FYI: Committees of Safety


Richard Moore

Committees of Safety Public Policy Statement and Disclaimer

Committees of Safety is an organization dedicated to the individual and collective exercise of Americans’ freedoms of speech, association, and petition under theFirst Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, for the ultimate purpose of revitalizing “the Militia of the several States” under the Second Amendment and other provisions of the Constitution of the United States and the constitutions and laws of the several States. Committees of Safety is not now, and does not intend to become, any kind of “private militia”, “para-military group”, “firearms-training association”, “gun-rights organization”, or other entity of like nature or purpose. And no individual should seek to become, or to remain, a volunteer for Committees of Safety who proposes that Committees of Safety ought to identify itself as some form of such a group, or that volunteers for Committees of Safety should engage in “militia”, “para-military”, or like activities as part of their association with Committees of Safety. Committees of Safety recognizes as constitutional “Militia” only such groups as have been formed and operate under lawfully mandated statutes within particular states.

Any individual can be, and is welcome as, a volunteer for Committees of Safety, whether or not he or she possesses a firearm or desires to possess one. The only requirement for affiliation with Committees of Safety is that the individual acknowledges the need, and agrees to work in some way, for community preparedness according to constitutional principles and under State statutory authority, as called for in Committees of Safety’s petitions and other publications.

The only official statements for Committees of Safety are to be found on this web site or in publications and other materials that Committees of Safety has produced or expressly approved. The only spokesperson for Committees of Safety is the founder, Walter Reddy, or such persons as he may specifically designate for particular purposes. Without such express authorization, volunteers may not represent themselves as speaking in the name or on behalf of Committees of Safety for any purpose.

Committees of Safety may from time to time recommend various web sites, books, publications, DVDs, CDs, or other materials that are believed to contain useful information with respect to the goal of revitalizing “the Militia of the several States”. Any such recommendation, however, is not necessarily intended and should not be taken as an endorsement by Committees of Safety of everything expressed or contained in any such materials.