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WHAT MATTERS-168                       --April 3, 2004

Relating as a Voyeur to

#   No Honest Americans, by John Kaminski
#   The Barbaric Assassination of Sheik Yassin
#   Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss speaks out against the Zionists
#   The Hidden Agenda of Richard Clarke

Dear list members,

Below, I reproduce John Kaminski's powerfully written statement
that there are (by title of his article), 'No Honest Americans - and,
"U.S. citizens cheer their criminal nation savaging the whole world."

I take this in. "America is a criminal state, flouting international
law and laughing about it. Our president makes jokes about the lies
he told to enrich his crony corporate accomplices with the scam in Iraq.
He makes jokes about the lies he told that cost the lives of hundreds
of American service people, not to mention tens of thousands of innocent
civilians abroad. . . "

I take it in, but superficially.

As I read, I note how the mouse in my right hand is reaching towards,
and the index finger is ready to click on to the next item in the Outlook
Express inbox.

This reaction is not true to the true me, which knows that Kaminski's
prophetic call to conscience requires that I get up away from the laptop,
to pause and reflect at the prayer table. I do not make the move. Instead,
I go on to search for more words, more knowledge.

Through the internet, I have become a voyeur - an addict to knowledge
for its own sake. So I hasten to relate what Kaminski has written to
the assassination of Sheikh Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader
of Hamas. By Google search, I look for the most meaningful write-up
of the assassination, to bring home the horror of the murder.

I am drawn to 'Who Won World War II' by Ran HaCohen at
http://www.antiwar.com/hacohen .

My eyes go over the words. I learn again (I have read it so often
before) how it is difficult to find a single article in the Geneva
Convention that has not been breached by Israel as an occupying force.

The assassination of Sheik Yassin reflects a new level of barbarism. I
pick out the following from Ran HaCohen's article as particularly

 #   "Killing a person without a trial - not a person carrying a bomb,
not an armed person in combat - is terrorism, is barbarism. When those
who claim to fight off terrorism and barbarism become barbarian
terrorists themselves, they lose their own claim to justice. . .
Assassinations are clearly prohibited by Article 23b of the Hague
Regulations, 1907 - http://www.usafa.af.mil/jscope/JSCOPE04/_edn1

#   "Remember that Hamas is not just a terror organisation, as the US
and Israel want us to think, neither is it just a political party; Hamas
runs an entire network of schools, clinics and social welfare, in a society
impoverished to the point of starvation by decades of exploitation and
years of strangulation."

#   "The message is: Israel has no moral nor legal boundaries whatsoever.
Israel can target elderly and invalids, political leaders and religious
clerics. If we can kill Yassin, says Jerusalem, we can kill everyone; No
judge, no morality, no convention and no law can stop our missiles."

#   "Following the assassination, Israeli military echelons quoted in
Ha'aretz (23.3.04) called it 'a constitutive event', one that would make
History. Indeed. Unless a global reaction against this barbarism
emerges - not an Al-Qaeda type of reaction, which shares this very
barbarism, but something like the recent Spanish example; unless we
renew the struggle for the legacy of the Allies who won World War II,
and get rid of all those responsible for the barbarisation of the human
kind, Israel's assassination of Sheik Yassin may enter history as the
moment in which Hitler's concept of war for annihilation, of contempt
for the basic convictions and conventions of humanity, celebrated its
triumph, shared and imposed by the axis of Sharon, Bush and Bin Laden."

In other articles from the inbox, I learn how there are Jews speaking
out in anguish against the barbarous acts of the Israeli Zionists, and
publicly disassociating themselves from them.

#   "Zionism and the State of Israel have no right to represent Judaism
and/or the Jewish people," said Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei
Karta at the memorial service in commemoration of Sheikh Yassin,
hosted by the Arab Muslim American Federation in New York.

#   "Zionism and the State of Israel have no right to speak in the name
of the Jewish people. The name Israel in reference to Zionism and their
State is false, it has been usurped from the Jewish people. To subjugate
and oppress a people, in this case the Palestinian people, to steal their
land, their homes, olive orchards etc, is totally against G-d and the laws
of His Torah. These crimes can only bring dire results.

#   "True Jewry is deeply anguished by the existence of Zionism and the
State of Israel and are constantly pained and humiliated by their actions."

Read more at  http://www.nkusa.org/activities/Speeches/NYC032304.cfm .

One looks for other signs of hope.

>From all sides, there is praise for Richard Clarke's best-selling book,
'Against All Enemies'. I am encouraged by how Clarke's story of
Bush's abuse of the presidency is being kept alive before the public.
Then I learn that there is a hidden agenda.

Clarke's effort is part of "the collectivist's strategy of leading their
own opposition," writes Edward Griffin (the author of 'The Creature
From Jekyll Island') in a review at http://www.freemarketnews.com .

By way of background, Griffin points out how the 'money trust'
that introduced the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, "created an institution
that was offered to the public as a government agency to break the
grip of the money trust but which actually consolidated the power of
the money trust and expanded it."  This, writes Griffin, was a classic
example of offering false leadership and leading one's own opposition.

A similar strategy is being followed by Richard Clarke, and was
followed by the authors of two other books from the same publisher
as 'Against All Enemies" - Simon and Schuster.

In 1987, William Greider's book, "Secrets of the Temple," was offered
to the public as a scathing exposé of the Federal Reserve System. "His
history was excellent, but his conclusion was fatally flawed," writes
Griffin. "After having proven that the Fed was conceived as a weapon
of the banking elite against the common man and having shown
throughout his book that this is exactly the function it has always served,
his conclusion was, not to abolish the Fed or even to make serious
changes to it. His 'call to action' was simply to stop worrying about it."

Then, in 2000, the giant publishing house Simon and Schuster published
another book in this same category, 'Day of Deceit; The Truth about
FDR and Pearl Harbor', by Robert Stinnett. Here we learn how the
Roosevelt Administration secretly plotted to cause Japan to Attack
Pearl Harbor as an excuse to bring the United States into World War II.
However, what conclusion is drawn? In Griffin's words, "It was that
this act was justified because it helped put a stop to Hitler in Europe.
In other words, to halt totalitarianism in Europe, it was necessary to
adopt totalitarianism in America, and to do so was an act of great
statesmanship! Once again, Simon and Schuster provided the
American people with a false opinion leader."

And now we have Richard Clarke verifying, as an insider, in 'Against
All Enemies', that Bush "disregarded warnings of pending terrorist
attacks and, after 9-11, launched an unnecessary invasion of Iraq."

Think about it: there are no surprises here. "The book's true agenda
is revealed by the author's solutions," writes Griffin. Clarke
"reluctantly accepts totalitarian measures in the United States as
necessary for homeland security and indirectly supports the expansion
of U.N. power as a desirable goal on the path to world order."

Note, Clarke's book didn't go to press until after Kerry had become
the clear frontrunner of the Democratic Party. Kerry is a member of
the Council on Foreign Relations, and, although he might make minor
alterations in Iraq, "we can be sure that he would continue to follow
the CFR blueprint for world government based on the model of
collectivism," writes Griffin.

How deeply do the deceptions and lies by which we live/are ruled
effect us?

How much does what John Kaminski writes about Americans (and
by implication, all those allied to America, like myself) matter to

If you identify with my voyeurism and are dissatisfied with it, there is
hope for you, I believe, and me. It shows that you expect more of
yourself/me. Like me perhaps, you have been asking yourself at what
point you break off your love affair with your PC/laptop and take
more seriously to consciousness-raising silence and prayer, on the
one hand, and non-violent activism, on the other - even take more
seriously the possibility (indeed likelihood soon) of  being imprisoned
and disappeared as a dissident against corporate capitalism. You ask
yourself about your addiction to internet knowledge, and how it is
holding you back from love and truth in action.

Meanwhile, the money masters continue their rule through a 'money
trust' that has its beginnings in ancient Babylon, and in the wish in
most people to save money as a store of value.

In the last weeks into months I have begun several articles about this.
I have promised you a review of The Lost Science of Money, by
Stephen Zarlenga, for example, in which Zarlenga presents an
outstanding record of the struggle between public and private control
of money through history. For some reason that I do not understand,
the review has been held on hold. As have other articles: a) about there
being a lot more gold stashed in banks around the world than we have
been led to believe, and b) about Cecil John Rhodes, who was
principally responsible for 'developing' the diamond and gold fields of
southern Africa, as part of his imperial vision of a British Empire that
would unite the entire Anglo-Saxon race, including America. .

I am also working on a development of the two-tier, post-capitalist
economic model (of negative interest credit currencies linked to
non-negotiable social merits) that I introduce in the article, For An
Ubuntu Economy in South Africa -
at http://www.whatmmatters.nu/ubunteco.html

Perhaps this E-letter, and the accompanying article by John Kaminski,
has had to be shared with you first.

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif
What Matters Programme
Mossvägen 8, 699 31 Deje, Sweden

PS - With regard to my health, the effective pain management continues
against the cancer wracking my bones. I take 80 mg of morphine, 8 cortisone
tablets, 8 paracetamols, and anti-inflationary voltarin daily. I am not sure
how much my losing my physical mobility bit by bit is due to the medication
and how much to the cancer. I also take a lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants.
The mental agility is still there, and so long as this is so, I will
continue with what matters.


U.S. citizens cheer their criminal nation savaging the whole world
By John Kaminski - •••@••.•••

The presidential election, Bush vs. Kerry, what a joke! Two privileged
plutocrats, two psychotic perverts from the same demonic college
fraternity, neither ever had to hold a job, each advocating continuing
crimes against humanity, even against their own people. And to make
matters worse, they no longer count the votes honestly. The computer
spits out a predetermined total, and the TV whores tell you to believe
it. And just like in the election itself, you have no real choice.

Two spoiled children of privilege, born into incomprehensible wealth,
constantly gathering more as they go on their immoral ways, devising
ever more evil strategies by which to fleece the slaves of the world,
preparing to divide America into armed camps, all the while taking their
lead from the evil Israelis, who build walls against humanity and murder
whomever they please. The few people who try to point out the injustice
are either prohibited from speaking or thrown into jail without trial,
or outright murdered. The new American way is the old Israeli way. But
Americans embrace it, as they continue their sleepwalking march toward
slavery and oblivion. Cheering with empty eyes as they go.

Does it not strike you as odd - assuming you are a thinking, feeling
human being not yet too retarded by flouride, chemtrails, food
additives, antidepressants and demonically engineered food that will
eventually poison you to death - that there is not a single principled
public figure in America who has pointed out that America's rape of Iraq
violates every international law and moral precept that has ever been
written by the great minds of the past? That the dispersal of uranium
all over Central Asia will kill millions? That the clumsy coverup of the
inside job of mass murder on 9/11 was the ultimate betrayal of all

What ARE Americans doing? Cowering in their undefendable homes and
waiting for the end?

Does it not strike you as odd that no one speaks out about America's
crimes against the world? Against poor people everywhere? Against its
own citizens?

Now the real deal is on the table. A New Orleans judge has ruled that
the cops can invade your own home without a warrant. That's the end of
the Fourth Amendment, a citizen's protection against unreasonable search
and seizure, the very basis of freedom in America. This is merely the
expected verification of the Patriot Act, that Soviet-style law that
allows the government to control every aspect of your life. Now, no one
is safe from American tyranny. 1984 has finally arrived.

And no one speaks out against it. How dumbed down we have become. Nobody
even paid attention to the recent 9/11 conference in San Francisco,
which was sparsely attended. Same with the recent peace marches marking
the first anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq. But that may be
because participants were afraid to ask the hard questions, intimidated
as they were by a choking climate of mindless flag-waving that refuses
to consider the real evidence or challenge the lies that are being told
every day by our bought-off media.

The 9/11 critics and those who marched with signs merely nibbled around
the edges of the problem, pointing out inconsistencies here and
anomalies there. They didn't come out screaming for blood, for
retribution, for justice, that America's governmental system is a
criminal enterprise that kills innocent people on a daily basis. And as
a result, the thugs in power just ignored them and kept telling their
same old lies.

There is no evidence Arab hijackers did the dirty deed on 9/11. If there
was, don't you think they would have released it, would have trumpeted
it to the skies, and said, "Look, here is the proof we were telling the
truth." If they had that evidence, you can be sure they would release
it. But they haven't released it, which means they don't have it. Forget
about all this barking about Richard Clarke and Condoleeza Rice and what
Bush knew and when he might have known it. These are all side issues
meant to distract you from the real issue.

The real issue is that Arab hijackers DIDN'T do it, or we would have
heard the evidence by now, two and a half years later.

So the real question is not about the 9/11 panel, or who said what to
whom. The real question is who did it. And it wasn't Arab hijackers. So
who does that leave?

America is a criminal state, flouting international law and laughing
about it. Our president makes jokes about the lies he told to enrich his
crony corporate accomplices with the scam in Iraq. He makes jokes about
the lies he told that cost the lives of hundreds of American service
people, not to mention tens of thousands of innocent civilians abroad.
He makes jokes about it. And most Americans laugh with him. And wave
their flags. And laugh as they break the law.

There is no law in America now. Only tyranny. Only bought-off judges who
allow the rich to steal from the poor, and imprison the poor who break
no law at all. At the same time they open the borders so hungry
immigrants from Third World disaster countries (disasters engineered by
oppression from the United States) can stream into the country and lower
the standard of living for everyone else. Except the rich patricians who
can get away with anything. They are allowed to commit crimes because
it's profitable, and they pay off the judges and politicians who allow
them to keep doing it.

You should no longer be nursing the delusion that Americans are suddenly
going to awaken and rectify the injustices, and America is going to
suddenly return to the bastion of peace and freedom it always insisted
it was. It's not going to happen. Too much blood, too many toxic
substances and greasy lies have passed over the dam, have been vomited
all over the floor of public discussion by those who don't tell the
truth about anything.

Nobody in the government is telling the truth about anything, and it has
been going on for a long time.

Two recent examples have really stuck in my craw. The first was Michel
Chossudovsky's story about the three British prisoners released from
Guantanamo. Chossudovsky revealed that while we were bombing
Afghanistan, the Taliban we were trying to kill were flown out on an
American plane with the Pakistani army while gung-ho U.S. gunners
continued to kill innocent civilians with their high-tech toys from high
in the sky. Rumsfeld, realizing he needed to fill up Guantanamo, had the
Pakistanis conduct a roundup of innocent civilians from refugee camps
and shipped them to Cuba, where he has supervised the torture and
interrogations of people he knew were innocent, like those unlucky
British boys, for more than two years.

That makes me want to vomit. What America has become - poisoned and
psychotic - simply makes me want to vomit. And there is not a single
soul with any power in Washington who will face these issues. That also
makes me want to vomit, and makes me very ashamed of my country.

The other story that threw me over the edge happened yesterday when I
was researching various chemtrail material and I happened across Mary
Sparrowdancer's magnum opus on fluoride, called "The Battle of Darkness
and Light" (everyone should read this at
http://www.rense.com/general45/bll.htm ). Before she ever got to the
really bad part of how the poisonous nuclear waste product called
fluoride was put in America's drinking water (can you imagine such a
bonehead, suicidal stunt?), she described an episode from the 1980s in
which a panel of health experts was commissioned to devise a food chart
that would enable Americans to have healthier diets. After they finished
their studies and concluded that a healthy diet should be based on
plenty of fruits and vegetables, the government bureaucrats shifted all
the data and published a document that said healthy diets should be
based on heavy consumption of cereals and starches.

The medical results of this prostituted campaign, 20 years later, has
resulted in a variety of epidemics: thyroid problems, dental disasters,
obesity, and many other maladies that have all reaped trillions in
profits for the pharmaceutical industry, which of course is the
incestuous first cousin to the petroleum industry. To top it all off,
after a long run where gastrointestinal medicine was the leading
moneymaker for the establishment drug pushers, a new product has leaped
to the top - antidepressants. And it's all traceable back to that
cynical decision by the government to change America's eating habits by
changing the data that had been produced by health experts.

That's the kind of integrity we get from Washington. Forget about
depleted uranium, funky vaccinations, and needless wars that take our
sons and daughters from us for no good reason. The government has been
poisoning us with its basic medical information for years, so I guess
bombing another country for illegitimate reasons should not exactly come
as a surprise to us at this late date, I mean, after all the decades of
lies that have been told to us about everything.

I mean, if we accept the poisoning of ourselves without much complaint,
how could I be getting upset that we're killing people all over the
world for reasons that are proven lies? As I said before in a previous
essay, we are much farther down the road to hell than I thought.

And I wonder why I write these words, since there is not a single
person, either in the Congress or on television, who is currently
pointing out that America is doing anything wrong in any area. Only that
one rich person is not being very patriotic by criticizing the way
another rich person has chosen to kill tens of thousands of people, and
that that first rich person would have done the same thing, but he would
have done it differently.

Many people get upset when I talk about these things. Yet in the public
sphere, I see no one talking honestly. Not a single American public
figure talking honestly. About anything.

John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection
of his Internet essays posted on hundreds of websites around the world.
More recently he has written a booklet titled "The Day America Died: Why
You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September
11, 2001." More information about both of these books can be found at

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