follow up re/comments- the sacrificial lamb


Richard Moore


It occurred to me after sending out that last posting that I wanted to say 
something more about the role of GW Bush in our recent and soon-to-be history.

Bush has done the job he was sent in to do, and now he is expendable. The 
neocons articulated the elite agenda, Bush was brought in to run point, and the 
foundation for imperial expansion has been laid down. Kerry will carry the 
program forward with intelligent-sounding rhetoric and a smiling face. Bush can 
now be thrown to the wolves the same way Nixon was. Already Richard Perle, lead 
thinker of the neocons, has distanced himself from the White House and found a 
haven safe from the fallout. The folks who operate from behind the scenes know 
how to watch their asses, unlike juvenile wannabe's who still think running 
point is a privilege.

Nixon stole an election and resigned in disgrace, but the invasion of Cambodia 
was not undone, his right wing judicial appointees were not expunged, and he was
given a pardon as a golden parachute. He had done his job and he enjoyed a 
distinguished retirement. His show-trial resignation acted as purgative for the 
electorate, leading them to believe there had been a regime change. Far from it.
With damage control handled, the regime battened down its hatches and laid its 
plans for its neoliberal revolution. Let us learn from history.