Fwd: DU and chemically toxic weaponry – use and consequence – Gaza


Richard Moore

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Lynda is an Israeli living in Israel, working bravely in the belly of the beast.


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From: Lynda Brayer 
Date: 24 March 2010 10:05:37 GMT
To: Palestine Telegraph <•••@••.•••>, Richard K Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re:  DU and chemically toxic weaponry – use and consequence – Gaza

Dear Friends:

This is the latest information in concerning the use of DU and EU and chemically toxic metals by the IDF in Gaza.  This is not theoretical material – the bombings today in Gaza will bring more poisoning and contamination to a strip of land which has become UNINHABITABLE if the promotion of life supporting systems is the test of habitability!

Please do not revert to an automatic rejection of this material.  Such rejection is part of the brainwashing to which we have all been subjected.  

This subject is atrocious.  It is about both genocide and suicide – because the contamination is NOT kept out of Israel by the wall!!

It is true that this is beyond imagination.  This does not mean that it is out of reality.  There is a distinction.  Ordinary people truly cannot imagine such evil.  This does not mean that evil is not real nor that it has not taken place.

It is clear that as Israeli citizens we have not been polled as to whether we agree to the use of such weapons.  It is our challenge to see whether we can have a say in what our government and our army does.  If not, then you all understand that the term “democray” remains an empty term with no referent!

I look forward to your opinions and help in beginning a public campaign about this in Israel.

Thank you,

Lynda Brayer, lawyer