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Hi.  This is a very poor video but it carries some very significant information.

I contains eyewitness reports of coloured clouds preceding earthquakes in China, and New Zealand.  It establishes a link between HAARP and chemtrails. It has time records of outputs from a HAARP installation and the New Zealand earthquake.
The significance is that the output from one HAARP installation has been recorded. I have long wondered why all know HAARP installations are not routinely monitored.  Another point is the coloured lights seen above earthquake sights before the quake iindicating high power densities in the sky over these areas.  These man-made earthquakes have been directed against the US’s allies in the case of Japan and New Zealand.
It seems that there is a requirement to start taking preventive measures in locating and routinely measuring the output from known HAARP sites and developing plans to neutralize them.  Action should also be demanded for the Canadian government to outlaw production of chemtrails over Canada.
This is the first  time I have seen anything which ‘connects the dots’ long suspected but without evidence.  We now have the evidence which is poorly presented in this video.  However the ideas are clear.
What can We the People do in this regard?  Forbidding production of chemtrails above Canada is one concrete step in demonstrating the potential power that We the People have.
Do we have to wait until food prices rise rapidly and most Canadians start to suffer starvation and homelessness before We start taking action? Tunisia, Egypt, the whole Middle East and Wisconsin are showing up the way.
However, we need other more effective tools to support mass demonstrations, one of which may be mass use of the Direct Democracy Pledge which can threaten a MPs/MLSs chances of re-election.  
We need other new tools to be developed as well.  The situation is getting critical. Put your thinking caps on.

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> Rainbow-colored clouds were seen in Christchurch soon before the 
> earthquake.I wonder if they looked like these. Check out this 
> very interesting piece on
> the Christchurch earthquake: http://thecrowhouse.com/haarpnz.html.

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