Did Kubrick fake the Apollo landings?


Richard Moore

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Ionut Dobrinescu wrote, re: “Video: cell-phone radiation pops popcorn”

Rkm, don’t lower your standard. This is an old urban legend. The microwave generator in this hoax was right under the table.

Have a look at this instead: http://www.jayweidner.com/ShiningSecrets.html (this is serious).
Secrets of The Shining:
Or How Faking the Moon Landings Nearly
Cost Stanley Kubrick his Marriage and his Life.
By Jay Weidner
Copyright 2009 Sacred Mysteries Productions

     How Stanley Kubrick
     Faked the Apollo Moon Landings:
     Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lies.
     Alchemical Kubrick II
     By Jay Weidner

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