Fatal shooting at US Amish school


Richard Moore

One of those cases where we must keep Operation Mind Control in mind.


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Fatal shooting at US Amish school

         A gunman has shot dead four girls and injured several others
         before killing himself in an attack on an Amish school in
         the US state of Pennsylvania. The gunman entered the class
         and ordered all the boys and some adults to leave. He then
         tied up the girls and began shooting them in the head.
         Police named the killer as 32-year-old truck driver Charles
         Carl Roberts IV. He is not Amish himself. The attack is the
         third shooting at a US school in the past week. In the
         latest shooting, the gunman was said to be heavily armed and
         seemed prepared for a long siege. He lined up the girls in
         front of the blackboard, tying their feet using wire or
         plastic cuffs.

"It appears that when he began shooting these 
victims, the victims were shot execution style in 
the head," said Pennsylvania police commissioner 
Col Jeffrey Miller.

The attack happened at a one-room school for 
Amish children aged six to 13 in the village of 
Paradise near Nickel Mines in Lancaster County.

The Amish are the Anabaptist Christian 
descendants of German settlers who reject many 
types of modern technology in their effort to 
lead a life true to holy scriptures.

They restrict the use of cars, telephones and television to varying degrees.

Col Jeffrey B Miller said the gunman entered 
Georgetown School in the morning, armed with an 
automatic handgun and shotgun.

He told the boys to leave, along with a pregnant 
woman and three women who had young infants with 

He then tied up the girls and barricaded the doors with large pieces of wood.

Police arrived at the scene at about 1045 (1445 
GMT) and set up a cordon around the school, Col 
Miller said.

The officers tried hailing the gunman on their 
car loudspeakers, but were unable to make 
contact, he said.

The Associated Press news agency quotes Col 
Miller as saying a person who visited the school 
passed on a warning from the gunman that he would 
open fire unless the police withdrew.

As the message was going through shots fired in 
rapid succession were heard, Col Miller said.

Police stormed the building, breaking the windows 
to enter. But by the time they got there three 
girls and the gunman were dead. A fourth girl 
later died in hospital.

Seven people were found injured, at least three of whom were shot in the head.

'Normal behaviour'

Roberts was a local milk tanker driver who often 
picked up milk from Amish farms in the area.

A father of three, he had worked his night shift 
as usual on Sunday night, finishing at 0300 on 

         Anabaptist Christian denomination
         Communities in the US and Canada
         Many communities reject links to outside world

         Most Amish shun modern technology including electricity and cars

         Plain clothing - no buttons allowed in some communities
         Speak English and a German dialect called Pennsylvania Dutch

His wife said he had seemed perfectly normal as 
he walked his children to the school bus at 0845, 
as he did every day.

However, when his wife returned to the family 
home around mid-morning she discovered suicide 
notes that he had written to each of his children.

The police said there were indications that he 
was motivated by an incident that happened some 
20 years ago.

It is not thought that Roberts had anything 
against the Amish community but chose the school 
because it was close by and had young girls.

In a separate incident, two Las Vegas schools, 
one high school and one elementary school, were 
temporarily locked down while police hunted for a 
teenager spotted carrying a gun on the high 
school campus.

These latest incidents come at the end of a week 
of gun-related violence in US schools.

Last Wednesday a 16-year-old girl died when an 
armed man, who also killed himself, took six 
students hostage at a Colorado high school.

And on Friday, a head teacher at a high school in 
Wisconsin was killed when he confronted an armed 
15-year-old student as he entered the school.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/10/03 03:10:57 GMT


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