Euro air-traffic halt: an invention of MET-Office/UK


Richard Moore

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Presumably this has been a test, to see what happens when air traffic comes to a halt. That’s important research in support of scenario analysis.


Guess what! That usual Catastrophic Prediction originated in the MET-Office/UK

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Date: Sunday, 18-Apr-2010 15:06:34

In Response To: ASH WHAT ASH? (The_Fox)

There was only one source that managed to stop the entire air-traffic in Europe! It was a mere computer simulation that came from the same jerks who are trying to convience the public of the CO2-scam since years.

The British MET-office took some data from the first hours(!)of the outbrak — proceeded with their usual “gigo” (garbage in — garbage out) — and made one of their usual “predictions” — that rarely turns out to be reality.

During all those next days this first data-set never got adapted, updated with actual data or even checked again.

Yesterday some European airline-managers were beginning to smell the rat and undertook first test-flights — where they experienced no harm at all.

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