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From: Anita Sands Hernandez 
Subject: Captain America review TIMELY, GOOD!
Date: April 8, 2014 at 7:36:30 AM GMT+1

NetPal wrote this:
There are some who think there’s a cabal running the world, or at least
trying to create a New World Order.  The cabal is responsible for wars
and chaos while touting increased government “security” measures to
protect us, even at the cost of our liberty.  And that’s the idea.  To
create a one world dictatorship, the state has to suppress dissent and
create a surveillance state.  Suppose that cabal infiltrated our
intelligence services and turned out false intelligence reports. 
Suppose they started drone attacks against civilians abroad and then
planned to install thousands of drones in America.  Suppose they created
a data base (such as Main Core) that lists all conservative, liberty
loving Americans as possible enemies of the state.  Suppose they
plotted to round up all those enemies of the state in some kind of
national emergency and kill them.  Suppose a Snowden comes along and
exposes their plot while also exposing legitimate intelligence gathering
operations.  Suppose a lying president came along who won the Nobel
Peace Prize, yet was working for the cabal to create chaos and war? 
Well, I just saw the movie Captain America this evening, and all of the
above is in the movie one way or another.  Interesting that Hollywood
produced such a film.  I understand the director actually said it was an
anti-Obama movie.  I recommend seeing it. Besides, it’s a great action