN missiles; this isn’t going to be a lop-sided orgy of mass-destruction of a super-power squashing an ant. IF they retaliate in response to being attacked first…as they already are in actuality…Israel as a land could go up in a puff of smoke, and it would probably be the first target. Targets in Amerika or Europe could be hit; China would certainly get in on the action. For all we know, this being 2012 and all, an all-out nuclear war could be what precipitates the long-heralded fake “alien…invasion? To save us from ourselves?” If Jesus were to disembark the ‘alien vessel’…that would solve it all, wouldn’t it? I can see it now, Obama and Jesus sitting down for a cuppa.

I would have to say “Be ready for anything” in the way of real-world disaster modulated by and blended with fabricated/synthetic/simulated ‘terror’ and hallucination. Remember…there’s a “scatology” in “eschatology.” Be sure to wipe.

And/or would this qualify as Armageddon? Funny how biblical “prophecy” and “Earth changes” ALL seem to be coming true because WE ARE DOING IT OURSELVES. With the assistance of our most advanced technologies, “man, the wise” is attempting to “play God.” If the ‘god’ he were emulating were the Great Spirit of the native Americans, for example, we would be in good shape; we’d all be gardeners, shamans, artists and musicians. Instead, however, the ‘god’ we are emulating seems to be the quasi-demonic vengeful and blood-thirsty tyrant-patriarch of the Abrahamic traditions whose favourite past-time is ‘smiting his enemies’ with absolute wrath…and, as George Carlin said, “He wants money.”

Will the radiation-proof Kurzweil trans-humans be left standing on all three legs, in post-Frankensteinian glory, to inherit an irradiated Earth ‘forever’? Will this have been the “second coming”…or the collective “near death experience” we seem to be craving, but “gone live” and become our collective “real death experience”?

2012 is here…the year that “something is going to happen.” If full-on “nuclear war” does transpire, will we even know? The skies might darken as “nuclear winter” descends but, hey, a lot of people don’t even notice chem-trails…why would a gradually and permanently darkening sky matter to them? No ‘news’ or mass-media will even mention it, nor will any ‘environmental’ organizations; Robama and the “glass teat” will keep on telling us not to worry, everything is ok, consume more ‘social media’, go shopping and here, drink more milk because the EPA just determined that strontium-90 is a nutrient…and be sure to watch Ann Coulter for the latest in radiation health news.

Maybe ALL this “nuclear war with Iran” stuff is after all just another attention-grabbing hoax and sabre-rattling display, you know, in the tradition of Andy Kaufman; unfortunately, a large number of highly unpredictable variables are at work, not the least of which are the limits of human insanity…or lack of them.