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Richard Moore

I've just completed a new draft of Chapter 1 of my book,
"Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World".
The first four sections are being posted today, as one
posting. Other sections will follow over the next few days.

Review comments are invited.


Chapter 1 - The Matrix


1      Are you ready for the red pill?
2      Imperialism and the Matrix
3      World War II and Pax Americana
4      Popular rebellion and the decline of the postwar blueprint
5      London banking elites and the strategy of oil-based dominance
6      World War I and the House of Morgan
7      The emergence of the Anglo-American alliance
8      Wall Street & The City: covert masters of the universe
9      Abandoning Bretton Woods: the petrodollar scam
10    The neoliberal project
11    9/11 and the New American Century
12    The management of discontented societies
13    The UN and the new-millennium blueprint
14    Capitalism and the Matrix
15    Civilization in crisis




"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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