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Still not believable

They got a woman to confess to participating in the
bombings in Annan last week , but it doesn't prove
anything as far as I'm concerned.  The confession could
easily be coerced; her children could be being held
captive for instance:  a mother could be made to say
anything to protect her children.  It would be a brutal
thing to do but then look at that part of the world.  Look
at the Israelis and what they do to Arabs all of the time.
 Look at what the stakes are.  Israel can't afford to get
busted for staging another terrorist attack, so when it
became clear that it was all falling apart, extreme
measures were thought to be warranted.

Do I know that for certain?  Of course not.  But it makes
a helluva lot more sense than what we're now being told. 
Zarqawi has his hands full with the American military in
Iraq right now.  His spending such a valuable asset as a
suicide bombing team in such a faraway place when a war is
raging outside his front door simply isn't believable. 
And why risk alienating other Muslims in the process,
Muslims upon whose support you are counting on?

Likewise, why would any of these suicide bombers - all
Iraqis, we are told - choose to participate in an attack
on Jordan when their own country is currently suffering
under a military occupation?

What does Zarqawi gets out this?  Nothing.  Less than
nothing in fact.  This hurts Zarqawi.

What does Israel get?  Division amongst Arabs and the
continued destabilization of the region, of course, but
even more important, it's an opportunity for a paper like
The New York Times to villify Muslims and paint them all
as terrorists.  Zarqawi's actions in Iraq - as they've
been related to us at least - don't really fit into the
category of terrorism.  The resistance they're putting up
can be easily seen as patriots defending their homeland
against marauding invaders.

But blowing up a hotel in another country entirely, and
where that country has in no way provoked your own and
where civilians are targetted with no military
justification, passes the test of terrorism.  This was a
terrorist attack.

So now The New York Times gets to call Zarqawi a
terrorist.  Of course, they've done that before, but
before it never passed the smell test.

And what a great time to be able to call Zarqawi a
terrorist!  Increasing numbers of Americans are coming to
the realization that they've been lied to and that this
war is a criminal act.  No WMD.  No link between Iraq and

Until now.

I think Israel would do anything to prevent us from
withdrawing from the region.  And I think The New York
Times and most of the rest of the media are only too happy
to assist them.

And I don't think either give a damn about all the blood
that's being spilt as a consequence, whether it be Arab
blood or American blood.

[Previous version posted in error; thought I was still in
draft mode.]

posted by Donald Way at 2:44 PM

8 Comments: Anonymous said...

I don't believe a fucking thing the government or the
media says. I automatically assume they're lying. Most of
the time, they prove me right.

9:50 PM Anonymous said...

When a crime like this occurs the first question to ask is
"Who benefits?"

Who wants the Iraq War to expand into other Arab nations?

Who the means, the motive and the opportunity?

Who doesn't care about "collateral damage"?

10:14 PM ISRAOIL said...

Her looks tell it all---phonie-like he niger documents. If
the women ran away--why did she give her self up ?
something smells. Did you know that Fish rot first from
the head down. That fkn drunk Bushalofshit needs a swift
kick up his arus.

10:20 PM Anonymous said...

Though I am fairly certain this was a false flag
operation, look at what happened in Algiers in the 90's to
see how idiotic Muslim extremists can be when it comes to
strategery.  They blew up civilians because they really
believed it would convert other civilians to their cause. 
So caught up in their delusional self-rightousness, they
are very capable of committing acts that make no fking
sense what-so-ever.

But I still think the odds are 10-to-1 against them having
done this.

10:24 PM Anonymous said...

I don't believe this so-called confession either. Please
check out my latest blog entry which deals with the topic
(down the bottom).

Social Democracy Now

11:26 PM Anonymous said...

tv is totaly co-opted by the administration so unless you
eat dubya's sheite you have to stop watching faux
news,msnbc and the ever propaganda Chicken noodle news and
do a search on 911. find some torches get a buddy and
march on the whitehouse boot down the door like dubya's
shock troops did in bagdad an hold the man to account. how
long do you AMERICANS think you will free time is surely
wasting away Waiting for the shit to really hit the
fan:Masher1 on monday nov 14 2005

12:27 AM Masher1 said...

The more you really look at the things dubya's crue have
done since taking power one has to wonder why he has not
done anything good for america. if anyone has somthing
good his office has pulled off that helps even a little
please retort. he sure can cause bad things to happen need
a war  toast a few thosand peons whip the rest into a ass
kicking mood then stomp the crap out of the middle east
for that o so presicous oil your system is rigged totaly
intil you get rid of that system you are a slave to the
dubya's that replace  george w bush  this shit is going to
get REAL Messy i think

1:05 AM Anonymous said...

Interesting how the Israeli's came up with this phony
confession stunt. Believable, no. Interesting, yes. Only
the fucktards will fall for this one. 2:24 AM

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