Germany: political revolt : What is it about?


Richard Moore

I haven't been following German internal politics very closely. I did 
post one article recently:

     18 Sep 2006 -- "Nazism on rise in Germany"

Evidently, there is a nationalist / patriot political rebellion 
underway in Germany. In that previous posting I over-simplified, by 
labelling it a 'Nazi' resurgence. And quite clearly, as we can see 
from the article below, that will be the label that will be applied 
by the forces of reaction (ie, the neoliberal establishment) in 

But in fact the Nazi label is quite unfair. Notice, for example, that 
these patriots are not talking about military expansionism, far from 
it. There does seem to be an anti-Zionist element, which is quite 
understandable in today's world, and we cannot make the knee-jerk 
assumption that this is a mask for anti-semitism. Closer scrutiny is 
needed in that regard.

In general, nationalism is a very appropriate response to globalist 
imperialism and the US push toward a neoliberal world government. It 
represents a movement 'toward the local', 'closer to the people', 
toward local autonomy. In Venezuela, with Chavez, we see that this 
can be a very good thing. In Germany we must keep open minds, and 
discount the inevitable demonization campaign we will see in the 
mainstream media.



Globalist Parasites Take
Fright As German Patriots
Prepare for Government
By Michael James in Frankfurt, Germany

Swimming against a swelling tide of popular anger, disillusionment 
and despair, Germany's corrupt and self-serving political elites are 
reacting with horror to the quiet revolution that is taking place in 
the heartlands of the German nation.
Galvanised by a growing rage at the massive annual transfers of 
taxpayers' money to the state of Israel and the European Union 
against the backdrop of Germany's biggest tax hike in history, a 
bankrupt and collapsing health sector, failed education system, mass 
unemployment and a tidal wave of immigration, voters are terrifying 
their ruling masters by switching their allegiance to radical 
Michel Friedman, a notoriously sleazy Jewish politician, wealthy 
activist lawyer and heavily promoted television personality with a 
criminal record for cocaine abuse and a penchant for vicious 
anti-German tirades, was among the first to condemn voters for 
sending nationalist candidates to the state parliament in 
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern last Sunday.
"The patient Germany must now be healed with antibiotics because 
Aspirin no longer works," the enraged Friedman wrote in Stern 
Magazine. "We must make it clear to voters that while protest votes 
in a democracy are legitimate they should not be used to legitimate 
hostile parties."
The pro-German Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (National 
Democratic Party of Germany) secured six seats in the new parliament, 
which oversees a constituency suffering an 18 percent jobless rate, 
widespread poverty, swingeing cuts in public welfare and an invasion 
of immigrants seeking handouts and black market jobs. The success 
follows its 2004 entry into the state parliament in Saxony, where it 
now boasts twelve representatives, and the consolidation of a 
substantial parliamentary presence in Bremen and Brandenburg in the 
shape of its sister party, the German People's Union (DVU).
The NPD gained significantly in stature last year by staging a 
walkout in the Saxon parliament in Dresden, protesting a one-minute 
silence in remembrance of the "victims" of Auschwitz in place of a 
similar commemoration for the victims of the Dresden Holocaust. 
Between February 13 and 15, 1945, an estimated 250,000 German 
civilians, most of them women and children, died in a terrorist 
firestorm of nightmare proportions unleashed by American and British 
bombers. It has been described as a war crime of an even greater 
magnitude to that of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 
amounting to a cold and calculated act of genocide against the German 
people and the irrational destruction of one of Europe's most 
beautiful historical cities, which at the time posed no military 
Efforts to ban the NPD failed spectacularly in March 2003 when 
Germany's Federal Constitutional Court rejected a petition from the 
government and mainstream political parties. The court was unable to 
obtain testimony from operatives working for the federal secret 
police, who had infiltrated the NPD as informers and agents 
However, members of Angela Merkel's increasingly unpopular coalition 
government have moved swiftly to re-state plans for a new banning 
order. Complaining that the NPD's "increasingly aggressive 
self-confidence" is partly based on its constitutionality, the 
Vice-President of the German federal parliament, Wolfgang Thierse 
(Social Democratic Party of Germany), and the chairman of the SPD's 
parliamentary faction, Peter Struck, are seeking urgent talks with 
the Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble (Christian 
Democratic Union), ahead of moves to outlaw German patriotism.
Demanding "a tougher response from the police and a prohibition of 
the NPD", Thierse reiterated Friedman's argument that protests could 
only be tolerated insofar that such protests are not translated into 
support for anti-Zionist and pro-German political movements. It was 
acceptable, he stated, that the communist PDS be allowed to absorb 
"rage, indignation and disappointment", but the same should not apply 
to the nationalist NPD. If you can't beat it, he argues, ban it.
"Unconstitutional wickedness," says Gerhard Frey, leader of the DVU 
and historical truth campaigner. "It's a cheap idea."
NPD leader Udo Voigt also remains unfazed at the fuss generated by a 
frightened elite and its journalists-for-hire in the Zionist 
mainstream media, pointing out that most of the damage directed at 
campaign posters during the election had been directed at the NPD by 
their opponents. The Berlin police went on record by saying that the 
emotional hysteria whipped up by the tabloid press in regard to 
alleged attacks on globalists had no foundation in reality "and could 
not be established".
Voigt is now eyeing upcoming elections in the states of Bavaria, 
Hessen, Niedersachsen and Saarland and expects a steadily increasing 
"momentum in the west" with the ultimate prize in mind: the Bundestag 
in 2009. But for the moment, all eyes are on Udo Pastoers, the 
prospective chief of the NPD's parliamentary group in 
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Less than a day after securing victory, 
Pastoers paid special tribute to prisoner of conscience and 
historian, Ernst Zundel, placing him alongside Mahatma Gandhi as an 
idealist and freedom fighter.
"Ernst Zundel has achieved the unbelievable," Pastoers said admiringly.
Zundel, who was illegally kidnapped from his home in the United 
States by Zionist agents working on behalf of the German government, 
is currently on trial in Mannheim for publishing scientific and 
historical information that brings into question the factual 
integrity of the so-called Jewish "holocaust". A succession of 
defence lawyers have been dismissed and threatened with prosecution 
for attempting to provide the court with evidence that Mr Zundel is 
correct in his assertions: a bizarre and surreal legal process that 
is unique to Germany, and which has angered millions of civil 
libertarians in Europe, Britain, Ireland, America, Canada and the 
Arab world.
Both Voigt and Frey have emphasised their keen willingness to work 
with other national independence movements in Europe as part of a 
long-term strategy to bring an end to the European Union, NATO, the 
World Bank, the United Nations and other institutions that represent 
corporate and global parasiticism at the expense of ordinary working 
and middle-class people.
"There are only two different causes that historically lead over and 
over again to destruction, murder, war and suffering," says 17-year 
old Sebastian Seidel, a member of the NPD's youth wing, the Freien 
Kameradschaften. "On the one side is the abuse of power, greed and 
the arbitrary expansion of hegemony that embraces the insanity of 
world government. On the other side is the response to injustice, 
resistance to the dark powers of evil, the struggle against those who 
would eliminate us, and the dawning of a new will to freedom that 
fights against everything that falsifies and destroys the survival 
imperative of peoples and their cultures."
As the Berlin coalition government comes to typify the worst excesses 
of the decadent Weimar Republic, endlessly promoting abortion, 
homosexuality, atheism and a hatred of all things German while 
sending precious young soldiers to die for counterfeit Israel in 
Afghanistan and the Lebanon, increasing numbers of angry German 
citizens are quietly and patiently preparing to take back their 
nation and declare independence from the Satanic New World Order.
"This time," says Voigt, smiling. "This time."
Michael James is a British freelance journalist and translator, 
resident in Germany for over 14 years. Permission to republish his 
work in any media is freely granted.



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