“Fool Britannia” – a view of the ‘hostage crisis’


Richard Moore

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FRIDAY, APRIL 06, 2007

Fool Britannia

One thing is certain, Tony Blair's idiotic behaviour during the Anglo-Iranian 
maritime dispute did no one any favours, least of all the 15 British service 
personnel who were detained in Iran for just under a fortnight.

Blair and his cohorts did a lot of huffing and puffing, insisting that the 
Iranians had grabbed the sailors whilst in Iraqi waters. This is the front that 
the British, with an orgy of jingoism from its media, have put up all along.

In fact, the incident took place in a disputed area where what we have heard are
a series of claims and counterclaims from both the Iranians and the Brits. There
is very little doubt that the British were acting in a provocative manner and 
this last was only one of a series of border incidents where the Iranians claim 
they have strayed into or overflown Iranian territory.

The Iranians, quite understandably, see British operations as part of the wider 
involvement of the USUK coalition occupation of Iraq. Iran has been encircled 
militarily by US and NATO troops and the Persian Gulf is currently teeming with 
the US Fleet and its aircraft carriers. A fact that is withheld from the western
public is that the USUK are conducting a covert war against Iran, using special 
forces and Iranian anti-government elements to conduct kidnaps and cause 
devastating bomb attacks.

As well as this, Iran is under the constant threat of a blitzkrieg attack from 
both the US and Israel. US war planning for such an attack involves the use of 
conventional and nuclear missiles. Without yet having made a first strike 
military attack both the US and its quisling, the Bliar, in 10 Downing Street 
are doing everything they can to keep the sabers rattling.

Despite now denying it (he would, wouldn't he?) one of the detainees, Captain 
Chris Air, recently gave an interview in which he admitted that the Brits use 
all their maritime activities in this area for intelligence gathering.

Diplomatically, at least, the Iranians are no match for the Tweedledum and 
Tweedledees, Bush and Blair. Blair's diplomatic assault on the Iranians went off
at half-cock and he's been made to look a strutting fool in front of the whole 
world. And even his military, it seems, can't do anything right.

On their return to the UK it was inevitable that the ex-detainees would be 
debriefed by the Royal Navy and fed a line to give at a face-saving press 
conference backing up the British story. That is exactly what happened today. 
But even this the Brits messed up by getting their official story in a tangle.

First, a Lieutenant Felix Carman (picture right) stated that the Brits had been 
"definitely within 1.7 miles of Iraqi waters" when they were arrested. He was 
followed by Captain Chris Air (picture left) who, not quite so sure of himself 
said that they were "probably 1.7 miles" when the incident took place. A fawning
BBC news commentator commented on Air's "eloquent speech", ignoring Carman's 
patently precious inanity that whilst under detention their "guards didn't speak
English" and "suffocated" them by keeping them incommunicado.

Why is it that wherever the Brits go in the world they arrogantly expect people 
to speak English?

The British media has behaved in a servile and wholly uncritical manner about 
the clumsy way in which the Bliar has dealt with things. In fact both he and the
Brits have been seen by the world as helpless fools and their media to have sunk
to new depths of seediness. Now that the 15 personnel are back safely the Bliar 
and his complicit media feel that it's safe to resume banging the wardrums 
against Iran.

Make no mistake about it, despite having made theirs into a sad little country 
now the laughing-stock of the world, the Bliar and his nasty little supporters 
are itching to get their revenge for this humiliation. And in doing so they 
don't give a toss how many innocents might die in the most horrific 
circumstances. These tinpot imperialists are all despicable cowards for whom no 
punishment is great enough.

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