Fwd: Deaths of microbiologists in relation to lab-constructed viruses


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Subject: Deaths of microbiologists in relation to lab-constructed viruses

Considering the following link was written in 2005, those of you who like to question outside the box may find these many articles of interest and even applicable to what we are seeing today in the Ukraine.

The doctor actually predicts the next PANDEMIC and infers a connection with the deaths of leading microbiologists.
12 scientists’ deaths…. within a few months in 2001
The next link gives 81 scientists and microbiologists who have died, been murdered, or allegedly committed suicide….  Some of the scientists died shortly before or after the disease that they had been working with caused an outbreak somewhere in the world. 
this next link gives a different group of 90 dead scientists and military research experts prior to 2005
and then scroll down to the 12th blog 
Here is an article written in 2002 which gives motives for assassinations of specific scientists… and why declared ‘National State of Emergency” orders 
benefit certain interest groups.
Here is a response from a highly intelligent and researched scientist…who talks about interest groups using financial coercion to manipulate junior researchers … in synthetic RNA viruses & biosensors that could aid detection in the field.
see the second blog by watergrace