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Australia Thrashes Bush-ite Coalition: But What Next?
By Dr Gideon Polya
26 November, 2007

Australia voted in the 2007 Federal Elections on Saturday November 24, 2007. The
result was a Labor party thrashing of the incumbent Bush-ite Coalition 
Government under the ³Little Bush² John Howard, who is likely to lose his seat.

The principal opponents, the Major Parties, were the incumbent, Bush-ite, 
Liberal Party-National Party Coalition Government versus the timid, 
³me-too-but², unprincipled, poll-driven Labor Party Opposition. On the 
side-lines were Minor Parties, most notably the highly principled, pro-Planet, 
Pro-Humanity, pro-Peace Australian Greens and the Australian Democrats. Labor 
has gained Government with a possible majority of 24 seats in the House of 
Representatives. The Australian Greens got an excellent vote of the order of 
10%, are expected to make significant gains in the Senate and made a major 
contribution to Labor¹s victory through its ³preference voting² as explained 

Australia¹s voting system involves compulsory voting and there is a system of 
³preferential voting² ­ if your #1 choice fails to get 50% of the vote, your #2 
preference is counted. Realistically, only the extreme right-wing Bush-ite 
Coalition or right-wing Labor could form the New Government. However Australia¹s
preferential voting system allowed people with a fine conscience about the 
Environment, the Planet, Peace, Planet and Human Rights to vote #1 Green and 
give their #2 preference to Labor ( cowardly and unprincipled but vastly better 
than the war criminal, climate criminal Bush-ite Coalition). When a Green 
candidate failed to get a majority in an electorate their votes were transferred
to the #2 preference, who was typically the Labor Candidate.

Decent, anti-War, anti-greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution, anti-racism Australians 
could thus ³have their cake and eat it too² ­ their #1 preference vote for the 
Greens and #2 for Labor effectively meant a #1 vote for Labor.

THE RESULT has been a crushing victory for the Australian Labor Party led by 
Kevin Rudd (see the reports in the leading Australian newspaper, The Age, :
) . The key features of the election victory are as follows: Labor had a 
national swing of 5.7%; Labor will have a likely majority of 24 seats; ousted 
Prime Minister, staunch Bush ally John Howard, is trailing badly in the vote 
count for his OWN seat of Bennelong and may indeed lose his seat to former 
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) journalist Maxine McKew; for the first
time Labor now holds government in every state, territory AND at Commonwealth 
level; and for the first time a woman, Julia Gillard, will be Deputy Prime 
Minister of Australia.

Crucially, there was a roughly 10% vote for the Australian Greens (indeed many 
Labor candidates won because of Green preferences) and there may be much greater
Green representation in the Australian Senate. However for the next 6 months the
Senate will still be ³hostile² to the new Labor Government. And, unfortunately, 
the very ethical and humanitarian Australian Democrats were demolished in this 

Kevin Rudd deserves full praise for dispatching the horrible Coalition monster, 
for his political acumen involved in uniting the Labor Party, and for steering a
very careful, conservative, ³me-too-but² path to this great victory.

However, despite huge Australian opposition to war, greenhouse gas pollution and
racism, it must be realized in the cold, hard, post-election light that the 
following dreadful realities will obtain under Labor, certainly for the 
short-term and variously for the long-term.

1. Labor voted for the suspension of the 1975 Racial Discimination Act in 
relation to Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory (annual death rate 
2.4% as compared to 2.5% for Australian sheep). Northern Territory Indigenous 
Australians will continue to die at roughly the same rate as SHEEP and be denied
the right to buy, see, read, transport or consume all kinds of things available 
to Other Australians. Their land has been compulsorily seized and residents can 
be kicked out of home and community without recourse to the courts. Indigenous 
infants will continue to die at over 3 times the rate of White infants. 
Indigenous Australians, and most appallingly Indigenous Australian CHILDREN, 
will continue to be denied basic services taken for granted by White 
Australians. About 9,000 Indigenous Australians will probably continue to die 
avoidably each year under Labor as under the racist Bush-ite Coalition.

2. Labor will "negotiate with the US" before withdrawing from Occupied Iraq 
(post-invasion excess deaths 1.5-2.0 million; post-invasion under-5 infant 
deaths 0.6 million; 4 million refugees) i.e. our active complicity in the Iraqi 
Holocaust, the Iraqi Genocide will continue (see ³Iraq: Genocide²: ).

3. Labor promised to INCREASE troops to Occupied Afghanistan (post-invasion 
excess deaths 3-6 million; post-invasion under-5 infant deaths 2.2 million; 3.7 
million refugees) (see "State Terrorism": and ) i.e. our complicity in the 
Afghan Holocaust, Afghan Genocide will continue.

4. Labor supports the Tasmanian Tamar Pulp Mill and massive destruction of 
Tasmanian forests.

5. Labor supports taxpayer funding of the child-abusing brainwashing of children
in religious schools (Biblical literalism, anti-Science creationism, homophobia,
opposition to safe sex, opposition to life-saving stem cell research).

6. Labor supports imprisonment of non-European refugees in the Indian Ocean 
island concentration camps (albeit not on Pacific Ocean islands);

7. Labor is committed to selling uranium to nuclear terrorism states (the US 
(and thence Apartheid Israel), UK, Russia, China, and France) and to supporting 
US nuclear terrorism (Australia has a key role in US nuclear terrorism-related 
spying, supplying, communications, bases and port facilities).

8. Labor is committed to coal exports (Australia is the world's #1 coal 
exporter) and its goal is a grossly insufficient 60% reduction in greenhouse 
gases (GHGs) by 2050 (Australia is one of the world's worst annual per capita 
GHG emitters) (see ³SUMMARY of the Summary for Policymakers of the Synthesis 
Report of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4)²:

9. Labor will continue with egregious Anti-terrorism Laws that allow for 
imprisonment and interrogation without charge; imprisonment for 5 years for 
anyone publicly protesting such actions; and 15 years to possible life 
imprisonment as punishment, for example, to a Palestinian Australian who gives 
alms (zakkat) to a hospital in the Gaza Concentration Camp.

10. Labor will continue to allow Racist Zionist (RZ) terrorists and war 
criminals to come and go from Australia as they please and the financial support
for war crimes by Apartheid Israel in gross violation of International law. 
Australia will continue to support Racist Zionist crimes against Palestinians, 
Syrians and Lebanese, including such dual citizenship Australians or relatives 
of Australian citizens.

11. Labor will not uphold International Law in relation to gross violation by 
Australians of the Geneva, Rights of the Child and Genocide Conventions e.g. 
UNICEF (see: ) estimates that 0.5
million under-5 year old infants die each year in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan 
Territories, that¹s ONE EVERY MINUTE, 90% avoidable and largely due to 
deliberate, sustained, INTENTIONAL refusal of US Alliance Governments (including
the Australian Government) to provide life-sustaining food and medical 
requisites unequivocally demanded of an Occupier ³to the fullest extent of the 
means available to it² by Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention Relative 
to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War: .

12. Labor - like the Bush-ite Mainstream media and politicians in Australia and 
elsewhere in the US Alliance - is committed to entrenched LYING BY OMISSION e.g.
in the Election campaign both Labor and the Bush-ite Coalition followed the 
British John Clease (Basil Fawlty) ³Fawlty Towers² injunction "don't mention the
war". The highest estimate of post-invasion Iraqi deaths quoted by Rudd (to the 
best of my knowledge) is ³61,000² - as compared to the horrendous reality of 
1.5-2 million post-invasion violent and non-violent excess Iraqi deaths (see 
"Iraq: Genocide": ).

I repeat, Kevin Rudd deserves full praise for trouncing the awful, Bush-ite 
neo-cons in the Australian Federal Election. However as the dozen items above 
show, there is much to do in Australia whose reputation and rights have been 
trashed by the Bush-ite Coalition. Unless decent folk around the world INSIST 
under threat of Sanctions and Boycotts, I fear that most of these items will not
even be discussed in Australia, let alone addressed by the new Rudd Labor 

Dr Gideon Polya published some 130 works in a 4 decade scientific career, most 
recently a huge pharmacological reference text "Biochemical Targets of Plant 
Bioactive Compounds" (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London, 2003). He 
has just published ³Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950² (G.M. 
Polya, Melbourne, 2007:

and ).

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