Economy: Forces beyond our control? Or the biggest Sting ever?


Richard Moore

Global Financial Meltdown: Forces beyond our control? Or the biggest Sting ever?

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March 2009 

To listen to the news these days, with its endless stories of yet more tragedies amongst ‘we the people’, you would think it was all just some inevitable unfolding of history, some kind of natural disaster that happens every now and then that we can do nothing about, but just have to grit our teeth and get through it, like the big ice storm a few years ago, or the recent tsunami that took so many lives around the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean, or the hurricanes that regularly strike around the Gulf of Mexico, and etc. Every day we hear on the news more stories of the latest victims, and how our noble governments are trying their very best to steer our ships of state through these troubled waters. 

Like so much of what we hear on the news, this is all one step short of what is really going on in our lives, in the world around us. The stories of human tragedies amongst we the little people are true enough – but what they are lying about is the ‘natural disaster’ aspect of it all. These tragedies we read of, the job losses, the loss of huge amounts of money and property by ‘average’ citizens, need not have happened at all. What we are really seeing is the biggest sting ever perpetrated in history, conducted by the elite who control our society, using the vehicles of the banks and governments and media they control to feed us all the basic sting story of unforeseen, unforeseeable, unprecedented natural disaster, whilst behind the scenes and even brazenly in the open in front of our mesmerized eyes transferring vast amounts of the wealth produced by the working people of the world into their own private coffers in the name of dealing with this ‘disaster’, and using the fear and uncertainty to impose debts that our children and their children will be paying off, to these same scamsters, for decades to come. 

As with any sting, there are many marks and few scamsters, and we could stop them if we just stood up together and said we are not going to allow this theft. We are going to take the lot of you, put you on public trial for vast fraud, take our money and countries back, and send you all to jail for the rest of your lives. 

beale - mad as hell quoteWe could. The question is, will we? If most of us continue to sit in front of the televisions and believe the sting ‘terrible tragedy nobody could have seen it coming!!’ stories they feed us every day, it is unlikely that any uprising will occur – what can you do about a ‘natural unpreventable disaster’ except do your share, shoulder to shoulder, to stand strongly against the forces of nature, and rebuild our society together? But if you turn off the television, and turn on your brain, and realise what a huge scam this whole thing really is, and the brazen theft of not only your money but the money of your children and grandchildren who will be paying these fraudulent debts for generations – then maybe you will find the strength and wisdom to do what is really necessary – stand up and say No More!!! – take control of your democracy, take back your money from those who are stealing it in front of your very faces, and send all of them to jail for the rest of their lives. 

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