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14 November 2005
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The Bush Administration is becoming increasingly
frustrated at its key people still not being able to keep
the lid on events related to the 9/11 WTC wipe-out.
Instead of the planned "closing down" of the official
story, with news outlets refusing to carry any further
questions, so many fundamental questions demanding answers
are being covered by the independent news services, that
the controlled networks are being forced by public concern
to admit that holes are appearing in the official story of
such a size, that to maintain public confidence in the
media, they have no choice but to admit their existence.

The sort of gaping holes include this one: The towers were
constructed with certification from the Underwriters
Laboratories Cpn that the steel beams and concrete
construction design had the integral strength to withstand
full scale earthquakes as well as the impact of the
largest airlines. Bad enough for two of them to come down
when impacted by aeroplanes, but why did Number 7 Tower
Not just sympathy, surely?

Last week capacity audiences in two venues heard evidence
and saw AV evidence conflicting with what the public has
been asked to believe. The meetings are reviewed as

Leading Theologian Speaks Out On 9/11

Even after four years, controversy over the events of 9/11
continues to surface in the news. We recently witnessed
the honest questioning of the official account by a FDNY
Muslim chaplain that gave rise to a storm of intolerance
and deflection of any actual and legitimate inquiry into
the official account of the attacks. Even more recent was
the refusal by the CIA Director Porter Goss to investigate
people within the agency who played key roles and should
have acted on important information but didn't.

In the wake of these developments, on Oct. 15th and 16th,
New Yorkers filled two venues to hear a prominent
theologian and author of two books on 9/11. David Ray
Griffin, gave a presentation titled "The Destruction of
the Trade Towers: A Christian Theologian Speaks Out".

Dr. Griffin has continued to blaze a trail of courage,
leading where media and elected officials except for a
mere handful have feared to tread. His presentation went
straight to the core of one of the most powerful
indictments on the official story, the collapse of the
towers including WTC (building) 7.

He included excerpts from the firemen's tapes that were
recently released as a result of a prolonged court battle
led by victim's families represented by attorney Norman
Siegel and reported in the NY Times. He also included
statements by many witnesses. These sources gave ample
testimony giving evidence to explosions going off in the
buildings. There was a 12-minute film shown for the
audiences who saw for themselves the undeniable details,
which were presented.

Dr. Griffin listed ten characteristics of the collapses
that all indicate that the buildings did not fall due to
being struck by planes or the ensuing fires. For instance,
he explained the buildings fell suddenly without much if
any indication of collapse. They fell straight into their
own footprint in a freefall, at the speed of gravity due
to no resistance. The towers were built to withstand the
impact of a Boeing 707 and 160 mile per hour winds. There
was no way the impact from planes and fires could have
destroyed 47 massive core columns. These columns were
broken in uniform lengths.

There was a volcanic-like dust cloud from the concrete
being pulverized. The debris was ejected horizontally
several hundred feet in huge fan shaped plumes stretching
in all directions. These are all facts that have been
avoided by mainstream and even most of the alternative
media. Again, these are characteristics of controlled
demolitions, as news people and fire fighters were
describing on the morning of 9/11.

It's important to note that Dr. Griffin is one of many
prominent intellectuals that include the likes of Howard
Zinn, Peter Dale Scott, Richard Falk, Paul Craig Roberts
and Peter Phillips who have seen through the major
discrepancies of the official explanation of 9/11 and have
risen to challenge it. In other words, scepticism of what
we've been told goes far beyond your typical anti-war

He got standing ovations at both events that were filled
to capacity. With presentations like this, its getting
increasingly difficult for the naysayers to ignore the
actual evidence that 9/11 was far different from what the
public has been told. Now its time for the public at large
to objectively view this research and seek to learn all
they can about the alternative views on the attacks of
9/11, since the U.S. government continues to use that
fateful day to further its agenda in so many ways. To
understand our current political reality, understanding
9/11 is required.

Dr. Griffin's speech titled "9/11 and the American Empire"
given at the University of Wisconsin earlier this year was
broadcast twice on C-SPAN. In late September he was asked
to give expert testimony at hearings sponsored by Cynthia
McKinney and the Congressional Black Caucus investigating
the 9/11 Commission Report. He is currently Professor
Emeritus at Claremont College in California.

These events were sponsored by NY911truth.org, WBAI and
the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance for 9/11 Truth. For
more details on educational efforts in New York City, as
well as DVDs and books by Dr. Griffin, please go to:
http://www.ny911truth.org or call 212-714-7147

OUR COMMENTS: If you still have any doubts that need
clearing up, follow up on some of the references.


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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