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Richard Moore

Major Victory with Swine Flu Scandal
Posted by: Dr. Mercola 
November 19 2009 | 3,978 views

European scientists and health authorities are facing angry questions about why H1N1 flu has not caused death and destruction on the scale first feared, and they need to respond deftly to ensure public support.

Accusations are flying in British and French media that the pandemic has been “hyped” by medical researchers to further their own cause, boost research grants and line the pockets of drug companies.

Britain’s Independent newspaper this week asked “Pandemic? What Pandemic?”

France’s Le Parisien newspaper ran the headline: “Swine flu: why the French distrust the vaccine” and noted a gap between the predicted impact of H1N1 and the less dramatic reality.

“Although some 30-odd people have died….the disease is not really frightening,” it said. “Dangerous liaisons between certain experts, the labs and the government, the obscurity of the contracts between the state and the pharma firms have added to the doubt.”

In response, scientists are walking a fine line. They say that although the virus is mild, it can still kill, and that the relatively low fatalities in Europe are in part, the result of official response to their advice.

However, in Britain, health authorities’ original worst-case scenario — which said as many as 65,000 could die from H1N1 — has twice been revised down and the prediction is now for around 1,000 deaths, way below the average annual toll of 4,000 to 8,000 deaths from seasonal winter flu.


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Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

There is plenty to be optimistic about as it seems the tide may be slowly turning on this swine flu debacle, showing it for the hoax it really is.

European scientists are now demanding answers to the growing inconsistencies.

And, while many so-called scientific experts have criticized me and others who have spoken out about this senseless mass-vaccination campaign, more of the scientific community is now coming to the same conclusions we’ve been talking about for months.

It looks as though the swine flu pandemic of 2009 will go down as one of the biggest government and pharmaceutical scams ever, renewing a healthy, and necessary, skepticism about the swine flu vaccine and the dubious dealings behind the implementation of worldwide mass-vaccination programs.

On the upside, it has also created a more open debate about vaccinations in general.

The childhood vaccination schedule is in dire need of an overhaul, and the swine flu hysteria has actually opened many people’s eyes to the unhealthy practices behind our vaccine policies. The public is finally starting to wonder and question, en masse, what’s being injected into them and their children.

Prominent Doctor and Health Minister Blast Swine Flu Vaccine and Manufacturers

These healthy signs are starting to crop up everywhere.

For example, the Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz recently told Parliament that she, as a qualified family doctor with more than 20 years of experience, will not authorize the use of vaccines with inadequate safety testing on millions of people in Poland.

In her speech she says:

“I have just one fundamental question: do we want to fight the flu pandemic?

“Today we have knowledge about enclosures in agreements that other governments of wealthier countries have signed with vaccines producers. We also know what was proposed to Poland.

Due to negotiations in progress I can’t tell all today. But I can tell one thing: our Law Department found at least 20 points of doubt in the agreement.

So what is a Health Minister’s duty? To sign agreements that are in the best interest of the Polish people, or to sign agreements that are of best interest of pharmaceutical companies?

I know that there are three vaccines available on the market today, from three different producers. Each has a different amount of active substance, and yet strangely they are all treated the same. Therefore, isn’t it fair enough for the Health Minister and the experts to have the slightest doubts about it?

… And if [the vaccine] is so miraculous, then why don’t the manufacturers want to introduce their medicine to the free market and take responsibility for it?

Why wouldn’t they say: “Wonderful, this is a safe medicine, therefore I will take responsibility for it. I will introduce it to the market and everything is clear and transparent,” instead of dropping the weight on us – the buyers.

We do not have clinical test results, no detailed ingredients and no information about the side effects. The vaccines are now in the 4th stage of tests – very short tests, and we still do not have this information. In addition, the samples have been very small. One kind of vaccine was tested only on 160 volunteers aged 20-60, all healthy.

Another kind of vaccine was tested on 600 volunteers, aged 18-60, all healthy. Is this good enough, especially for us doctors present in this room?

It is not good enough for me.

… Has anybody, anywhere, announced a pandemic because of seasonal flu? And the seasonal flu is much more dangerous than swine flu. There are deaths and severe complications. Was there ever a pandemic announced before?

Those who push me to buy vaccines, I ask you: Why didn’t you scream and shout last year, 2 years ago, and in 2003? In 2003 there were 1,200,000 Poles with seasonal flu! Has anybody shouted, here in this room: “Let’s buy vaccines for everybody!”? I can’t recall such a thing.”

Bells Toll for Vaccine Maker

Sister Teresa Forcades i Vila, PhD, an Italian Benedictine nun, a trained medical doctor, and the author of Crimes and Abuses of the Pharmaceutical Industry – a 36-page study available in full at this link — is yet another voice of reason in the sea of swine flu madness.

I had an interview with her translated and transcribed into English, which you can read in its entirety here.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview, questioning the sanity of placing our unequivocal trust in a pharmaceutical company like Baxter:

“… Anyone can verify that the information I’m going to disclose is accurate and objective.

… At the end of January 2009, before this new flu was discovered, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, a US company with a very important subsidiary company in Austria, distributed vaccination material for the [seasonal] flu, from the Austrian subsidiary via neighboring European countries – the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany – to 16 different laboratories.

[This was] material for the vaccine to be administered between February and March to the population of those countries for the seasonal flu.

This material weighed 72 kg. Well, I haven’t calculated the exact number of doses but it certainly means thousands and thousands of doses. So this was distributed, and (there) comes a point, when through one of those life coincidences, situations or plans are revealed that otherwise would have remained in the dark.

The Czech company Bio Test was one of the recipients of this material. One of their lab technicians decided — through his own initiative and as something he was qualified to do but not obliged — to carry out an extra security test with the vaccination material that they received, before proceeding with its distribution.

… He inoculated this vaccine into animals called in Spanish “comadrejas” or “hurones” – weasels or ferrets, small mammals that have been used since 1918 to test flu vaccines. He inoculated these weasels, and all of them died.

When he observed these unexpected deaths, and given that the inoculated vaccine shouldn’t have caused the death of the weasels, he immediately sounded the alarm and they began checks to establish what this material received from Baxter contained.

… The results of the analysis showed that in the material delivered by Baxter to those 106 laboratories, two live viruses coexisted.

One was the bird flu virus – the bird flu virus is the virus that appeared in 2005, and that caused a high mortality rate but infected just a few people. The number of deaths worldwide, and I quote by heart, was around 250 but as far as we know, around 60% of those infected died. This means that if 250 died worldwide just around 600 got infected, whichever the exact number is, the mortality rate of this virus is very high, but its infection rate is minimal.

This virus was mixed with a seasonal flu virus that, as we all know, has an extremely low mortality rate; lower than, 0.01%, lower than 1% of mortality at any rate, but with a high degree of transmission. Well, it’s highly contagious, with a high infection rate.

If you mix these two viruses and then distribute it to thousands of people, what you’re doing is you’re maximizing the probabilities for these two viruses to merge; for them to recombine, and for a new virus to appear to be both very lethal and very infectious.

This is a fact and this has been admitted by Baxter. They haven’t said “No, this is not true. This is just what by Jane Burgermeister says, or whoever, but this material wasn’t there.”

… They have admitted that the contamination took place but not that the material was designed for human use. Claiming protection behind the confidentiality rights, they haven’t disclosed information about its destination, and that the total 72 kg of the material contained a mix of live bird flu and seasonal flu viruses.

This is a fact. Could this have happened by chance?

The first thing that must be said is that it is extremely unlikely.

And I say this simply because in science the word “impossible” is something we never say. What does extremely unlikely mean? It means that laboratories handling this kind of viruses have Bio Security Levels in place. The Bio Security Level 3 is the highest, and the one that must be applied to this laboratory.

It means that if we talk in a scientific context about probability, based on known facts, the probability that this may have happened by chance is extremely low. Not only this, how can we explain the mixing of two different live viruses?

Additionally, the flu vaccines, as we all know, are vaccines made with attenuated viruses. This means that it’s perfectly normal for the flu vaccine to contain live virus; this is not an exception. But attenuated means that the virus must go through a radiation procedure. These viruses found in the Czech Republic in the whole Baxter material had not been attenuated. Therefore the odds of it happening by chance, well…

That’s why I say that, scientifically, or simply from a humanly prudent standpoint, we can’t say that it’s 100% impossible but, let’s be clear – it’s important to let it be known how unlikely it is for an accident to occur under these circumstances.

… I know that there are people who have been studying this for a while but I would wish that my message reaches someone who says, “Look I don’t know anything about that stuff, but I’ve just heard that there was a laboratory that delivered a contaminated vaccine and that, interestingly, is one of the laboratories in charge of making flu vaccines this year.”

Well, this fact alone makes it justifiable to myself to think that, until such time that an explanation is given about why this contamination took place, I won’t wish it on me, on my child, nor on anyone close to me. “

A “mistake” of this magnitude – a “mistake” that had the capacity to kill thousands of people and spread highly infectious, deadly disease worldwide, indeed START a pandemic of the epic proportions they’ve tried to turn the swine flu into – was REWARDED with massive contracts for more flu vaccines!

This sure doesn’t seem like an accident.

And this is one of the companies they want you to blindly trust…

Lies, and More Lies…

Despite the increasing skepticism about this pandemic, and increasing demands for answers to important questions, government health officials are still playing coy.

The lengths to which they go to keep this misinformation campaign — this deception — going, is staggering.

For example, while Ontario health officials declare the H1N1 a “dud” pandemic, stating the huge government investment made so far may have been unjustified, US federal health officials declare that at least 22 million Americans have contracted swine flu since April and approximately 3,900 people have died, including an estimated 540 children.

US News quotes Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases as saying:

“The estimation method we are using now, we believe, gives us probably a more accurate picture of the full scope of the pandemic. What we are seeing in 2009 is unprecedented. As people know, we haven’t had a [flu] pandemic since 1957. To have high rates of influenza in September and October is extremely unusual.

We have already seen a larger number of pediatric deaths than we have seen for several years. I do believe that the pediatric death toll from this pandemic will be extensive, and much greater than what we see with seasonal flu.”

Excuse me, but since when can counting oranges in an apple orchard give you a more accurate picture of your apple harvest?

That would be silly. And so is counting “flu-like illnesses” that have nothing to do with the H1N1 virus. As reported by the New American, this guessing — based on flawed data – has quadrupled the number of estimated deaths.

The CDC stopped type testing flu cases in August, and instead, they’re counting each and every person who presents “flu-like” symptoms! This is most definitely NOT going to produce more accurate numbers.

On the contrary, CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Atkinson discovered that the vast majority of these so-called swine flu cases were not only NOT H1N1. They weren’t even the seasonal flu! I will be posting my interview with her very shortly.

Meanwhile, the CDC claims that some 99 percent of all influenza this season is H1N1, hence they don’t need to do lab testing anymore to get accurate numbers. Ninety-nine percent is a far cry from what CBS News found when they investigated actual flu samples from across the country…

The H1N1 virus only turned up in 1-17 percent of samples from patients with flu-like illness.

These falsified, exaggerated numbers are then used to frighten you into compliance with their mass-vaccination plan. Because, naturally, Dr. Schuchat stated that vaccination is the best protection against the H1N1 swine flu, and that as of November 12, there were 41.6 million doses of the vaccine available.

The unspoken directive is, of course, to “run out and get one while you can!”

Math, Anyone?

Alright, look… The CDC previously estimated that the US death toll from the swine flu would be around 90,000. Even using their own bloated numbers — some 80 percent of which are in all likelihood unrelated to H1N1 —  3,900 people have actually died.

That would STILL, according to their own statistics stating that the flu kills 36,000 Americans a year, put us squarely in the middle of the mildest flu season in recent memory.

They simply can’t have it both ways.

If it’s the mildest flu season in years, then there’s no reason to panic. And if it’s one of the worst, then where are the statistics proving this to be so?

Great Britain, for example, has not been able to prove mass casualties, and changed their mortality estimates from 65,000 all the way down to 1,000. And guess what, their stated average annual death toll from the seasonal flu is between 4,000 and 8,000!

In Closing

This debacle is a great example of how high ranking health officials do not truly understand viruses, or how your immune system is capable of fending off these supposedly deadly diseases so easily.

Another reason for skepticism is the fact that the same people who are inventing ways to inflate the disease count – by changing definitions and disease criteria, for example – are playing the same games with vaccines.

By their own estimates, 90,000 people were predicted to die, so the vaccine would be of benefit. Well, they were wrong — on both counts.

In reality, a healthy immune system, and extreme respect for how your body develops real immunity, must be placed above the misguided advice from Big Pharma and the health agencies they unduly (and sometimes unlawfully) influence.

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