Dollar Fall Is Catalyst For Predatory Global Government


Richard Moore

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Dollar Fall Is Catalyst For Predatory Global Government

Americans remain ignorant to 35% devaluation of their bank savings as skids are 
greased for introduction of Amero, North American Union

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Friday, December 1, 2006

As the dollar goes into free fall and the housing market accelerates in sales 
yet plunges in price, the quickening of an agenda of economic catastrophe allied
to the "solution" of predatory globalism and the creation of a North American 
Union is afoot, and it spells potential disaster for the livelihood of all 

Home prices have dropped 24% in the last year and most of that fall has happened
in the last six months. The dollar has devalued around 35% against its level six
years ago and is being trounced by the Euro and Sterling.

A false impression of a rosy economy is being spun with the rise of the stock 
market. Former fed chief Alan Greenspan's doubling of the money supply and 
Bernanke's promise that the money supply will be doubled again leads to only one
outcome. Common sense tells us that a dollar sink is inevitable and if the 
housing market isn't the place to put all these devalued dollars then that 
excess will chase the stock market. Taking into consideration the devalued 
dollar, the stock market is really at about 6,000 - not 12,000.

All the real indices of financial health tell us that the economy is in the 

Treasury Secretary Snow and others have publicly stated their desire for a weak 
dollar, sending the foreign lenders who have been propping up the greenback, 
particularly Japan and China, heading for the hills and dumping the dollar.

The catalyst for this was comments made in November 2004 by Snow, when he told a
seminar in London that, "The history of efforts to impose nonmarket valuations 
on currencies is at best unrewarding and checkered." The Japan Times reported 
that on the back of this statement, Tokyo traders began dumping the greenback 
and have continued ever since, leading to a situation today where the dollar 
recently fell to its lowest value in the world market in 15 years.


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The excuse that a weak dollar should be privately encouraged to reduce trade and
fiscal deficits is continually debunked by the fact that deficits with Japan and
China reached all time highs - more than $200 billion with China in 2005 exactly
a year after Snow's comments and continue to rise further this year.

Chieftains of industry and government like Dick Cheney, Bill Gates and Warren 
Buffet are trying to creep towards the door in their sell-off of the dollar 
because they hold so much greenback and wish to quietly cash out. That process 
is now accelerating and it now appears a mad scramble for the door is about to 
ensue, to the cost of hundreds of millions of American citizens who remain 
completely ignorant to the fact that their bank account savings have lost 35% of
their value just sitting there since 2001.

Talking heads and controlled media continue to assure Americans that the economy
is booming and there's little to worry about. No doubt the dollar will rebound a
little in a few weeks and they'll show a short-term graph of its steady climb 
over the past month, failing to display comparison charts going back six years 
which show the greenback heading straight down.

Establishment mouthpieces tell viewers to go back to sleep while former World 
Bank chief economist and nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz predicts a global 
crash - caused by the very predatory globalist policies of the IMF and World 
Bank that are still presented to us as the solution for economic turmoil.

A global crash and a totally devalued dollar that can barely rival the peso 
spells disaster for all Americans who wish to maintain their standard of living 
and not find themselves barefoot on the street in a bread queue.

But fear not, because the very predatory globalism that caused all this calamity
in the first place has yet another answer to our prayers! It's the Amero, the 
North American currency that will unify the States, Mexico and Canada and its 
latest cheerleader is influential London investment firm VP Steve Previs.

The Amero would offer a nice umbrella under which to force through the Free 
Trade Area of the Americas and a North American Union, an eternal dream of the 
Rockefeller elite clique that is seeking to erect a one world government system 
by first aping the European Union in creating a single currency and trading 
bloc, again to the devastation of middle class America but to the delight of 
transnational corporations who can exploit cheap labor while putting millions of
Americans out of a job.

The fed and the plunge protection team are not going to rescue the situation. 
Gold and silver continue to remain stable and steadily growing assets and we 
encourage all our readers to build a sizable portfolio in order to offset the 
coming meltdown that the cavalier and dangerous financial policies of the U.S. 
government, along with the ceaseless march towards global government, will 
inevitably engender.

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