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Khalezov was in the Soviet military, responsible for collecting data from nuclear tests. He has published a book describing his theory of what happened on 9/11. I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions, but he provides lots of very useful information in the following series of videos:

Here’s the first page of his website:
9/11thology – links to various information
Please, note down this web site too: http://www.911thology.cn (note, it is not a *.com domain, but a *.cn domain !). Should any of my web sites disappear, you will be able to find me still using a web site associated with that Chinese domain. Alternatively, you can always search the Internet by this keyword: ‘9/11thology’ and you will be able to find some related information.
Welcome to the personal web page of
Dimitri A. Khalezov –
an author of the “9/11tholgy” and of
“The ‘third’ truth about September 11, or Defending the US Government which has only the first two…” 
I am pleased to inform everybody that “The Third Truth about 9/11 Foundation” intends to publish several information web-sites and discussion boards that deal with these topics:
          nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center following 9/11 attacks;
          nuclear demolition of the WTC-7 following 9/11 attacks;
          true definition the “ground zero” term and its meaning in pre-9/11 English language;
          technical principles of nuclear demolition of buildings in general and in relation to the WTC nuclear demolition in particular;
          information related to the so-called “terrorism” in general and to the nuclear terrorism in particular (alias so-called suicidal and non-suicidal “truck-bombings” and “car-bombings”).
These Internet projects are either available, or will be available soon:
A lot of information about our main research book – “The Third Truth about September 11, or defending the US Government, which has only the first two…”, including some of its chapters is available on this website:
An alternative description of this book, along with a very comprehensive explanation in regard to the WTC nuclear demolition is available here:
Information on a exact science we try hard to pursue – “9/11thology” is published here:
Information on pre-9/11 meanings and definitions of the “ground zero” term is published here:
Information on thermo-nuclear demolition in general (both related to the WTC nuclear demolition and to nuclear demolition scheme of the Sears Tower) is available here:
Details of the WTC nuclear demolition scheme in particular are available here:
Information on the 2002 Bali Nightclub bombing with a ‘micro-nuke’ are available here:
Information on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing with a ‘mini-nuke is available here:
Information on the 1998 Khobar Towers bombing with a ‘mini-nuke’ is available here:
Some more web projects will be added soon.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions:

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