Enron: pattern of mysterious deaths


Richard Moore


The Bush family tradition is one of ripping off the American people. 
Grandaddy Bush was the Nazi money man in the US ("The American 
Connection"); Papa Bush engineered the Savings & Loan looting 
operation, and Baby Bush presides over Enron and Halliburton ripoffs, 
under the tutelage of Darth Cheney. Killing off the witnesses is 
standard procedure for this band of gangsters.


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Are Enron Bankers/Witnesses Being Murdered?
Steve Watson / Infowars | July 12 2006

With the latest revelation that a body discovered in North-east 
London is that of a banker intimately connected with the Enron fraud 
case, one has to begin to ask why are there so many "unexplained" 
deaths linked to this case?

The BBC is reporting that London Police are treating the death of 
Neil Coulbeck, who worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland until 2004, 
as "unexplained".

Coulbeck had been interviewed by the FBI as a potential witness. The 
fraud case centres on a NatWest transaction under which it sold off 
part of its Enron unit.

Three other Natwest bankers wanted by the US for involvement in the 
fraud are facing extradition from the UK under laws designed for 
cases of terrorism that were passed after 9/11.

Is this becoming a case of too many "unexplained deaths" spoil a good cover up?

in 2002 Enron vice chairman J. Clifford Baxter was found shot to 
death in his Mercedes Benz in the early hours of Friday morning, 
January 25, near his home in Sugar Land. The death was officially 
reported as a suicide, yet Local Justice of the Peace Jim Richard 
initially declared that Baxter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound 
but then reversed himself, citing the intense public interest in the 

There were many suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, 
including the moving of evidence and tampering with the body prior to 
the immediate investigation at the scene.

CBS also reported:

The experts found several things highly unusual. First the peculiar 
ammunition: not regular bullets but something called "rat-shot".

Rat shot is a type of ammunition that cannot be easily traced back to 
the weapon that fired it. It is used specifically for firing at 
snakes or small pests and is not found readily.

Furthermore, according to the New York Times, an unnamed associate 
added that Baxter "was talking about perhaps needing a bodyguard" 
just days before his "suicide".

The case remained open for months after the death.

Why would a very successful businessman one day be talking about 
needing someone to guard his life and then the next day decide to end 

Enron Vice President Sherron Watkins, who warned top company 
officials that the energy trading giant might "implode in a wave of 
accounting scandals," said she feared for her own life during the 
crisis that culminated in Enron's filing for bankruptcy.

Then of course there is the timely death by heart attack of Enron 
Founder Ken Lay earlier this month. Lay was facing a lengthy jail 
sentence for conspiracy and fraud. His death has erupted a firestorm 
of rumours. Even the Miami Herald is questioning whether Lay has 
faked his own death.

Some have intimated that Lay's death, whether it be natural, faked or 
terminated, will ensure that his convictions be erased, leaving his 
family fortunes and assets untainted and untouchable.

Other Enron executives and witnesses involved in the case have gone 
on record as saying they are "scared to death" of being intimately 
caught up in the case.

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