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Although not very well written [or translated, maybe], this is definitely a Must-Read!


Pharmageddon: The Global War on Women

The global war on women has for many years been an extremely hard-to-recognise war. For decades, it has carried a nice face, actually looking like just the opposite of war. But now, it gets another face – an ugly one. Just like the face of the other wars: That of terror and that of man-made global warming. These have long been recognizable as false and staged. Now, the global war on women is becoming visible.

For me, it started as a wondering: How come that more and more vaccination campaigns are targeted on women? Recently in Denmark, the media have been strongly marketing the HPV vaccination against cervical cancer, not as given to women of exactly that age where cervical cancer occurs, no, they are about to be included in the normal children’s vaccination scheme, targeting girls at the age of 12 – where it has absolutely no positive effect. How come?

Just before that, the media announced that Bill Gates Foundation has granted 10 million Danish Kroners to a Copenhagen university for further research on a vaccine against Malaria, targeting women in the Third World. Women again … why?

Before that, we saw so many campaigns in the whole western world on making HIV test mandatory for pregnant women. Since I have made extensive research on AIDS, this became my personal key point. As I shall explain, the existance of HIV virus has never been documented, nor has it’s connection with AIDS. “AIDS” itself is a misleading term. The HIV test is not testing presence of any virus but is only indicating the presence of certain antibodies in blood. It is very often responding positively on pregnancy, despite no particular virus present.

Then why this obsession of testing pregnant women?

There are many other indications – which I shall explain – all pointing to the fact that something strange is going on in respect to women. I have earlier brought up the suspicion that it has to do with depopulation. We all know that the agenda for it has existed at least since World War II. We definitely know that it is under implementation in the Third World, mostly through economic means – the looting of money and natural resources from Africa and other continents, facilitated by the Debt Trap, IMF Structural Adjustments and World Bank administrations.

We also know that minimizing a population must target women, not men. Only by reducing the number of females can you reduce the amount of offspring. One man can fertilize thousands of women. One woman can not be fertilized by thousands of men.

Then I watched Dr. David Ayoubs video lesson Global Vaccine Agenda a second time and suddenly the whole picture was clear. In his lesson, Dr. Ayoub uses half the time explaining the connection between the increasing frequency of Autism in the US and the increased consumption of Mercury contained in vaccines. The rest is used to explain that the strange culture of vaccination plays a complete different role than what most of us think.

The Rockefeller shadow
Dr. Ayoub’s story starts in the year of 1952 where John D. Rockefeller the Third established the Population Council and thereby seriously brought the issue of overpopulation forth to the political arena.

In 1972, another commission, The Rockefeller Commission on Population Growth, completed a two years study on population growth, on request of then President Nixon. The commission concluded:

“After two years of concentrated effort, we have concluded that, in the long run, no substantial benefits will result from further growth of the Nation’s population, rather than the gradual stabilization of our population through voluntary means would contribute significantly to the Nation’s ability to solve its problems. We have looked for, and have not found, any convincing economic argument for continued population growth. The health of our country does not depend on it, nor does the vitality of business nor the welfare of the average person”.

Later, the report states:

“By its very nature, population is a continuing concern and should receive continuing attention. Later generations, and later commissions, will be able to see the right path into the future. In any case, no generation needs to know the ultimate goal or the final means, only the direction in which they will be found”. John D. Rockefeller 1972.

Just two years later, in 1974, came the well known Henry Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200 about “the consequences of the global population growth for the US security and overseas interests”. A document we have known since it’s declassification in 1989. What we also know is that the same Mr. Kissinger made his way into top US politics as a protegé of the Rockefellers. There is no doubt that there is a straight line from the Rockefeller report to the Kissinger memo.

The memo states that:

• We have unprecedented growth rates
• Lesser Developed Countries are growing faster
• Required US imports could be threatened
• Risk of global destabilization
• Urgent immediate measures must be taken to reduce fertility.

And the memo recommends these goals:

• Zero rate growth in the developed countries by 1985
• Zero rate growth in Lesser Developed Countries by 2000

It is worth noticing that this agenda shall be first implemented in our own western world and then later be exported to the Third World. Probably because people in the industrialized world are easier to work with, easier to reach by controlled centralized media, easier to experiment with and easier to follow up on when the efficiency of the campaigns shall be measured.

Which corresponds well with the fact that the birth rates in fact declined in the western world before it fell in the Third World.

Concerning the tools, the memo lists:

• Reproductive health (abortion, condoms)
• Sex education
• Improved health
• Women’s equality
• Day care
• Government participation
• Improve social security
• Reduce infant mortality

Can we recognize some of these? Ay … all of it, actually. They are exactly the ingredients characterizing the adult lifetime of my generation – the period from the 1970´ies and ahead. Overall and in every context, they were called “welfare” and there was a strong consensus that they were the result of a superior society model based on democracy. Now, suddenly we remain with the question: Were they just means to make us stop reproducing ourselves?

To answer that requires a deep analysis. Let us here just state that the headlines of our life actually can be regulated. That happens through regulation of the amount of money in circulation: When the central banks let out money in the market, we get “welfare”. When they withdraw money from circulation, we get recession. The centralized management of the global media network makes it easy to control the ideas accompanying the money – and thereby channelling both money flow and ideas in the directions wanted.

What is hereafter a fact, is that we got the elements from the Kissinger memo. What likewise stands, is the fact that we got the declining birthrates. Around 1970, the birthrate in Denmark was 2.0. Today it is 1.7 – a good deal less than required to maintain the size of the population. We find a similar development all over the Western World.

Concerning the implementation in the Third World, the memo recommends the following vehicles:

• The World Bank
• Governments from “donor” countries
• Private organizations and groups

This is revealing a little bit more of how the world functions. An American financial elite demands an American Foreign Secretary to incorporate international organizations in his toolbox. We are not talking about a UN as “united nations” but about a UN as branches of American Foreign Department.

We also notice that the World Bank plays a central role. We are in the 1970´ies and the Third World is about to jump into the debt trap – a mechanism completely reversing the newly obtained “independencies”. After a short period of time, it is clear that also these parts of the world are controllable, economically and politically. And the World Bank is, as we have since seen, the number one tool for control, backed up by the twin organization IMF. In their period of governance, the Third World has been steadily impoverished and steadily robbed for the natural richness of their continents.

Apart from that, the agenda of the memo covered by the health sector (WHO), the education sector (UNICEF), support from allied governments is secured and through financing of thousands of NGO´s it all gets a touch of people-to-people-commitment.

So far on the Kissinger memo, which we find important as a background painting making quite a lot of practical events understandable. Let´s then go to our main issue: The medical world and it’s remarkable joy of vaccinations.

The Pharmageddon

In 1999, the organization Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, GAVI, was established. Its sponsor was none less than Bill Gates who put 754 million dollars in it and a declared goal of reaching 12 to 15 billion. Before that, Mr. Gates had given 1.7 million to UNPFA, 10 million to “research on reproductive health” to UNDP, WHO and the World Bank. Furthermore, 2.2 million to UNPFA and 1.7 million to Planned Parenthood.

Technically, GAVI had no relation to depopulation whatsoever, but was, and is, an organization with the purpose of “improving health in the 70 poorest countries” – and to do it with one single tool: Vaccinations. A little strange, you could already say. For if you want to improve health in poor countries, the first idea you would get would be supporting the food production and the distribution of for example water. Here, they work with syringes and chemicals – how come?

The real agenda of the organization is getting more clear when we look at how it plans to implement its program. It will use:

• The World Bank
• Governments from “donor” countries
• Private organizations and groups

Was it not the same players that the Kissinger memo would use? Certainly. And take care now: The Kissinger memo suggests to reduce populations in the Third World in order to secure that the world’s resources “are available for the US and its allies”. GAVI will reduce mortality – relatively increase populations. How can the same organizations work for two opposite directed agendas?

They can’t. And that the two agendas are really opposite becomes clear by simple considerations: NSSM 200 succeeded in reducing the birth-rates in the West by, among others, increasing the public health. You could be mistaken to think that this is exactly what GAVI wants to do in the Third World. But is it possible?

It isn’t. Public health in the West was increased by the western financial centres letting out money on the market, on a large scale, and taking care that statal channelling spread it out in the populations. This is the essence of the so-called “welfare-society” of the latest generation’s time. They flooded the citizens with money.

In today’s Third World, the situation is the opposite. IMF’s Structural Adjustments of the 1990’s drained the Third World’s populations for money, channelled the productive powers away from food production and over to export commodities; privatized common resources like water and converted them to trade objects. Here, they strangled the citizens through lack of money.

Stating that you work for public health without mentioning these conditions, is to admit your project is a scam. Stating that you will increase public health by syringes and chemicals, is admitting once again, your project is a scam. You can inoculate millions and millions of people against HIV, Typhoid, Hepatitis, TB, you name it – if people do not have enough to eat and drink, your project is empty.

Conclusion: The purpose is something else. So, let us ask the question: Are GAVI’s vaccination campaigns tools from the Kissinger toolbox? Are they anti-fertility campaigns in disguise? Are the vaccines they wish to distribute big scale in the Third World in reality chemical weapons that will render women infertile?

Well, there are certainly indications for it, and actually, there is also some solid evidence. One of the indications is, as I mentioned, the strange preference for women in the vaccination campaigns of the last decade. After what I have written in this article, you will need a good amount of fantasy to believe it is based on a wish to assist women in having children.

You can add that HIV tests in Africa is only performed on pregnancy clinics, that means only on pregnant women. In the world of fantasy, this could also be seen as an assistance, but reality tells another story: The next step from a positive HIV test is the prescription of deadly toxic drugs (named “AIDS medicine”) which destroys the immune system and the ability to absorb nutrients – and which causes defective children.

We will also come a little closer to GAVI’s real purpose when we realize that the medical literature contains thousands of papers and journals – even textbooks – on what is called “Reproductive Immunology” – that means “how to make women immune to pregnancy”. An article from 1991 has the headline “The WHO Task Force on Vaccine for Fertility Regulation”. Numerous institutes have reproductive immunology on their research scheme. And as we see:

• The method is based on vaccination schemes.
• WHO is deeply involved in their practical implementation.

Until recently, the preferred technique has been mixing Tetanus and Diphteria vaccine with hCG Gonadotropine. hCGis a hormone which is naturally formed in the foetus within the first few days, and which is necessary for its continued life and growth. When the mixture of vaccine and hCG is inoculated in a woman’s blood, her immune defence will not only produce antibodies to the Tetanus or Diphteria bacteria but also to the hCG. As a result, she looses her foetus.

The best known of these campaigns are the WHO vaccination campaigns against Tetanus in the years of 1993-95 in Nicaragua, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Philippines where millions and millions of women got the needle. Despite the fact that 70% of all tetanus occurs in men, the target group was … women between 14 and 44 years.

These scandals became so well documented – not the least through the organization Life International which had the vaccine analyzed – that the Philippine government started an investigation. In 1995, BBC produced a documentary on it (unfortunately not available on the Internet).

Other vaccination campaigns have had other effects. In Uganda, a polio vaccination was performed, killing 600 children in just one month and just one village (Mbarara) – in which there was by coincidence a counting. In Nigeria, polio vaccine was distributed, contaminated with estradiol and a number of carcinogen (cancer generating) agents. How many more of these criminal campaigns have been performed through the years?

– – –

From One Scam to Another

Let us then for a moment turn back to our own world. As we saw, it was here the depopulation got implemented first. In the first hand, it did not include vaccination as a main tool, but had a more complex and subtle character. Massive influence was used via mass media. When the international banker J.P. Morgan before World War I asked a handful of leading newspaper editors to investigate how many leading media should be bought, in order to be able to control the flow of news in the whole world – and what it would cost – they came back with the figure 25. It didn’t take Morgan long to take control over them.

Today, the centralization has taken a far bigger scale. There are thousand more media and the circle of owners is not bigger but smaller. The media of the western world are essentially one and the same network. Media influence is therefore easier than ever. And it has created public movements completely in the spirit of the Kissinger memo: Family functions taken over by public authorities, dissolution of the family, decreasing commitment to have children, focusing on the labour market, encouraging homosexuality and single life. The NSSM 200 has done very well all over the West.

At the same time, rootless, lonesome and dysfunctional humans have been formed – easy victims of what we can call guru-constructions: A sort of higher power which one can put responsibility of one’s life in the hands of. One of them is the pharmaceutical industry, which in many ways has taken over where the church has left. “Deliver us from all evil” we reel off when we (from the same industry) receive the daily bulletin on new dangers from the world of microbes. “Give us today our daily medicine” we whimper, when we (from the same industry) get the bulletin that another saving agent has been created.

It is a development clearly pointing at the pharmaceutical industry as a tool for population control. And then, we are back to our vaccines. Already in 1952, John D. Rockefeller III, through his organization Population Council, began advocating that vaccines should be added Mercury. It served a tripple purpose: Mercury works as a preservative – that was the alibi. It can help the chemical industry get rid of a highly toxic waste product (just like Fluor in toothpaste did). And, most important, the Mercury is absorbed in our body, is not excreted and has various toxic effects.

One of the effects is that it destroys the cilia inside the female sex, removing the ability of the mucous membrane to transport semen to the egg cells. Which obviously impedes natural conception. Another effect is that children who are after all born become autistic – in the sense that the frequency of autistic children increases with the amount of Mercury containing vaccines consumed. And there are other effects of this additive which is called thiomesal – such as diabetes.

Most important in this context is of course the effect on women’s fertility. To which can be added the effects of the toxins finding their way to men’s organs reducing their ability to form productive semen. There has been much talk about the estogene-like phtalates in some plastics – but I have not researched on the aspect.

A small step outside the world of the vaccines, we find a far bigger setup created back in the early 1980’s: AIDS. AIDS surfaced in the beginning solely among homosexual men characterized by heavy consumption of recreational drugs and antibiotics and was without any doubt a simple toxication phenomenon. Again, the pharmaceutical industry and the international media-keyboard did magic, and without anyone understanding how, AIDS became a virus disease – and a disease that could attack heterosexual women. It was actually here it started looking like a pattern: Already in the mid nineties, the powers of the industry who had understood the Kissinger memo began requesting that HIV tests should be mandatory for pregnant women.

Also in this context, it started in the West and was later transfered to the Third World. The experiments were performed here, the praxis was implemented out there. The point of the strategy is the fact that women very often test positive in an HIV test, not because they have any particular virus, but solely and only because they are pregnant (we have a list of 70 conditions which give such false positives). Thousands of women, especially in the US, were subsequently exposed to what was called “life prolonging medication”, but which was in reality a deadly cell poison.

One of the cases I find most tragic, is from an article by Celia Farber (Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science) where she reports on a sound and healthy (HIV positive) pregnant woman who – in order to “help science” – agrees to participate in a trial of two “life prolonging” drugs. From the second she starts the treatment, she gets ill. During the pregnancy she gets worse. She manages to give birth to her baby but passes away immediately after.

Other reports tell about malformed children after more normal medications – but in all cases, the women are severely affected by the drugs. That of course also applies to men.

What the pharmaceutical industry has offered in relation to HIV and AIDS, is chemicals destroying the intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients, the bone marrow’s ability to create both blood and the immune system, and a long list of other deadly effects. It worked here in the West – and was from the mid nineties exported to Africa and Asia under the pretext that “a pandemic was evolving”.

Again, the WHO is the main player. WHO introduced the “visual diagnosis” making it smooth and easy to create an AIDS case just by looking at a person and noticing if he/she had lost weight and eventually had diarrhoea or a cough. And it’s staffs performed HIV tests on pregnancy clinics where they could be sure of positive results and subsequent toxication of women and their foetuses.

Massive campaigns in the mass media have the whole way supported the project which today on the surface stands as the biggest and most deadly deception stunt in medical history. In the entire world, we hardly find a school kid who hasn’t learned by heart that AIDS is a disease caused by the HIV virus destroying the immune system, that it is the biggest problem of the Third World and that there must be thrown unlimited financing into research on a vaccine (also here, we have Bill Gates with us).

What they didn’t learn was that this HIV virus has never been isolated and therefore never been documented. That the so-called HIV test does not test for virus but for antibodies (which belong in a functioning immune defence). That blood from any person in the world will test HIV positive if the blood is not diluted 400 times. That the so-called AIDS drugs have no virus related effect of any kind – by terminating all DNA synthesis, it just kills every living unit. And that people stamped HIV positive, but who do not take the drugs, remain alive and well.

What they hereby did not learn is that what looks like a medical scam is not just a matter of money, but can be seen as a tool for depopulation.

We all remember the Bird Flu. It came to being in 2005 as a complete Pentagon-package including prospect for pandemic, mutation and the whole caboodle. Again the answer was a drug: Tamiflu, with a patent owned by the company Gilead which again counted Donald Rumsfeld amongst its shareholders. Tamiflu was sold in millions of doses, despite being known to have no positive effect.

Drug-donor Gates granted recently 10 million Danish kroners to Copenhagen University for the continued research on a vaccine against Malaria. Targeted … well, women in the Third World.

And then .. the newest vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus, HPV, which is in Denmark and many other countries planned to be included in the common children’s vaccination scheme. Target group: Girls of 12 years age.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a war going on against women. All over the world.

From Free Will to Coercion

In the early days, the Rockefeller Commission emphasized that the population reduction should allright be secret, but that it should be implemented without coercion. We have afterwards seen that this demand has been diluted. In terms of vaccination campaigns in the Third World, the biggest problem is that many vaccinations take two, three … five or more shots to be complete. They can stretch over weeks, and during the time rumours spread in the populations about the effects (bleedings, abortions, deaths). In Africa, pregnant women started to flee from their villages when the white landcruisers arrived. It became so much of a problem that the Rockefeller Commission found it necessary to solve it.

The solutions were several. They persuaded local governments to make vaccinations mandatory and to jail people who refused – as was the case in Mali. Governments who refused to play the game – for example Nigeria’s – were met with false reports on growing epidemics which again caused neighbour countries to condemn the obstinate government “endangering other people’s life”. Or the government of South Africa which still refuses to distribute free HIV tests among it’s people, and which is under tremendous pressure from the whole western world – from the British Royals to American president candidates to media clowns like Oprah Winfrey (who shows up in Johannesburg to perform a public HIV test … the result was not published).

But first and foremost they initiated research on how to spread vaccines in a better way. One of the results was published in a press release from WHO August 2005: More than 750,000 health workers would go from house to house and inoculate 24 million children under 5 years on certain Indonesian islands – all in one day! This are a hit-and-run-tactics. Should anything go wrong, the rumours would not have time to spread. This tactics seems to be further consolidated by WHO.

A bit into the future, they plan to incorporate DNA-fragments into viruses which can automatically produce the hCG antibodies. After that, no further action is required since the DNA will replicate itself infinitely and imperceptibly defertilize the women. The next step will be to incorporate such DNA strings into food and stimulants so that women will distribute and take their anti-fertilization agents themselves. All without knowing.

The technique is named Stealth Vaccine. Whether it is already up and run here in the west, I can’t say – but it is a fact that both men and women in our part of the world have increasing troubles getting children.

Also in our part of the world, a certain scepticism is spreading to the exercises of the pharmaceutical industry and its political supporters. Such as for example this humoristic programme shows. And also here, the New World Order reacts. In Scandinavia, it can still manage with massive support from a media network which is a hundred percent compliant – the Danes are the world’s easiest population to control due to its hang to consensus. But in both Britain and the US, the non-coercion principle has long been suspended. Vaccinations are increasingly being mandatory – like in Texas where school children now have to go through 68 inoculations in their school time. The HIV test is mandatory for pregnant women in several states, followed by mandatory intake of deadly poisonous drugs – for mothers and newborn babies.

This development is a follow of the Terror War which has in the latest decade suspended one civil right after another, especially in Britain and the US. As we know, this war has its own agenda for depopulation – through spreading of depleted uranium in our atmosphere and many others – but that is another story.

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