Fwd: Iluminati No, Just THE Family!


Richard Moore


From: Joost van Steenis <•••@••.•••>
Date: March 26, 2009 11:59:43 AM GMT
To: power elite <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Iluminati No, Just THE Family!

Amsterdam, March 27 2009


Dear reader,
I just finished digitalizing a study a few friends, including myself, carried out around 1980 about the power of the Dutch Family-Capital, the Dutch financial-economic elite. The results were astonishing but we did not succeed in letting the world realise what is happening. Though this study is from thirty years ago I am sure the results of a new study in the present time will yield the same results.


Simply said we showed that the capital from former times still reigns. The greater part of all capital is connected with each other (and with the past) by family-ties. No Illuminati, no secret clubs, no Bilderberg, just THE Family (with a capital F).


I show you a diagram with as a spin in the web jonkheer J.H. Loudon then president-director of Shell and in the Board of Directors of the Chase Manhattan Bank, Ford and Hoogovens (Corus). We looked at his family. In the first circle are 21 close family members up till the 6thdegree (second cousin) and in the second circle 48 family members who were in the sixth degree family members of the persons in the first circle. All these persons had (very) high posts in the Dutch economical and financial world, in all big banks and in all big Dutch multinationals under which Shell, Philips, Unilever, AKZO (Nobel), Hoogovens (Corus) and Heineken


Through these trusted family-ties information could be got that other people did not have and the amassed capital of these elitepersons ensured that decisions could be realised in practice.


No secret meetings were needed, just family-reunions, funerals, anniversaries etc. (anmd simple telephone calls to trusted family-members).
The elite is not a conspiracy, it is the Family (just as the Mafia).
Just wonder why hardly any corrupt, greedy banker is arrested. Only when you steal from the Family like Madoff you go to prison, when you steal from the masses, you are a hero.
Look for yourself, the spider in the web (and there are more spiders).
(I am not quite sure if you can see the diagram, I added it also as an attachment).


One of the ancestors of Loudon was in 1742 the richest man in the Netherlands and maybe in the whole world, Williem Munter, burgomaster of Amsterdam. We can draw around him comparable circles. Then the Family reigned Amsterdam, now the same Dutch Family (with some people added by marriage) reigns Holland and in a few decades this Family will rule the world (now we have still some separated Families).
Only we can care for it that this Family, that is the prime cause of all misery in the world, will cease to exist.


When you want to have more information (with more diagrams) about this revealing study, just learn Dutch and download the results of the study from http://memberschello.nl/jsteenis/elite/Machtfamkap.pdf.
It is called The Power of the Family-Capital (De Macht van het Familiekapitaal). Those last Dutch words you can understand I think.


Friendly greetings, Joost van Steenis