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Yes, They Really Do Want To Impose Global Taxes And A Global Currency On You

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This article is especially for those who doubt that the global elite wish to impose global taxes and a global currency on all of us.  Once upon a time such notions were laughed at by the majority of the public.  But not anymore.  Now, top global organizations are coming right out and announcing that these are the things that they want.  It is right there in black and white for anyone who wants to read it.  The head of the IMF has come right out and said that he wants a global currency to be implemented.  Both the IMF and the World Health Organization have openly announced that they want global taxes to be imposed as quickly as possible.  Considering how powerful the IMF and the WHO are, it is time for everyone to sit up and take notice.  These increasingly powerful international organizations are openly proclaiming that they want to start digging into our wallets.  Alarm bells should be going off in your head about now.  A global currency and global taxes would mean the end of the world as we know it for national sovereignty.  But today most Americans are so apathetic that they don’t care about anything.
Years ago, top international leaders would not dream of publicly calling for global taxes or for a global currency.  But it is a sign of just how far into the danger zone we have gotten that there seems to be no fear about talking about these things now.
Just consider these recent developments….
*During a recent speech, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn called for the introduction of a global currency backed by a global central bank which would act as the “lender of last resort” in the event of a severe economic crisis.
*The World Health Organization recently announced that it is ready to impose global taxes on all of us.  The World Health Organization says that it needs a lot more money and that it has some creative ideas for how to get it.  Two of their main ideas for “raising revenue” are a global tax on Internet use and a global tax on paying bills online.  These taxes would go directly to the World Health Organization.
*The IMF is actually calling for two new global taxes.  One would be an international deposit insurance tax, and the other would be a tax on the profits of financial institutions worldwide.  The IMF says that the funds would be used by them to prevent another major financial crisis.
Do you want a world tax to be imposed on you every time you use the Internet?
Do you want a world tax to be imposed on you every time you pay a bill online?
Later might be too late.
The truth is that we have to start electing people who are going to stand up for the national sovereignty of the United States.
The American people do not want global taxes.
The American people certainly do now want a global currency.
But the global elite are going to continue to try to push these things down our throats unless we say no.

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