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Richard Moore

Use your own judgement.

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Subject: RE: [toeslist] Alex Jones' New Warning   EXTREMELY  IMPORTANT

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 21:45:58 -0700
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Alex Jones was on the Mike Papantonio/Robert Kennedy Jr. Air America program 
Ring of Fire Today.  Alex is doubtless the synthesis of the grass roots right 
and the grass roots left.  Whether or not his immediate predictions are valid, 
the fact that he speaks seamlessly to the grass roots left and right 
simultaneously is our best hope for purging the criminals who have captured the 
US government.

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Subject: [toeslist] Alex Jones' New Warning EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

> Subject: Alex Jones' New Warning   EXTREMELY  IMPORTANT

Alex Jones warned about 9-11-01 two months before it happened.  He is now giving
another warning --

Please LISTEN  !!!


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