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Richard Moore
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Fourth Corner Exchange is a Sustainable Community Currency based in the Pacific 
Northwest USA, which operates throughout the USA and the world. Currently we 
have over five-hundred participating members, with branches in Washington, 
Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio and California. We will soon be opening our 
first branch in British Columbia, Canada. Founded by Francis Ayley and a small 
group of friends in 2002, Fourth Corner Exchange formally started trading in 
January 2004. From those small beginnings we have grown to over five-hundred 
members, exchanging a large selection of goods & services throughout the Pacific
Northwest, centered around Bellingham and Port Townsend.

Our unit of currency is the 'Time Dollar', which we use in a somewhat different 
manner to Ithaca Hours and Time Banks. Our Time Dollars have many advantages 
over other local, complimentary and alternative currencies, and significant 
advantages over bank issued money. Our primary mission is to rebuild our 
communities through the use of an community currency. This currency is 
administered by the Fourth Corner Exchange management group. Here is our mission

At Fourth Corner Exchange, we are social entrepreneurs who recognize that our 
traditional money system creates serious social problems, which devastate our 
local economies by removing money from local communities and transferring it to 
large corporations and financial centers, leaving the people without a medium of
exchange at a local community level. This stifles local trade, unnecessarily 
suffocating the local economies of thousands of communities throughout the USA 
(and the world), destroying their ability to exchange available goods and 
services, creating unemployment, poverty and a pervasive sense of disempowerment
and despair. Our traditional money system destroys local communities by denying 
them adequate access to a universal medium of exchange, which is necessary to 
facilitate trade. There are strong arguments against the traditional money 
system that suggest we need monetary reform. There is also the debt problem. 
Visit the U.S. National Debt Clock to read about this.

Local, alternative and community currencies replace the money drained away, 
allowing the people to continue trading the essentials of life. Fourth Corner 
Exchange Time Dollars cannot be removed from the communities in which they 
circulate, because the members issue Time Dollars as and when they need them by 
trading their goods and services within their communities. This is democratic 
money, issued in sufficiency by the people to meet all their local trading 
needs. Bank money is issued in scarcity for the private profit of the banks and 
multi-national corporations, who frequently act antisocially at a community 

When the next recession or depression hits the mainstream economy, our members 
will continue to trade as if nothing has happened. Fourth Corner Exchange Time 
Dollars are immune to the unstable perturbations of the mainstream economy. They
retain their value and continue to perform their primary purpose of facilitating
trade between members under all conditions and at all times. Traditional 
bank-issued money has never been capable of performing this simple social task. 
This has been its main failing.

For more information please read these YES! magazine articles, view this Peak 
Moment Conversation or see our recommended reading list.

To help spread the word about Fourth Corner Exchange, get our flyer here, and 
circulate it amongst your friends, family and neighbors. Tell them there is a 
clean, efficient and elegant alternative to bank-issued money.

Join us today!

Latest News:

Fourth Corner Exchange Co-Sponsors the 6th Annual Subdued Stringband Jamboree.

A Currency of Our Own. Article by Elizabeth Harris on the Port Townsend 
expansion of Fourth Corner Exchange.

Please Note:

You cannot join Fourth Corner Exchange without first attending a New Member 
Meeting, which we hold monthly in Bellingham WA, Port Townsend WA, and at 
intervals in Mt Vernon WA, Everett WA, Portland OR and elsewhere. See News & 
Events for the next meeting in your area.

Use the information below to contact us.

email: •••@••.•••
PO Box 28815, Bellingham, WA 98228 € Phone: (USA) (360) 303-4169
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