Fallujah : Mujahideen Strike US Rear Lines


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From: "Eric Stewart" 
Subject: Mujahideen Strike US Rear Lines; Tape Shows Captured Allawi Forces


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11/11/04 12:50 PM

Mujahideen Strike US Rear Lines; Tape Shows Captured Allawi

Nov 11, 2004 By Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice

In a report posted at 2:40am Thursday morning, local time
(1:40am Mecca time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in
al-Fallujah reported that Mujahideen continued to carry out
attacks on the rear of US troops engaged in the offensive on

At the time of the filing, the correspondent said rocket
attacks on the American rear had been under way for about
three hours. During that time more than 55 rockets of various
types, not counting mortar rounds, had been pumped into the
American troop concentrations.

US forces had tried to keep resistance forces pinned down in
al-Karmah and as-Saqlawiyah to prevent American rear lines
being hit in support of their brothers in al-Fallujah but the
Mujahideen fought back, forcing the Americans to retreat, and
then unleashed their barrages on the US forces encircling

During the middle of the night, then, US forces found
themselves between two sides of an Iraqi Resistance pincer -
those inside the city on the one side, and those attacking
their rear lines to the north, on the other.

Resistance Reasserts Control Over Al-Fallujah After Dark

In a dispatch posted at 1:07am Thursday morning local time
(12:07am Thursday Mecca time) the correspondent of Mafkarat
al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that Iraqi Resistance
organizations had been able to crush US aggressor forces and
compel them to retreat from al-Fallujah.

The correspondent wrote that caught between Resistance attacks
from inside the city and Resistance attacks on the American
rear to the north outside the city, the Americans had pulled
out of al-Fallujah with the exception of a few snipers still
posted atop some rooftops.

Fierce fighting, however, was under way to the north of the
al-Jawlan, al-Jaghifi, and al-Mu'allimin neighborhoods. In the
southern part of the city, meanwhile, violent fighting
continued in the industrial zone after major operations
Wednesday morning yielded significant losses, and some
captives taken when two Humvees and their crews fell into
Resistance hands.

Fighting completely ceased in the al-Jumhuriyah and ad-Dubbat
neighborhoods. The correspondents reported that the scenes of
American troops in al-Fallujah currently being broadcast
internationally were filmed yesterday, but are still being
broadcast to give the false impression that the Americans
retain the initiative.

The correspondents in al-Fallujah note, however, that the
Resistance forces tend to dominate at nighttime, but are much
less able to hold predominant positions during the daylight
hours. The overall situation in the city, therefore, remains
extremely complex, particularly inasmuch as the American
aggressors' habit is to begin their attacks with the first
light of dawn.

Meanwhile, a Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that an
American Apache helicopter was shot down around 1pm Wednesday
over the al-Jawlan neighborhood.

Outside the city, US forces turned to fight Iraqi Resistance
forces in the al-Karmah area after realizing that their rear
supply lines were under a severe threat from that quarter by
the Resistance.

Al-Jazeera Broadcasts Video Tape Of Captured Allawi Forces

Al-Jazeera satellite television broadcast a videotape
Wednesday distributed by an Iraqi Resistance group referred to
as "Mujahidi al-Fallujah" (i.e., "the Mujahideen of
al-Fallujah") that had captured 20 puppet so-called "Iraqi
national guards" in al-Fallujah. Men wearing Iraqi uniforms
were shown with their backs to the camera. A Resistance
fighter, his face masked, read a statement on the tape, but
al-Jazeera did not air the audio portion of the tape. The
station said the Resistance group promised not to kill the
prisoners shown on the tape but threatened to kill puppet
"national guardsmen" captured in the future. On Monday Iraqi
Resistance forces captured 36 Americans in the south of
al-Fallujah and provided video tapes of the prisoners to
al-Jazeera and al-'Arabiyah TV, but both stations refused to
air the footage out of fear of US reprisals for showing
American troops. The broadcast on Wednesday would suggest that
American censors are less sensitive about the broadcast of
scenes of Iraqi puppet prisoners.

"Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by
the way it kills them." -- Sartre


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