Girls & Sexual abuse by Church and Teachers


Richard Moore

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Date: 13 April 2010 16:52:03 IST
Subject: Girls & Sexual abuse by the Church and Teachers | The Trinidad Guardian

I had to search google to find anything on what is happening to girls….as if they don’t matter one whit to society.
Where is the media on this horror ?  This has been going on for centuries as it has for little boys.   Shame on you !  You all have mothers, perhaps sisters & wives…maybe even daughters.   Is it only women in our society who care about both boys and girls?    
Steph McDowall, Nanaimo, B.C.    
“If the statistics hold, there would be an estimated 13.5 per cent of heterosexual priests who have paedophiliac tendencies, involving girl children. I can’t help but wonder about the girls that have been abused by heterosexual clergy who are also sworn to celibacy and therefore denied by their religion a normal sexual outlet? Internet research on priests’ sexual abuse of children results in 1,760,000 entries, the majority of them dealing with the abuse of boy children. And why is no investigation being done about the abuse of girl children? Over the last 40 years that I have been in the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, I have had numerous one-on-one reports from women who were sexually abused as children by “celibate” priests. Therefore, in all the “transparency” now coming out about child abuse in that church, I find it is curious that no one is mentioning the girls.”

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