EU & Lebanon: punishing the rape victim


Richard Moore

    "German sailors must be empowered to board ships against the
     will of their crew..."

What an outrage! Israel rapes Lebanon, and the EU responds by taking 
away Lebanon's sovereignty. Punish the victim and reward the 

It is time for us to start recognizing that Israel and the US are 
simply the forward regiments of a much broader Western imperialist 
agenda. "Peacekeeping missions" are simply the occupying forces that 
follow in the wake of conquest.


See also: "France, Germany take aim at Syria"

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Berlin demands to board Lebanese ships

Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST
Aug. 26, 2006

German sailors must be empowered to board ships against the will of 
their crew in order to stop arms smuggling to Lebanon, a senior 
leader said in remarks released Saturday.

Germany is offering to patrol Lebanon's coast rather than send ground 
troops as part of a UN peacekeeping force after the conflict between 
Israel and Lebanon-based Hizbullah.

"To prevent arms smuggling from the sea, we need a robust mandate 
that allows the navy to stop and check suspicious ships against their 
will," vice-chancellor Franz Muentefering was quoted as saying in the 
Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Muentefering said German forces faced a "serious" role in the UN 
mission, which including an arms embargo against Hizbullah and other 

"We cannot expect that arms suppliers will see it as a friendly act 
if German and other troops guard the coast and prevent their weapons 
deliveries," he said in an interview released before its publication 

However, he said he was confident that parliament as well as the 
Cabinet would approve the mission - a requirement under German law.

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