getting on riseup not quite that easy…


Richard Moore

It turns out that invite codes can only be used once.

Also, riseup may not be a good choice. Their website says that 
they're way behind on their email deliveries, and AOL is blocking 
mail from riseup. In addition, riseup has a 'politically correct' 
usage policy that you may or may not approve of. Although their 
sentiments seem sensible, to me at least, I'm uncomfortable with the 
idea of equating 'some of the left' with 'the good', seeking to 
inhibit expression by others, and inhibiting dialog across social 
divisions. From their website:

         Solidarity: affirms common cause and solidarity
         with a broad spectrum of the political left. However, there
         are some things which we cannot support. We ask that you do
         not use services to advocate any of the
             * Support for capitalism, domination, or hierarchy.
             * The idea that class oppression supersedes race or 
gender oppression.
             * A vanguard strategy for revolution.
             * Population control.

In any case, if anyone is interested in getting a riseup email 
account, let me know and I'll send you an invite code. I've got four 
on hand already, and their website says nothing about a limit.